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Want To Learn Easy Bicycle Repair & Maintenance from a Professional!

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The explanation of Bicycle Repair Guide

"Want To Learn Easy Bicycle Repair & Maintenance from a Professional!
We will teaches you how to keep your bike running smoothly and safely and you can do it all from home.

Have you ever thought about doing your own bicycle maintenance, but were not sure where to start? Or maybe you felt that you were not really the bike mechanic type.

For many of us, fixing and maintaining our bicycle only ever gets as complicated as dropping it off at the shop and picking it up when it’s ready.
There is no shame in not having the time, skills, or desire to do you own bike repairs. That’s how bike shops stay in business!

However, some of us have the desire but lack the requisite skills. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available no matter what your learning style to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to fix and maintain your own bicycle.
Here are a few good options for anyone who’s interested in becoming skilled in the fine art of bicycle maintenance.

If you love cycling, learning to do your own bike maintenance and repairs is worth the effort. It allows you to get to know the workings of your bike better, and you will have a better understanding on how to keep it running at tip top shape. You do not need to know how to take apart your whole bicycle and reassemble it.

No one is born with comprehensive bicycle mechanic skills. That is something you have to learn by doing easy bicycle maintenance yourself, or more preferably by being taught by someone with experience.

Becoming an expert at home bike mechanic is like anything else, you take one small step at a time.

Learn basic bicycle repair and maintenance in these Application videos."

Bicycle Repair Guide App 1.1 Version Update

Jun 20, 2020

Additional App Info

Operating System: Android
Category: Auto & Vehicles
Publish Date: Mar 5, 2018
Latest Version: 1.1
Min Installs: 10000
Installs: 10,000+
Size: 4.5M
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Offers In-App Purchases: false
Contains Ads: true
Price: Free
Report: Flag as inappropriate
App uploaded by: Individual
Available on: Google Play Store

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  • PPGpS
    Welcome to PPGpS, a Flight Computer for Paramotor, Paraglider, Glider and Ultra Light plane Pilots.

    -Airspaces display
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    You may also use the AirspaceMap app to help you download some OpenAir files from various sources easily, and customize these large airspace maps to fit your needs,
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    -Real time flight information
    -Wind direction and speed estimation
    -Takeoff and Landing phases auto-detection
    -Return home information (display estimated travel time and bearing)
    -Fuel calculation and warning
    -Airspace display (OpenAir files)
    -Emergency geo-localized SMS
    -Barometric sensor support to improve altitude accuracy
    -QHN, QFE Altimeter setting
    -Online and offline maps
    -Offline maps creator
    -Google Maps and OpenStreetMap map providers
    -Rotating Map
    -Log flights in KML (for Google Earth), IGC (Leonardo servers) and GPX files
    -Replay recorded flights
    -Waypoint management
    -Especially developed for Paramotor
    -Embedded User Manual and Tip of the day feature.
    -Real time flight tracking on
    -Sunset time
    -FlyNet2, Flight Bandit, BlueFlyVario and LK8Ex1 variometer support
    -Android Wear SmartWatch support with PPGpS Wear

    PPGpS can display Google or OpenStreetMap maps in connected mode.
    Download map files in your smartphone in case you don't have an internet connection during the flight.
    Use the integrated PPGpS Offline Map Creator to generate offline maps.

    PPGpS provides the altitude, vario, bearing, magnetic compass, acceleration and ground speed.
    With just one click on instruments you switch easily between different data modes : instantaneous, average and maximum values.
    Altimeter can be set to actual altitude or elevation (QHN, QFE) just by long-pressing on the altimeter.
    If your smartphone has a barometric sensor, it could be used to compute a very accurate altitude.
    You can use PPGpS Wear companion application to display your instruments on your SmartWatch.

    Create waypoints by tapping on the map or by entering their GPS coordinates.
    Select a waypoint with one click on the waypoint instrument (WPT).
    Rename or remove a waypoint from the contextual menu of the waypoint list.
    Follow the displayed route (bearing, estimated travel time and distance).
    Prepare your waypoints from Google Earth and import your KML files (PPGpS folder in the phone).
    Waypoints may be automatically loaded at startup and saved at the end of the session.
    In case your KML file doesn't import well, please send me the file and I will fix it quickly.

    The average ground speeds are graphically displayed for every azimuth.
    The wind direction is displayed (red arrow) and may be reset at any time during the flight.

