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Free audio player with smart amplifier and on-the-fly music normalization

3.1.163 for Android
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The explanation of Loud Player Free

Why another audio player ?

Because LoudPlayer is the one and only audio player embedding our exclusive smart amplifier that adjusts in real time the output level based on the music content and re-normalizes the tracks on the fly.

Just drop your original files on your device and enjoy all the subtelties of your music without having to change the volume all along the tracks !

LoudPlayer will quickly become the ideal and indispensable companion for your travels.

This Radio Edition version - free and without commercials - offers basic functions with the benefit of the smart amplifier.

If you want to enjoy all the functions of a conventional player with the exclusive amplifier, the full version is available.

In full version, LoudPlayer turns into an advanced player offering :
- Track, artist or album search,
- Music Library browsing,
- "personal radio" mode in a single click,
- Specific playlist management which combines artists, albums and tracks,
- Display album artwork without marking,
- Search for lyrics, video or artist informations,
- Current queue management and save,
- Lock screen with playback controls,
- Support for headset buttons,
- Sleep timer,
- Application parameters.

Loud Player Free App 3.1.163 Version Update

Dec 07, 2020
Bug fix

Additional App Info

Operating System: Android
Category: Music & Audio
Publish Date: Sep 24, 2016
Latest Version: 3.1.163
Min Installs: 50000
Installs: 50,000+
Size: 29M
Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
Offers In-App Purchases: false
Contains Ads: false
Price: Free
Report: Flag as inappropriate
App uploaded by: Individual
Available on: Google Play Store

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  • LoudPlayer Full
    LoudPlayer Full
    Why another audio player ?

    Because LoudPlayer is the one and only audio player embedding our exclusive smart amplifier that adjusts in real time the output level based on the music content and re-normalizes the tracks on the fly.

    Just drop your original files on your device and enjoy all the subtelties of your music without having to change the volume all along the tracks !

    LoudPlayer will quickly become the ideal and indispensable companion for your travels.

    For the musician training, it integrates an A-B loop function, and a speed and pitch change function.

    Also enjoy its 9 bands equalizer, the bass booster, the 8 color themes, sleep timer, widget, etc...

    If you want to evaluate for free, don't hesitate and try the Radio Edition with limited functionalities.

    Main characteristics :
    - 64 bits audio engine with adjustable and switchable smart amplifier,
    - Seamless playback,
    - Graphic equalizer with 9 bands and bass boost,
    - MP3, wav, flac, ogg and other formats supported by Android,
    - Music Library with fulltext search,
    - Exclusive playlist management which combines artists, albums and tracks,
    - management of playing queue ,
    - Lock screen with playback controls (compatible versions of Android 4.x),
    - Remote control widget,
    - Support for headset buttons,
    - Touch control on the cover,
    - Screen animations,
    - Current track notification,
    - Timer,
    - A-B Loop function,
    - Speed and pitch adjustement,
    - Web search for lyrics, video or artist informations of the current track,
    - File manager integration,
    - and more !!
  • Subwoofer Speaker Wallpaper
    Subwoofer Speaker Wallpaper
    Subwoofer Speaker is rendered subwoofer speaker emulator, frequency response from 30Hz to 300Hz.
    Application engine responds to music and other sounds from device like real speaker.
    Consume low CPU and GPU power (long battery life).
    Live Wallpaper and application works in landscape and portrait mode, each mode has 15 separate profiles.
    You can change them, according to your own preferences (create, swap, and delete).

    All Access features:
    - enlarge, reduce, move, and add mirror to the speaker.
    - test suspension speaker, manually or automatically (finger icon or sine wave icon)
    - quick configuration option from the wallpaper (quick configuration icon must be highlight,
    tap the screen with three fingers on the wallpaper screen for start configuration)
    - vibration (vibration icon must be highlight)
    NOTE: Some device are not supported, because they have no electric motor.
    - music control (music control icon must be highlight):
    * play/pause: tap twice quickly into the center of the screen
    * previous: tap twice quickly in the left part of the screen
    * next: tap twice quickly in the right part of the screen
    * stop: tap quickly left part of the screen, then center, and finally on the right part of the screen
    NOTE: From version 1.3 you can choose your music player to control:
    - Default by the system
    - Poweramp
    - Google Play Music
    - Winamp
    - Samsung Music Player
    - Sony WALKMAN Music Player
    - Stock Android Player

