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Help you easily and efficiently manage for your android smartphones and tablets.

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The explanation of Assistant for Android

Top 18 features to help you easily and efficiently manage for your android smartphones and tablets.

Android Assistant is one of the most powerful and comprehensive management tools to improve your android phone's performance. It speeds up your phone's running speed and saves battery.

【Top 18 features】
1. Monitor status (CPU, RAM, ROM, SD card, Battery)
2. Process Manager (Auto Boost and Quick Boost can distinguish different types of processes thus will not kill fatal system processes and apps in Ignore List.)
3. Cache Cleaner
4. System Clean(Cache, Thumbnail Cache, Temporary File, Log File, Empty Folder, Empty File, Browser History, Clipboard, Market History, Gmail History, Google Earth History, Google Map History)
5. Power Saver(Bluetooth, Wifi, Gps, Auto-sync, Auto-rotate screen, Haptic feedback, Screen brightness, Timeout)
6. File Manager
7. Startup Manager
8. Batch Uninstall
9. Battery Usage
10. Volume Control
11. Phone Ringtone
12. Startup Time
13. Startup Silent(Menu->Settings->Startup Silent)
14. System Info
15. Widget(Quick Booster[1,4], Shortcuts[4])
16. App 2 SD: Get more free internal phone storage space
17. Batch Install
18. App backup and restore

V 23.22(112)
- Fixed force close on Lollipop(android 4.x) and Marshmallow(android 6.0)

V 23.21(111)
- Fixed Cache Clear on android 6.0.
- Fixed some force close bug.
- Added get task permission(some model need that to solve force close)

v 23.20(110)
- Support Marshmallow(android 6.0)
- Optimize Marshmallow(android 6.0)

Assistant for Android App Varies with device Version Update

Jun 10, 2020
Improve Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra.
Improve android 10.

Additional App Info

Operating System: Android
Category: Productivity
Publish Date: Nov 27, 2010
Latest Version: Varies with device
Min Installs: 10000000
Installs: 10,000,000+
Size: Varies with device
Requirements: Android Varies with device
Offers In-App Purchases: false
Contains Ads: true
Price: Free
Report: Flag as inappropriate
App uploaded by: Individual
Available on: Google Play Store

Similar Apps to Assistant for Android

  • Assistant Pro for Android
    Assistant Pro for Android
    Top 18 features to help you easily and efficiently manage your android phone.

    Android Assistant is one of the most powerful and comprehensive management tools to improve your android phone's performance. It speeds up your phone's running speed and saves battery.

    【Top18 features】
    1. Monitor status (cpu, memory, battery)
    2. Process Manager (Auto Boost and Quick Boost can distinguish different types of processes thus will not kill fatal system processes and apps in Ignore List.)
    3. Cache Cleaner
    4. System Clean(Browser History, Clipboard, Market History, Gmail History, Google Earth History, Google Map History)
    5. Save Battery Settings(bluetooth, wifi, gps, auto-sync, orientation, haptic feedback, screen brightness, timeout)
    6. File Manager
    7. Startup Manager
    8. Batch Uninstall
    9. Battery use
    10. Volume Control
    11. Ringer
    12. Startup Time
    13. Startup Silent(Menu->Settings->Startup Silent)
    14. System Info
    15. Widget(Quick Booster[1,4], Shortcuts[4])
    16. App 2 SD(Support android2.2 and later):Get more free internal phone storage space
    17. Batch Installation
    18. App backup and restore

    This app uses accessibility service to kill process, clear cache.
  • Applore - Phone Assistant
    Applore - Phone Assistant
    Applore Device Manager​ Applore protects your device from malicious apps and spyware. Store and protect your private apps and media safely within “The Vault''. Keep your phone well organized and secure with a robust set of memory management tools.
    'Digital wellbeing' feature helps stay focused on your work instead of phone time. The Anti-theft feature keeps your phone safe from pickpocketing or another theft attempt.

    -Privacy & Security - Find and remove hidden and malicious apps.
    -App Lock - Keep your app data password protected with our integrated features like AppLock, WifiLock, and NotificationLock
    -Manage apps - Easily manage your apps and data with bulk uninstall, and memory caching. -File Manager - Manage all your files easily with an integrated File Explorer.
    -Mental Wellbeing - Keep yourself away from phone addiction with Focus mode.

    -Anti-Theft support - Save from pickpocket, pick from charging, and more.

    -Private Vault - Hide any Picture, Video, Audio, or Document files from the phone’s file system.

    -Duplicate finder - Reclaim wasted space by identifying and removing duplicate files.
    -RAM Cleaner - Manage your device memory and keep your device running optimally.
    -Junk files finder - Quickly find and remove unused and unwanted files
    -Backup Storage - Manage and store device backups
    -Share Apps and files -Share apps with friends using APK file links
    -App update notification - Stay updated with all your apps in one place
    -Hardware Performance Monitor - Manage and check the hardware performance of your device
    -Social app manager - Manage all your social media content such as media sent/received, status/story etc.

