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Play In Callbreak Gold - Multiplayer, Spades are the trump card.

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The explanation of Callbreak - Online Card Game


Callbreak card games or Lakdi is a popular brain teasing trick and classic card game which is popular in India and Nepal. Callbreak multiplayer card game means call it right card game. Call Break is one of the traditional trick-taking card games like Hearts, Euchre & Canasta, but Callbreak Multiplayer spade trick-taking card game is played in Single with Four Round in which spades is always the trump.

Callbreak - Online Card Game Rules:
- Callbreak - Online Card Game is a trick-taking lakdi multiplayer card game played with a standard 52-card deck between four players.
- Call Break Multiplayer card games online are 5 rounds in a game.
- Players sitting direction and the first dealer are selected before the first round begins.
- To randomize player's sitting direction and the first dealer, each player draws a card from the deck, and based on the order of the cards, their directions and first dealer are fixed.
- Bidding: All four players, starting from the player to dealer's right bid a number of tricks that they must win in that round in order to get a positive score, otherwise they will get a negative score.
- Play In Callbreak card games, Spades are the trump cards: In each trick, player must follow the same suit; if unable, player must play a trump card if eligible to win; if unable, player can play any card of their choice.

- Callbreak Gold - Multiplayer have intuitive drag interface to play a card
- Fastest cards game available! Play fast bid and win more!
- Multiplayer with random online players
- Multiplayer with online facebook friends
- Completely Free to Play

Call break card games spade offline.
Call break spade online four players multiplayer.
Call break card games card games Bluetooth multiplayer.
Call break private table multiplayer.
Callbreak - Online Card Game is free 3 cards game online.
Every player get 13 cards each making 52 cards total.
Callbreak Multiplayer card games is top card games with nice card interface.
Call break seems to be related to the North American game Spades and asian card game game call bridge.
Callbreak Multiplayer card games is flush card game and play online card deck.
Call break online multiplayer card game is a strategic trick-based card game played by four players with a standard deck of 52 playing cards.

A trick-taking game is a card or tile-based game in which play of a hand centers on a series of finite rounds or units of play, called tricks, which are each evaluated to determine a winner or taker of that trick. Trick-and-draw games are trick-taking games in which the players can fill up their hands after each trick.

Call break is Popular 4 player based trick taking game initially popular in Nepal and India. Its Similar to Spades or another popular game Call Bridge and Ghochi. Callbreak Multiplayer brings classic and popular card game with online multiplayer Games with multiplayer card similar to Spades. Callbreak Multiplayer game is full of strategy and tricks unlike other popular gambling-based card games.

Localised name of the game:
- Spades (in western world)
- Callbreak (in Nepal)
- Lakdi, Lakadi (in India)
- Ghochi, Tash ka game sheep
- Gulli, 9 patti, Multiplayer Call break

Call break card game is समन गेम callbreak multiplayer minus game, single player game.

Live Las Vegas Casino experience on your mobile, and connect with Call Break to challenge your friends. You will be gifted with FREE chips every day.

Callbreak is also called Lakdi, Lakadi, Ghochi in other parts of India. This multiplayer cards game is different from international game Spades.

Callbreak - Online Card Game App 2.7 Version Update

Jun 02, 2020

Additional App Info

Operating System: Android
Category: Card
Publish Date: Sep 18, 2018
Latest Version: 2.7
Min Installs: 100000
Installs: 100,000+
Size: 7.2M
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Offers In-App Purchases: true
Contains Ads: true
Price: Free
Report: Flag as inappropriate
App uploaded by: Individual
Available on: Google Play Store

Rating And Reviews

Durga Prasad upper 5
Jun 15, 2020 US

If i downloaf this game means for my fathet two setvicing anf more pincher laboue onlu 4'000 in bike faily

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Prahlad Gola 5
Jun 12, 2020 US

Kiss madar jaat nai yai game banaya bich mai band ho jata hai yai yeh star minus mai hai samjai bloody fool ulu ka patta

Helpful Report
Ishika Chaddha 5
Jun 29, 2020 US

Nice game

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Shihab 5
Jun 23, 2020 US


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Jun 26, 2020 US


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soumi roy 5
Jun 21, 2020 US

Supporting me

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