    How to set Subwoofer Speaker on home screen long press wallpaper and choose:
    Set wallpaper -> Live wallpapers -> Subwoofer Speaker -> Set wallpaper

    NOTE: On some devices, the Subwoofer Speaker can not work properly.
    It is caused by the built-in DSP.
    Media players block audio data - android visualizer class not work properly.
    If android visualizer class not working properly in your device, please do not blame my application.
    Try on another device ;)
  • RE Equalizer FX
    RE Equalizer FX
    Developed by WiseSchematics, RE Equalizer reflects the design, performance and workflow of a powerful studio grade equalizers on the move.

    Integrated with advanced features such as Shunt Audio Engine(c) and Smart Interface(c), RE-EQ components utilize special filters which eliminate the artifacts, noise and distortion associated with band interaction, and provide perfect curve and stair-stepped filter responses. Finally, RE-EQ integrated real-time analyzer lets you compare the difference between audio signal.

    RE-EQ has been primarily designed to achieve 'broad brush' tone-shaping effects thus equipped with fine controls to provide full freedom for sound tuning and tweaking so that users get the mix and sound the way they want, which means spending less time on setup and more time for tuning.

    Get Full Control Over Sound:
    - Studio Grade Design and Workflow
    - Powered with Shunt Audio Engine and Smart Interface Technologies
    - 10 ISO Faders with One Band per each Octave
    - Proportional “Q” filters
    - 20 Built-in Pre-Engineered Presets with 5 Custom Presets
    - Amplifier effect
    - Balance effect to adjust the volume of left/right channels
    - Wide Range of Controls for Rapid Fine Tuning and Shaping the EQ
    - Gain Scaling Options
    - Bands Stepping, Mixing, Morphing, Shifting with Multi-Directional Automation Control
    - 7 Modes for Drawing Multiple Shapes and Curve Formation
    - Built-in Threshold Gate to Override Clipping Signal
    - Global BYPASS / REAL TIME Switch
    - Audio Analyzer for Real Time Monitoring
    - Available as Standalone and Plugged Version
    - Detailed Tutorial Available for Learning Purposes

    RE-EQ comes in 2 forms, Plugged and Standalone. Plugged Version is bundled with “Resound Methods”, an offline audio player for Android OS.

    RE-EQ is also available as Demo Version for free which is intended for Testing and Checking Purposes but may contain limited features and functionality.

    Note: For better compatibility and integration with the device, please make sure that no other equalizers or random effects are running in background.
    If you are facing such issues, please follow the below guideline.
    -Turn Off or stop/disable any kind of built-in/external equalizers or Audio Effects (like "SoundAlive" etc in Samsung devices) under Application Manager settings before using RE-EQ. Such libraries can cause interference issues and may cancel or block effect from each other.
    -Always launch target application first like music player, then open RE-EQ.

    For Detailed User Guide, visit: http://shuntcorp.net/reeq.docs
  • Dirac Live
    Dirac Live
    Note: Dirac Live on Android requires a Dirac-enabled unit from NAD, Onkyo, Pioneer, Integra, or Pioneer Elite.

    No matter how much you’ve invested in your sound system, your room will always have an impact on the sound quality – an all-too-often overlooked fact. Dirac Live Room Correction deals with these challenges in a unique way by addressing the issues that no other product on the market can. That’s why Dirac Live has been adopted by the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end audio-video equipment and praised by audiophiles and music creators all over the world.

    Room correction solutions have been around for decades. But we at Dirac realize these only act as advanced equalizers, smoothing the frequency curve but totally missing the timing aspect. Room reflections and misaligned speakers will cause sounds to arrive at your ears with different time delays, blurring the sound image.

    With Dirac Live® you’ll experience three key benefits:
    1. Improved localization of sound events, or staging.
    2. Better clarity and intelligibility in both music and speech.
    3. A deeper, tighter bass response, free of resonance throughout the entire listening area.

    Dirac Live on Android provides a richer user experience and better interactivity compared to using an on-screen display with remote control.

    For existing users of Dirac Live on Android, you will enjoy the following enhancements:
    1. A new and unique algorithm that tailors the target curve to your room and sound system.
    2. A tool that lets you design your sound profile by adjusting two bars with your fingertips.
    3. A simplified calibration process with fewer steps.

