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👮🏻 This is motion alarm app to secure your smartphone privacy 🚨

1.4.21 for Android
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The explanation of Don't touch my phone: Motion alarm app

Don't touch my phone is the anti theft mobile app that detects motion when someone tries to touch or disconnect the charger of your phone without your permission. This is the most reliable Safety Alarm for your cellural device. Dont Touch My Phone - Theft Alarm with password is the best for Mobile Lock 2019 as well with great imei device tracker.

Find out immediately who tries to unlock my phone. Use mobile touch alarm with motion sensor and detector.

🚨 Use Don't touch my phone app to super secure your smartphone if

1. The alarm will ring immediately when someone touch your phone
2. Discover Who is trying to touch your phone.
3. Are you worried if someone is trying to tamper with your smartphone?
4. This simple and useful security has saved my phone several times.
5. You are afraid your phone will be stolen. Thieves hate this alarm!
6. Fright who tries to unlock your phone
7. Your friends are snooping into your phone to read your texts and private emails without your permission.
8. Afraid to leave it alone in public places like school or airport
9. Your kids, siblings, family members or coworkers are using your phone when you’re not around
10. Jealous partner is always snooping into your mobile phone?

Prevent unauthorized access with quick and easy setup
1. Press START to activate the Anti Theft Alarm.
2. Place the device on a fixed place e.g. Table

Other Security Features of Don't touch my phone privacy app:
1. PIN Code for super protection
2. Fingerprint to Switch off the alarm.
3. Disconnect Charger alarm - Protect your phone while charging a cellphone - An alarm will sound when someone tries to disconnect the charger cable.
4. Flashlights when the alarm is triggered
5. Add delay to Alarm Sound - Ringtone will be triggered after the time you setup.
6. Record and Setup your own custom alarm sound, a nosy person can not shut down
7. Antitheft Alarm for your mobile phone to super secure your precious smartphone.

- It's a violation to touch private stuff
1. When the alarm is activated thief CAN’T reduce the alarm volume even if your Phone is in silent mode.
2. App runs in background even when the phone is switched off.
3. This simple security app has saved my device. Thieves hate this mobile security!
4. Ever wondered - Where is my Phone? Is it safe? Who is trying to access my phone all the time without a permission?
5. Somebody nosy at the office? Record your own voice message and setup as an alarm ringtone. Nosey person will freaks and runs out the house and won't deny the snooping now...
6. Is your secretly gallery a vault? Hide pictures and videos from snoopy and crook persons. Keep your messages secretly with antichat option. Similar to Don't Touch My Hair Game.

Using this special privacy guard app installed on your phone you will manage to findof the thieves and pinpoint their exact location.

Don't touch my smartphone here is an another anti thft and anti teft private stuff we do care.

Don't touch my phone privacy app is good against thieves, kids, noisy people and its a fantastic security system. Just place your phone next to the door and have a good night sleep. Find my phone this is the easy to use utility to find stolen phone.

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Don't touch my phone: Motion alarm app App 1.4.21 Version Update

Jun 02, 2020
If you enjoy Don't touch my phone please rate the app.
Thanks to your review I will be able to improve it

🐛 Bugs fixed
🌟 User Interface redesign
🎵 Custom Alarm Sounds
❤️ Less ads
🔔 Now you can hear the alarm even with the headphones.

Let me know in the comments if you like it :)
Please help us and Share the app with your best friends
Thank you ❤️

Additional App Info

Operating System: Android
Category: Tools
Publish Date: Feb 9, 2015
Latest Version: 1.4.21
Min Installs: 10000000
Installs: 10,000,000+
Size: 8.8M
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Offers In-App Purchases: true
Contains Ads: true
Price: Free
Report: Flag as inappropriate
App uploaded by: Individual
Available on: Google Play Store

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    ~ If lost, will try a loud whistling: in case of urgent need sounds will help solve your problem faster
    ~ Or use it as one of interesting & fun apps

    Attention: we should instruct that loud noise & background sounds may prevent you from fast searching of cellphone. Main criteria that app recognizes whistling, but in case whilst you whistle & background noises are louder, it may not be recognized. Also, only whistling sound works! So, in case of urgent needs, please beware any sound caused by background & prefer silence if possible. Ask everyone to be quiet: solving problems of background noise can help you with faster finds. Your reviews & comments may help us!
  • Lockwatch - Thief Catcher
    Lockwatch - Thief Catcher
    Lockwatch takes a photo of anyone who tries to unlock your phone with the wrong code. It emails you the photo along with your phone's current GPS location.

