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What’s that bird? Answer 5 questions or upload a photo to get an answer.

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The explanation of Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

What's that bird? Merlin Bird ID helps you solve the mystery in 5 questions, or with a photo of a bird.

First, Merlin asks you a few simple questions. Then, almost like magic, it reveals the list of birds that best match your description. Pick your bird, then delve into more photos, sounds, and ID tips about your bird!

If you have a photo, Merlin can help there as well. Take a photo, choose from your camera roll, or snap the viewfinder of your zoom camera, and Merlin's powerful AI will suggest an identification almost instantly.

Merlin is fun and easy to use—whether you’re curious about a bird you’ve seen once, trying to identify every bird that comes to your feeder, or planning a birding trip to a new country. The answers are waiting for you with this free field guide app from the renowned Cornell Lab of Ornithology.


• Created for beginning and intermediate bird watchers, Merlin identifies the 2,000+ most common bird species of the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and Europe.
• Merlin can identify a photo using powerful computer vision algorithms. Select your photo, tell Merlin where and when you took it, and you'll see a short list of suggested identifications.
• Intelligent results. No more scanning through hundreds of possibilities! Merlin shows the birds near you that fit your description.
• Customized location and date tools generate best answers for your neighborhood and time of year.
• Bird packs available for United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Central America, with more coming soon.
• Explore birds by location and date with a list of species seen in the area.
• Powered by eBird to deliver the most accurate results based on millions of sightings from bird watchers across North America.
• Enjoy more than 15,000 photos of birds, including males, females, and juveniles.
• Learn ID tips from Cornell Lab of Ornithology experts.
• Listen to beautiful bird sounds, including songs and calls for each species with the included Audio Essential Set from the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
• It’s all free! The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s goal is to help you and millions of others to learn about birds.​

Merlin is the most advanced bird guide app available, and is expanding to new regions of the world.

••• Bird Packs •••
Merlin Bird ID currently includes bird identification help for the United States with regional packs for the: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Rocky Mountains, Southwest, Texas and Oklahoma, Alaska, and West Coast.

Canada is covered by Eastern Canada and Western Canada packs.

Mexico bird identification is available for each region of the country.

Central America packs include Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, and Costa Rica.

Bird identification help is also available for Europe with our Great Britain and Ireland pack, a Western Europe pack, and a pack covering the Scandinavian countries.

These packs make Merlin the perfect pocket Bird Guide to North America, Bird Guide to Mexico, Bird Guide to Guatemala, Bird Guide to Belize, Bird Guide to Costa Rica, Bird Guide to Europe, Bird Guide to Great Britain, and Bird Guide to Scandinavia.

••• About Photo ID •••
Powered by Visipedia, Merlin Photo ID uses computer vision and deep learning technology to identify birds in photos. Merlin learns to recognize bird species based on training sets of millions of photos from birders at When using Photo ID, enter the date and location where you took the photo; those clues improve Merlin’s accuracy by helping it focus on the species you most likely encountered there.

Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab of Ornithology App Varies with device Version Update

Feb 27, 2020
This update adds support for the Swarovski Optik dG, as well as various fixes and improvements to help you identify more birds.

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Size: Varies with device
Requirements: Android Varies with device
Offers In-App Purchases: false
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Price: Free
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Rating And Reviews

Becky Wendt 5
Mar 16, 2020 US

Love this app. Its very informative.

Helpful Report
Enrique Mejia 5
Feb 06, 2020 US

Totally usefull‼

Helpful Report
Terry Villeneuve 5
Jan 31, 2020 US

Used to work on the tablet. Now it continues to insist on access to the phone which this isn't. With the last update, there are no longer photos available to use for identification. Defeats the point of havi...

Helpful Report
Dottie Purcell 5
Jan 14, 2020 US

So far excellent. Can't wait to use even more.

Helpful Report
Monica Robischon 5
Mar 16, 2020 US

Usually pegs the bird right away!

Helpful Report
Brian Tindell 5
Feb 28, 2020 US

Honestly this has to be five stars just because Bird ID is so useful. The app is also clean and easy to use. A dark mode would be great but what I'd really like is the ability to add birds to a favorites lis...

Helpful Report
Joseph Stilloe 5
Mar 20, 2020 US


Helpful Report
Ann Zapata 5
Jan 05, 2020 US

Excellent information, easy reference. One of my favorite apps!

Helpful Report
Douglas Johnson 5
Dec 09, 2019 US

This is a wonderful app and is the best one I could find for the smartphone. It is easily worth a 5 star rating. The descriptions, pictures and song/sound samples are excellent and accurate. The only thing I...

Helpful Report
Yotam Ishay 5
Mar 22, 2020 US

Found all the birds I asked.

Helpful Report
Shaun Bibby 5
Dec 11, 2019 US

Good app

Helpful Report

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