    File manager
    -Manage your files and folder from a desktop style explorer.
    -Compress and decompress files
    -Search for and share files
    -Manage files with tools like, multiple select, copy, cut and delete
    -Search for any file by category, size, and file type
    -Preview your media with image and video thumbnails.
    -Receive daily file and data reports

    App Lock
    -Keep your system data secure with extra locks on your bluetooth and wifi connections
    -Add protection with extra PIN, Pattern, and FingerTouch security measures.
    -Control system settings and lock private notifications
    -Optimize app settings to conserve your phones battery
    -Control and lock all your social media apps

    App Manager
    Easily manage all your app data and memory usage.
    Identify large, high memory cache apps and quickly manage multiple apps.
    Free up space quickly with the bulk uninstallation tool.
    Backup and restore all your apps with Google Drive.
    Send and share apk files, check app permissions and hide or disable system applications.

    Private Media Vault
    Move your important document, picture, video to the private vault. It encrypts your files and stores them locally and Google drive. These files are protected with a passcode or pattern.

    Mental wellbeing
    Help yourself and your kids from phone addiction. Setup a max time that you want to restrict a game or app for the day, access to that app will be locked after max usages is reached.

    Anti Theft Device tools
    The app offers distinct tools to save your phone from theft. The pick-pocketing, anti-USB detector, Passlock detector, and ani-motion alarm help keep your phone protected from theft or unauthorized access.

    Junk File cleaner
    Keep your device clean and organized by managing your files and memory cache. Remove unused apps and delete junk folders.

    Permission & Security
    Many applications installed on your device may be privately accessing your data. Stay informed on what data your apps are collecting and sharing.

    Duplicate Files
    Find and quickly remove multiple duplicate files to free up unused memory space.

    About your Phone
    Manage essential device sensors Monitor your device health and identify hardware issues.

    NOTE : App doesn't support rooted phone.
  • SystemPanel 2
    SystemPanel 2
    SystemPanel is a tool to let you view and manage just about everything possible about the goings-on of your device and visualize it in an easy-to-understand graphical format.

    Features include:

    * Show active apps, record app battery, CPU, and wake lock usage over time to show potential battery drain issues
    * Draw plots showing how you used your phone over time and how much battery disappeared as a result
    * Analyze recent battery consumption and device wakeups (wakelocks), showing potential problem apps
    * Manage installed apps, backup app APKs, uninstall apps, and re-install archived versions
    * View apps categorized by the permissions they require
    * Disable system packages [ROOT required]
    * Disable individual services of apps (e.g. OTA updates) [ROOT required]
    * Browse all the technical nitty-gritty about your phone

    This app uses Accessibility services. SystemPanel's "Usage" feature can optionally use an "accessibility service" to show you how much time you're spending in each app on your phone, and when you use them throughout the day. This is useful for those with addiction disorders (and/or their parents or legal guardians) to avoid addictive use of the device/specific applications. Use of this service is optional, and like the rest of SystemPanel, no collected data is sent from the device, it is only displayed to the user.
  • Developer Assistant
    Developer Assistant
    A powerful debugging app for Android. Developer Assistant makes debugging native Android apps as simple as debugging web pages using Chrome’s Developer Tools. It allows you to inspect the View hierarchy, verify Layout, Style, preview Translations and more. Everything can be done directly from the mobile device. Works for most Android apps.

    Developer Assistant uses a mixture of official APIs and sophisticated heuristics in order to show at runtime more than possible for other tools. It’s tailored to increase productivity of professionals like Developers, Testers, Designers and Power Users in their day to day geeky tasks.

    Developer Assistant is… right, the assistant app, you can invoke it at any time by a simple gesture like long pressing the home button.


    Developer Assistant can inspect Android applications based on official Android SDK. It supports also web-based apps and websites rendered by Google Chrome web browser. Support for other kinds of apps can be limited.


    Developer Assistant doesn’t require root or any specific requirements. It respects system security and user privacy. Any data collected from a screen is processed locally (offline). Apps and views declared as secure are respected, Developer Assistant even can’t access their content. Android assistant apps have access to screen data only after manually invoked by a user.


    A 30day trial of probably the most advanced assistant app dedicated to Android Developers, Testers, Designers and Power Users. After this period, decide: get a professional license or stay with free, a bit limited, however still usable assist app.


    Developers can check class name of a current activity, especially helpful for larger projects. Testers will appreciate a unified solution to access the app version name, version code along with common actions like ‘app info’ or ‘uninstall’.