    Home direction and Estimated Travel Time to return home is always displayed (shaded red line).
    Computations are done according to the wind for accurate results.

    Enable the Live Tracking feature to allow your friends and family to see you live on map ! Go to for more details.

    Copy OpenAir files in the /ppgps/airspace folder to display airspaces on top of the map
    Use my other app AirspaceMap to help you download and customize your openAir files

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    Find us on Facebook :
    and Twitter :

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    [email protected]
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    By using Vehicle Inspection app, gain the following benefits:
    - Ensure safety and avoid risks on the road
    - Improve accuracy
    - Save time
    - Reduce expenses
    - Maintain vehicles

    By downloading, you agree to the Terms of Use at and the Privacy Policy at

    A free trial includes 3 form submissions per month. After the trial you can subscribe to an optional in-app purchase.
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    Regatta Start - SailGrib RS
    SailGrib RS, for Race Start, will help you take better regatta starts. It includes a race stopwatch, it calculates the distance to the line, the time to burn up to the start and the favored end of the line.

    Check the app screenshots to discover the power of the app.

    GPS status: Active if last position is less than 10 seconds old.
    Race committee boat button: Press the button to set the committee boat position. Press again to update its position.

    Pin end buoy button: Press the button to set the position of the pin end buoy. Press again to update its position.

    Stopwatch button: Press the button to start the countdown. Press again to synchronize the stopwatch to the nearest minute. Press and hold to reset it.

    Wind direction button: Press the button to set the wind direction. Once the positions of the race committee boat and the pin end buoy have been set, the application will calculate the favored side of the line and display the advantage in meters at the committee boat or the pin end buoy. The wind direction is initialized at start-up by the GFS 1 ° model forecast.
    This Premium feature requires a subscription.

    Menu button: Press the menu button to change the application settings.

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    Neutral wind direction: Direction of the wind for which the line is neutral.
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    The app requires Internet access!

    Data is divided into categories: general information, chassis, tightening torques of bolts and nuts, fuel system, brake system, lighting lamps, a replacement intervals and volumes of technical fluids.

    Technical data of repair, adjustments, volumes of fluids, service intervals, etc. - comply with the recommendations of the automaker and can’t be the same with your personal opinion, so it’s only for informational purposes.

    Information is available for the following models:
    ALHAMBRA (710, 711)
    ALHAMBRA (7V8, 7V9)
    ALTEA (5P1)
    ALTEA XL (5P5, 5P8)
    AROSA (6H)
    CORDOBA (6K2)
    CORDOBA Sedan (6K1, 6K2)
    CORDOBA Sedan (6L2)
    CORDOBA Vario (6K5)
    EXEO (3R2)
    EXEO ST (3R5)
    FURA (025A)
    IBIZA (021A)
    IBIZA Mk II (6K1)
    IBIZA Mk III (6K1)
    IBIZA Mk IV (6L1)
    IBIZA V (6J5, 6P1)
    IBIZA V ST (6J8, 6P8)
    INCA (6K9)
    LEON (1M1)
    LEON (1P1)
    LEON (5F1)
    LEON SC (5F5)
    LEON ST (5F8)
    MALAGA (023A)
    MARBELLA (28)
    MARBELLA Box (028A)
    Mii (KF1_)
    RITMO (138)
    RONDA (022A)
    TERRA (24)
    TERRA Box (024A)
    TOLEDO (1L)
    TOLEDO II Sedan (1M2)
    TOLEDO III (5P2)
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    SnowSafe - Avalanche Forecasts

    We are obsessed about skiing! In fact we are so dedicated, that we had to build our own App, because we couldn't get the information we needed, when we needed it, while venturing into the backcountry.
    We built it for us, but we are happy to share it with you - even on a powder day!


    Currently supported regions: Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Styria, Salzburg, Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Bavaria, Slovakia, South-Tyrol, Venetia, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Iceland, Trentino, Poland.


    For us simplicity, reliability and efficiency are key on the mountain. We aimed at developing an app as clean and simple to use like your avalanche transceiver.


    The only things you should worry about are weather and snow conditions, not if your phone has reception. Thats why SnowSafe does its best to sync the avalanche reports whenever possible.


    Sometimes the conditions can change significantly even within a day. We have you covered and alert you when there is high risk or a new report is issued during the day.


    The weather makes or breaks a trip to the mountains. That is why we included the most reliable mountain weather forecasts we could find.

    Premium-Weather is available as a monthly subscription.

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