    Dirac Live® makes use of QT. QT is licensed under LGPLv3. For more information about Dirac Live please visit https://www.dirac.com/live/
  • Equinox+
    Equinox presents: Equinox+. Unrivaled access to expert instructors from Equinox, SoulCycle, HeadStrong and more. Wherever you are. Whenever you’re ready.

    Download the Equinox+ app to get a complimentary 7-day trial to the digital experience.* Enhance your experience and sign up for Equinox club membership, or purchase a SoulCycle at-home bike and receive complimentary access.

    Unrivaled Instructors: Unlimited access to instructors from Equinox, SoulCycle, PURE Yoga, Precision Run, HeadStrong, TB12, and [solidcore] with on-demand and special live classes.

    Immersive content: Transport yourself to the front row of class with immersive audio and video guidance, high-quality class content, multi-camera views and concert-grade lighting.

    Schedule anytime: Take charge of your own itinerary by scheduling classes and syncing them to your calendar.

    Track progress: Log your activities and achievements. Sync with Apple HealthKit to access heart rate and biometric data. Complete challenges to unlock special badges and achievements.

    Stream everywhere: Equinox+ is now available on your mobile device, web, tablet, Fire TV, Google TV and now: Apple TV.

    Maximize your membership: As an Equinox club member, experience seamlessly integrated physical and digital offerings. Access our world-class personal trainers, industry-best group fitness classes and state-of-the-art spas through the app.

    *Membership Terms
    You will be charged with a recurring transaction through your Google Play account starting at the end of your complimentary trial (unless you cancel during the trial). Payment automatically renews unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription month. You can manage your subscription or cancel anytime by accessing your Google Play account. See the Equinox+ Terms for more details.

    Privacy Policy:

    Terms and Conditions:
  • Speaker Box Lite
    Speaker Box Lite
    This app is designed for beginners and advanced fans of acoustic system building. The main feature is a calculation of the volume of the subwoofer box, according to his parameters Thiele-Small(FS, VAS, QTS). This is a list of features for box calculations:

    -Support calculations for different enclosures such as closed, vented(bass-reflex, ported), 4th order bandpass, 6th order bandpass.

    -Amplitude response, phase response, group delays, cone displacement and SPL charts for all enclosures.

    -Different types of generation of a box parameters, such as optimum volume, max flat amplitude response, boom-box and many others.

    -Generation of parameters for a vented box to achieve Bass response, just choose frequency on which you need a rise and value of rising, and program chooses box parameters by itself.

    -Calculation parameters for rounded and rectangle ports.

    -Calculation amount volume include port(s) and speaker(s) displacement.

    -Calculation of parts to assemble your own box(only for a closed box at the moment).

    By signing up to our service you can save your projects in a cloud and make it available on every your device, which has our application.

    There is a shared on-line database of speakers(which contains about 4000 drivers), in which you can add your own speakers and edit existing one, and after it will review by a moderator it will be available to other users of «Speaker Box Lite».

    !!!Don't forget to leave your reviews for loudspeakers, which you are used, specify box type and its parameters to help other users choosing speaker and box volume for its.

    !!!DON'T FORGET!!!
    Leave comments and wishes on the development of the project.
    The Jensen DSP Amp app connects to compatible Jensen amplifiers via Bluetooth and controls most primary functions including:

    * EQ
    * X-OVER
    * RGB Light Customization
    * Volume
    * Gain Control
    * Frequency Adjustment
    * Remote Bass Control (XDA91RB only)

    Customize your sound by adjusting the integrated digital sound processor (DSP) in the amplifiers using the dedicated application on your smartphone.

    This app is compatible with the following Jensen models: XDA91RB/XDA92RB/XDA94RB/BOAUNO

    The Jensen DSP Amp app connects only to the compatible Jensen amplifiers listed above. Do not download this app if you do not have a listed compatible amp as it will not work with any other amplifier.
  • Polarity Checker
    Polarity Checker
    For a good working Sound System it is essential that all loudspeakers are wired correctly.

    With this app you can turn your android device into a "polarity popper" and check the "polarity" of a speaker, whether it first moves forwards or backwards (often mistakenly named "phase", which is also time and frequency related).

    A loudspeaker should have the same polarity as it's "friend on the other side" when measured at the same position/distance. This also counts for multiple speakers which should be doing the same (a cluster of multiple subwoofers for instance).