    Find out if someone is snooping around on your phone, or locate the thief that has stolen it.


    • Takes a silent photo of the intruder using the front camera when the wrong unlock code is entered.

    • Calculates the phone's location using GPS and WiFi so you can locate it.

    • Immediately emails you the photo and GPS location, before the phone is switched off.

    • No need for a third-party lock screen. We use the lock screen built into Android.

    • The app is very small and only runs when the wrong unlock code is entered.

    Lockwatch has helped recover hundreds of lost and stolen phones, and has appeared in numerous TV and online news stories. 😊

    Note: You must enter at least four digits or dots for each unlock attempt to be counted. If the correct code is entered within 10 seconds, Lockwatch will not send the email to minimize false alarms.


    Lockwatch Premium gives you access to extra features:

    • Attach several photos to the email to increase the chance of catching the thief on camera.

    • Attach an audio clip to the email so you can hear what's going on around your phone.

    • When anyone inserts a new SIM card into your phone, you'll get an email notification.

    • When the thief turns your phone on, you'll get an email notification (i.e. when they are home).

    HELP -

    This app uses the Device Administrator permission to monitor screen unlock attempts.
  • AP - Asan Pardakht
    AP - Asan Pardakht
    Pay Smarter. Pay Simpler. Pay Anywhere. Conveniently and securely access to all payment services you used to utilize via *733# by using our official app. Access to all services provided in its USSD counterpart (*733#) and more! in a much easier way, without long, boring waits!

    Exclusive to our mobile app users:
    -Use app's barcode reader to scan the bill barcode carved on your bill (although you can enter bill info manually)
    -Track and keep the history of your financial transactions
    -Shake your phone every day to collect extra points

    Services offered in both our mobile app and *733#:
    -Check your bank card balances and let us help you remember your frequent card numbers
    -Buy cell-phone airtime credit & complementary 3G/4G data packages directly from within the app. Direct top-up is also available.
    -Pay your bills without even reaching an ATM! Our fascinating system lets you inquire about your cell phone bill amount by only knowing your mobile number! All utility bills can be paid via our app and *733#
    -Donate to charities. Making blessing donations is as easy as never before.

    This app requires internet connectivity.
    All Internet Communications with servers are secured with standard and up to date encryption algorithms.

    پرکاربردترین برنامک پرداخت کشور

    با نصب آپ علاوه بر دسترسی به‎ ‎تمامی خدمات ‏ارایه شده در سامانه ‏‏#۷۳۳* امکان استفاده از بیش از ۴۰ خدمت کاربردی دیگر نیز فراهم‎ ‎شده ‏است. ‏
    از جمله خدمات آپ می‌توان موارد زیر را نام برد:‏

