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Just try to talk with this app on, it won't be easy! 📢

Varies with device for Android
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The explanation of SpeechJammer

Just try to talk with this app on, it won't be easy! 📢
NOTE: Please use headphones.

With SpeechJammer, you can literally "jam" someone's voice. Through the Delayed Auditory Feedback effect, the speaker will have trouble articulating while speaking, effectively inhibiting his or her speech!

To put it briefly, the effect occurs when you hear your own voice at a slight delay. Many people tend to start mumbling, and therefore "jamming" speech. Works best if you try to read something!

Please use headphones, because using this app on speakers would generate significant audio feedback. Using the app in a somewhat silent room also improves the jamming effect.

🎵 🎵 🎵

Inspired by SpeechJammer by Kazutaka Kurihara

Source can be found at:

Record_Audio: Self explanatory.
Change Audio Settings: Needed to detect if the headphone is plugged in.
Internet/Access_Network_State: Used to show MoPub/Admob ads.

SpeechJammer App Varies with device Version Update

Nov 11, 2016
Integrated module to enable future promotion

Fixed some crash issues
Added option to remove ads via in app purchase

Additional App Info

Operating System: Android
Category: Music & Audio
Publish Date: Jun 7, 2013
Latest Version: Varies with device
Min Installs: 1000000
Installs: 1,000,000+
Size: Varies with device
Requirements: Android Varies with device
Offers In-App Purchases: true
Contains Ads: true
Price: Free
Report: Flag as inappropriate
App uploaded by: Individual
Available on: Google Play Store

Rating And Reviews

[RA1D] Warmind Division Alt 5
Jan 08, 2020 US

So insane how this hacks your brain. I started talking like a slow robot trying to only say words after I hear myself. Brilliant.

Helpful Report
Lil taco 5
Oct 06, 2019 US

It's awsome

Helpful Report
Hunter Brandt 5
Mar 22, 2020 US

It's cool as it does to a certain extent mess up your speech, but as you move along, you start to get used to it. Also, it somewhat acts a tuner if you look at the sound wave, you can also see the overtones,...

Helpful Report
Ghosthunteroo7 5
Mar 18, 2020 US

This a really cool app, it boggled my mind to the point i couldn't speak properly anymore

Helpful Report
funny 425 5
Mar 17, 2020 US


Helpful Report
Henry 5
Sep 17, 2019 US

I love it!

Helpful Report
MUHAMMED Abraar Omar 5
Mar 04, 2020 US

Amazing ....extremely trippy ....would not recomend in an altered state of mind

Helpful Report
Riley Orr 5
Oct 22, 2019 US


Helpful Report
Steven Yang 5
Jan 21, 2020 US

This app is really fun had a blast messing w my brain. There are a few ads but it really isn't a big deal, and they're not long or obnoxious or hard to close. Well designed, fun to play with, would recommend!

Helpful Report
Gabriel Cardenas 5
Oct 06, 2019 US


Helpful Report
John Kuentz 5
Oct 01, 2019 US

Very funny and cool.it is awesome sause

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