    Important notes:
    - Red is NOT bad!! A lot of filter-designs that drive loudspeakers have out of polarity components (so for instance the high frequency speaker CAN be opposite polarity to the low frequency speaker).
    - Try to measure as close to the speaker as possible (and away from bass-ports).
    - dBFS means "Decibels relative to full scale". So 0dBFS is the maximum soundpressure your device is capable of handling without distorting (clipping).
    - Using a different pulse signal CAN give opposite readings, due to loudspeaker filter designs. Use the same pulse when comparing!

    Polarity Checker can be useful for testing almost all sound sources. Like large scale concert PA systems, home theater systems, studio monitors, car audio en even headphones..


    For playing the pulse signal you have 3 options:
    - Use a wire to connect your phone/tablet to the Sound System.
    - Use 2 phones/tablets (one wired for pulse generation and one without wires for measuring).
    - Copy the pulse files (which can be found in sd-card/PolarityChecker) to a playback medium (cd/iPod) that is able to repeat single tracks.
    - When the polarity-reverse button "Ø" is pressed (red), the pulse generator plays a negative pulse. So the measurement should give opposite readings! (equal to playing an INVERTED_pulseXXXX.mp3 file)

    - Avoid CLIPPING the microphone, this could corrupt the measurement.
    - Adjust the threshold, so the checker doesn't get triggered by background noise.
    - Try to measure one speaker at a time. If possible mute all other sound sources.

    When measuring "passive filtered" speaker cabinets (for instance when you've got one amplifier driving your low and high speaker at the same time), it can be useful to select a frequency dependent pulse to isolate the speaker you want to measure.

    If you like this app, please comment and rate. If you've got any questions, bugs or feature requests, please visit the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PolarityChecker

    - RECORD_AUDIO: To use the mic input of the device
    - STORAGE: Needed to copy the pulse files to the sdcard
    - FULL INTERNET ACCESS: Needed for Ads (not used when donation key is purchased)
    - VIEW NETWORK STATE: Needed for Ads (not used when donation key is purchased)
  • Hearing aid, Hearing amplifier
    Hearing aid, Hearing amplifier
    The application restores your sound perception to the natural level.

    ► Full acoustic amplification up to 30 dB with a wired headset;
    ► Built-in hearing test;
    ► Hearing correction for each ear;
    ► Sound adaptation to different types of the environment;
    ► Amplification and customization of sound in phone conversations.

    Use all the power of the smartphone sound and latest technologies for comfortable communication. We recommend that you use a hands-free set.

    ► sound personalization for each ear – a built-in test and automatic adjustment to hearing specifics in 2 minutes;
    ► adaptation of sound to any environment ensures speech intelligibility of your interlocutor in any noise conditions;
    ► amplification of quiet sounds while preserving the overall level of volume during a phone conversation (dynamic compression);
    ► the ability to make and receive captioned calls from your smartphone — so you can understand every word of every call;
    ► comfortable voice communication in noisy places - Noise suppression;
    ► saving the recording of a phone conversation with amplified sound;
    ► private chat and telephony, free voice communication;
    ► communication privacy due to the application’s architecture;
    ► intended to be used with any type of hands-free sets (supports Bluetooth sets).

    – “Super Boost” - powerful sound amplification by the hearing amplifier;
    – Ability to create an unlimited number of profiles for different sound situations;
    – Regulated noise suppression by the noise reducer – eliminates background noise, increases speech intelligibility;
    – Profile editing –hearing aid’s fine adjustment;
    – Amplification formula for quiet sounds in case of tinnitus;
    – Additional applications with sound amplification;

    The application was created by hearing aids development engineers taking into account hearing test specifics.

    Note (disclaimer):
    The application is not a piece of specially certified medical equipment or software and it cannot be used as a hearing aid prescribed by a doctor.
    Hearing test in the Application is used only for its adjustment and does not replace hearing screening by a specialist.
    Any questions, reviews, or suggestions regarding this sound booster? Please contact us at [email protected]

    Terms of use:
    - Terms of service: http://it4you.pro/solutions/petralex-caller-term
    - Privacy policy: http://it4you.pro/solutions/petralex-caller-policy

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Love it

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Man this app is great. Loudest app I've downloaded. Thanks

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