    امکان پرداخت‎ ‎عوارضی آزادراه‌ها
    خرید بلیط قطار
    خرید بلیط اتوبوس
    رزرو هتل ایرانی و خارجی
    خرید بلیط‎ ‎هواپیما، بلیت پرواز داخلی و خارجی ‏
    استعلام و پرداخت قبض تلفن ثابت
    استعلام و‎ ‎پرداخت قبض تلفن همراه
    پرداخت قبض مالیات
    پرداخت قبض عوارض شهرداری
    پرداخت قبض‎ ‎برق
    پرداخت قبض‎ ‎قبض آب
    دریافت موجودی کارت بانکی و موجودی حساب
    نیکو کاری‎ ‎و کمک به مؤسسات خیریه
    مانده گیری کارت عابربانک
    امکان خرید طرح ترافیک برای تاریخ‎ ‎دلخواه
    ‏ خرید و شارژ اینترنت آسیاتک
    خرید و شارژ اینترنت شاتل
    خرید و شارژ اینترنت‎ ‎مخابرات
    خرید و شارژ اینترنت صبانت
    پرداخت جرایم راهنمایی و رانندگی
    امکان مشاهده‎ ‎سوابق تراکنش‌‌ها
    استعلام قبض میاندوره و پایان دوره خطوط دائمی همراه اول
    پرداخت‎ ‎خلافی خودرو – قبض خلافی خودرو
    خرید شارژ ایرانسل و شارژ همراه اول و رایتل و دیگر‎ ‎اپراتورها
    خرید بسته اینترنت ایرانسل و اینترنت همراه اول و دیگر اپراتورها
    امکان‎ ‎خرید انواع بیمه (بیمه شخص ثالث - بیمه عمر- بیمه آتش سوزی - بیمه مسافرت) ‏
    تله‌پرداز‎ :‎امکان پرداخت هزینه بدون پول نقد (مناسب برای‎ ‎پرداخت مبالغ غیررند - مبالغ خُرد)‏
    سرویس‎ ‎کیف پول: امکان پرداخت با یک اشاره و بدون نیاز به رمز دوم ‏

    کارت به کارت:‏
    آسان پرداخت ‏‎امکان استعلام موجودی کارت بانکی مربوط به بانک‌ های ملی، کشاورزی، سپه، ‏اقتصاد‎ ‎نوین، بانک ‏شهر، دی، انصار، حکمت ایرانیان، مهر اقتصاد، آینده، پست بانک، ‏قوامین،‎ ‎سرمایه، ایران زمین، توسعه تعاون، بانک ‏گردشگری، صنعت و معدن، سامان، رسالت، ‏کوثر،‎ ‎خاورمیانه، پارسیان، تجارت، پاسارگاد، مسکن، رفاه کارگران، ملت، ‏ملل، نور، توسعه و‎ ‎مهر ایران ‏را فراهم ساخته است.‏

    با هربار استفاده از خدمات آپ و #۷۳۳‏‎* ‎امتیاز می‌ گیرید و می‌ توانید از برندگان خوش شانس ‏قرعه‌ کشی‌ جشنواره‌‌های ‏متنوع‎ ‎ما باشید. ‏
    برای استفاده از‎ ‎خدمات آپ می بایست به اینترنت متصل باشید. در صورت عدم دسترسی به ‏اینترنت‎ ‎می توانید پرداخت‌های ‏خود را از طریق سامانه #733* انجام دهید‏‎.‎
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    AlfredCamera Home Security app
    AlfredCamera is a free and reliable security camera app for your home, baby, and pets. Join more than 40 million families and use Alfred to care for your loved ones remotely. It’s a simple safety at your fingertips that keeps you safe at home and enjoy peace of mind during road trips.


    Finally being able to travel somewhere to enjoy the summer, beaches, and outdoor activities, you must not want to let your guard down during your stay at hotels. To make sure your hotel room is safe at all times, Alfred security camera provides you with the smart motion detector that will send you an instant alert when it finds an intruder. You can also scare the intruder away by immediately speaking through the walkie-talkie. Moreover, the auto-recorded videos will be kept in free, unlimited cloud storage, with which you can zoom in to capture as many details and use them as evidence to help identify the suspect.


    Are you worried about your loved ones who may have been suffering from post-pandemic anxiety, yet still feel scared and hesitant to embrace the normal lifestyle or travel too far for now? Alfred home security camera can help you watch over your loved ones who may be still under lockdown or not ready to leave the pandemic bubble. By simply turning your old phones into security cameras, you can always keep a close eye on the health and safety of your beloved families with real-time live tracking. Moreover, with remote calls, you can stay connected with them to ease their re-entry anxiety.


    People love Alfred! The all-in-one app provides more features than a basic, expensive security camera. You can get live stream, smart intruder alert, low-light filter, walkie-talkie, and unlimited cloud storage to store, share, and playback your video footage.


    If you want a CCTV to keep an eye on your belongings, a baby monitor to look after your newborn, or a pet cam to entertain your lovely pets, AlfredCamera is your number one choice.


    DIY your own home security camera in 3 minutes. No cost, no hard skills; just one creative idea! Alfred home security Camera is the easiest-to-install home surveillance system with professional-grade features, period.