    Testers writing automation tests and developers chasing bugs can inspect hierarchy of elements displayed on the screen, directly from the mobile device. The concept is similar to the inspection of web pages with well-known dev tools shipped with the leading web browsers.

    ✔ Inspect view identifiers, class names, text style or color.
    ✔ Preview the best matching layout resources displayed next to their root views.


    Designers, testers and developers can finally check size and position of various elements presented directly on the mobile device. Did you ever wonder what is the exact distance of a given button to a given text label on a particular device? Or maybe, what is the size of a particular element in density points? Developer Assistant provides a toolkit to help verify and satisfy requirements from designers like the pixel or rather the DP perfect design.


    Developer Assistant gives translation offices possibility to display translation keys next to text elements, directly on a mobile device. Translators get what’s the most important in order to provide a quality translation: the context where a given text is used.

    ✔ Translation keys displayed next to text elements.
    ✔ Translations for other languages can be previewed (no need to change the language of a mobile device).
    ✔ Minimum and maximum length among existing translations.

    AND MORE...

    Developer Assistant is under development, stay tuned for new features to come!


    ✔ The project home page:
    ✔ The wiki addressing common questions:
    ✔ Example usage on a video tutorial for designers (made by Design Pilot):
  • Update Software Latest PRO
    Update Software Latest PRO
    Now Keep your device up to date and use latest software for best performance.
    Update Software Latest will help you to update your downloaded apps, system apps. You can choose the latest software according to user reviews and know which is the best and suitable for you.

    Your Phone might have 50+ Apps Installed and you will always want to have all those apps up to date on your device, for this you don’t need to check multiple times for apps update on play store. You can simply get all the list of new updated apps using Pending Updates feature.
    In most cases these updates will show up on your phone when the time is right, but for those of who are not willing to wait a second longer than necessary there is a way to check for these upgrades manually.
    You just need to open the application and click on the app you want to update from the app list. The list is divided into installed application, system application & pending updates.

    App will keep checking the updated version for all your installed apps and will notify the app having updates on play store.

    App features
    ☞ Get the list of update pending apps at one junction.
    ☞ View Updates for Downloaded Application.
    ☞ Check System Application updates. 
    ☞ Uninstall Application 
    ☞ View the play store version of installed apps
    ☞ Check all the list of permissions taken by any app

    With Pro Version
    ☞ No ADS
    ☞ All Feature Upgrades Free
    ☞ No Monthly Charges
    ☞ No Recurring, Lifetime Payment Once

    *******Smart Feature*******
    ☆ Smooth User Interface
    ☆ Easy to Use 
    ☆ Free App with full Feature
    ☆ Small Apk Size
  • WebView Test
    WebView Test
    Android WebView Test Application.

    Prior to the development of hybrid applications, it is possible to conduct a test according to the WebView option.

    - Full-screen support. (Double tap two or more fingers on the web view screen.)

    - Allows you to import web files from Web page connections (.) and file systems.

    - After connection, the connection history is saved for re-connected.

    - You can change we WebViewSettings settings through the Settings menu, and you can perform various environmental tests.

    - You can reset the History, WebView settings using the Settings menu.

    - It can be disassociated using a PC Chrome browser.

    - Allows you to view console logs directly from the app.

    - You can execute JavaScript directly from a webpage.

    - Support the Source view.

    - Support the HTMLElement view.

    ※ App Support Menu
    - Source view
    - viewing HTMLElement
    - View Cookies
    - View LocalStorage
    - View SessionStorage
    - Running Javascript
    - View console logs

    ※ WebView Additional Implementation Functions
    - Sync cookies
    - View all videos
    - ContexMenu
    - Actions according to ContentType for touching content
    - Download
    - Desktop Mode
    - Fullscreen at startup
  • My Device Pro
    My Device Pro
    This is the Pro version of "My Device" without any Ads. My Device pro is a powerful yet simple app that lets you know all the essential details about your phone. Whether it be information regarding your System on Chip (SoC), the memory of your device or tech specs about your battery or all the relevant information about your device sensors – My Device pro is your one-stop place for all this. Complete listings of all Software & Hardware details.

    #1 Device information App in this Category. All the Software & Hardware details can share. For all Hardware and software details of your device use "My Device Pro", It's simple and easy to use. Multi-Language support one of the important feature of "My Device Pro".

    You can explore the..
    ** Device **
    ★ Manufacturer
    ★ Brand
    ★ Model
    ★ Board Type
    ★ Hardware
    ★ Serial Number
    ★ Android ID
    ★ Screen Resolution
    ★ Boot Loader
    ★ Host
    ★ User

    ** OS **
    ★ OS Version
    ★ Release date
    ★ Supported Status
    ★ Version Number
    ★ API Level
    ★ Build ID
    ★ Build Time
    ★ Fingerprint

    ** CPU **
    ★ Memory Usage Detail graphical view
    ★ CPU Model
    ★ RAM Usages
    ★ ABI
    ★ CPU Variant
    ★ Serial
    ★ CPU Implementer
    ★ CPU Port
    ★ CPU Revision
    ★ Hardware Model
    ★ Other Features
    ★ Available RAM
    ★ Free RAM
    ★ Total RAM

    ** Battery **
    ★ Battery Type
    ★ Battery Health
    ★ Battery Level
    ★ Power Source
    ★ Voltage
    ★ Temperature
    ★ Status

    ** Storage**
    ★ Internal and External Detail Storage details
    ★ Used Storage
    ★ Free Storage
    ★ Total Storage
    ★ Graphical view of Storage details

    ** Network**
    ★ Connection Status
    ★ Data Type
    ★ Network Type
    ★ IP Address
    ★ MAC Address
    ★ SSID
    ★ Link Speed

    ** Camera**
    ★ Camera detail Specifications
    ★ Megapixels details
    ★ Aspect Ratio details
    ★ White Balance details
    ★ Scene Mode details
    ★ ISO details
    ★ HDR details
    ★ auto-exposure details
    ★ camera-mode details
    ★ contrast details
    ★ dual-camera details
    ★ effect
    ★ face-detection
    ★ hdr-mode details
    ★ lots more..

    ** Sensors**
    ★ List all Sensors
    ★ Sensor Name
    ★ Int Type
    ★ Vendor
    ★ Version
    ★ Resolution
    ★ Power
    ★ Maximum range
    ★ Accelerometer Sensor Details
    ★ Magnetometer Sensor details
    ★ Gyroscope sensor details
    ★ Light sensor
    ★ Gravity sensor
    ★ Rotation Sensor details
    ★ Tilt , AMD, RMD , Facing , Step counter , Step Detector lots more sensors
    ★ Accurate real time readings from sensors

    ** Feature**
    ★ Checking all device features
    ★ WIFI
    ★ WIFI Direct
    ★ Bluetooth
    ★ Bluetooth LE
    ★ GPS
    ★ Camera Flash
    ★ Camera Front
    ★ Microphone
    ★ NFC
    ★ USB Host
    ★ USB Accessory
    ★ Multitouch
    ★ Audio Low-Latency
    ★ Audio Output
    ★ Consumer IR
    ★ Gamepad Support
    ★ HIFI Sensors
    ★ Printing
    ★ CDMA
    ★ GSM
    ★ Professional Audio
    ★ App Widgets
    ★ SIP
    ★ SIP-based VOIP

    ** User Apps & System Apps**
    ★ List of all User Apps and System Apps
    ★ Package names
    ★ Easy open application

    ★ Detail description of all device features
    ★ Can share every details by easy click
    ★ Multi-language choose feature
    ★ Highest rated app in this category - Tools

    and lots more..

    System requirements:
    Android Version 4.0 and up
    No - Ads

    For free Version of "My Device Pro" -

    "My Device Pro" is one stop place for all your hardware & Software related Queries. All the device information in one place.
    Support and Technical Assistance:
    You can reach out to the developers via email available at the bottom of this app description. We would be glad to have your suggestions and feedback so that we can improve "My Device Pro" and serve you better.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Phone Doctor Plus
    Phone Doctor Plus
    * New edition, adding "One-Tap Test", "Battery Test" and a refreshed Interface.

    More than 40 types of hardware and system diagnostics to help you find invisible smartphone issues. Trade-in appraisal conducted by various channels for used smartphones based on the phone condition to give you a convenient and quick way for trade-in.

    1. Appraisal based on the phone condition, provide the most complete information on trade-in prices.
    2. Provide more than 40 types of diagnostic tests based on our patented technology to quickly understand the phone status.
    3. Provide system monitoring of hardware, battery, memory and storage.
    4. Daily recording of battery capacity and charging cycles.
    5. Track network usage, so that you will no longer worry about exceeding the mobile data usage.

    Please ensure that the network connection is available before starting Phone Doctor Plus.
    If you encounter any problems, please remove and re-install Phone Doctor Plus.

    For any questions and suggestions, please contact us at [email protected]
    TODO es una aplicación de código abierto creada por un grupo de desarrolladores cubanos: con el objetivo de facilitar el acceso a los servicios de ETECSA. Permite ejecutar los códigos ussd destinados para acceder a distintos servicios de la compañía además de gestionar el inicio de sesión en el portal nauta de WIFI_ETECSA y Nauta Hogar.

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Good app

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Jun 27, 2020 US


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Jun 28, 2020 US

Great addition to anyone's app collection, and you may end up using it much more then you think.

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