    To defend your front door and backyard, you don’t even need a security guard! AlfredCamera will take care of what matters the most to you. Unlike traditional CCTV cameras or home surveillance cameras, you can put Alfred wherever you need to strengthen security. What's more, you can add or remove a camera whenever you like.


    First time choosing a CCTV camera? Still hoping to find good reviews on expensive baby monitor, pet cam, or IP camera? You can protect your home with a smarter solution. You don’t even need to buy a real CCTV camera, baby monitor, IP cam, or IP webcam.

    Besides the cost of the equipment, these smart home appliances often charge a monthly fee. With home camera apps like Alfred, you can eliminate complicated installation, IP settings, and contracts. You only have to download the Alfred app and repurpose your old devices as a DIY IP camera or baby monitor: pure and simple.

    The multi-functional home surveillance camera you can ever find: Free, reliable, versatile and easy to use. No hidden upfront costs or additional monitoring fees. Alfred is also an essential component of any home improvement or home automation project if you are interested in building a smart home or experimenting with Google Assistant.

    Everyone is taking advantage of their unused smartphones by turning them into remote chat rooms, health trackers, portable hotel guards, or fitness devices. So why not use yours as a baby cam, nanny cam, pet cam, surveillance camera, webcam, or IP cam?

    Some features of this app require Device Administrator permission.
  • Age Calculator by Date of Birth: Age App
    Age Calculator by Date of Birth: Age App
    People often ask "how old are you?" and it takes us some amount of mental calculation to reach out to the definite answer. This age app helps in calculating the exact age. All you have to do is enter the accurate date of birth and the result will depict the exact age, next birthday. Also there is special segment in the result category which will depict the exact seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years you have lived till now.

    This easy calculator app also enables you to share your exact age, upcoming birthday and time you have lived for, to your friends, families, colleagues through any social media channel.

    Seeing the exact result through this age calculator app, your friends might ask you "Check my age", and the best part of this age app is you can check the exact age for any number of people you want. All you need to do is enter correct date of birth of individuals .

    Age Calculator App is absolutely free of cost. It is free to use, all the features in this app and to share among others is also free.

    You all fill various forms in your life which asks for your accurate age, and to answer this you keep wondering 'How Old Are You?' And to quench this thirst of 'How Old Am I?' this age app comes in handy, you will know the exact seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years you have lived so far with a very easy share button to share this detailed exact age to anyone you want on any social media channel you want.

    Kindly put all your suggestions, feedback, problems faced in the age app during calculation of age, or sharing the exact age to anyone from this Age Calculator App in the Feedback Section. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us and will help us in making this Age Calculator app into more advanced age app with your desired features to calculate the exact age.

    It is often said "Age is just a number". Well, with this age app, age is literally just a number. On all events, get togethers, thanksgiving, family dinner, for answering all questions like "how many hours you have lived" or "how old are you"

    Age app is available in multiple languages. The Age Calculator App provides the facility to use the app in the preferred language. That can be accessed using the change language button and the exact age can be viewed in the preferred language. The exact age using Age Calculator App can also be shared in any language. The questions like "What is your age" ,"How Old are you?" are super fun to answer with the Age Calculator App.
  • Weather App - Weather Forecast
    Weather App - Weather Forecast
    Weather App - Weather Forecast provides you accurate weather information, no matter where you are. You will see the Weather updated hourly. The weather forecast app can provide you a detailed local forecast and global forecast!

    ☀️ Local & National Weather
    📍If you allow the weather forecast to get your location. You will get your real-time local weather and detailed weather information in 30 days automatically. Or you can edit your location manually.📍
    You can also check national weather anytime. You can easily get weather forecast information on the selected location.

    ☀️ Real-time Weather Radar
    Weather App - Weather Forecast is a fast, easy-to-use weather radar app that displays animated weather radar around your current location. See the latest radar map. You can also see weather conditions for various locations at once, and trace the movement of cloud formations and active storms. Also you can check whether a thunderstorm or hurricane is coming.

    ☀️ Weather Widgets & Clock
    Weather Forecast has the weather widgets can display the current temperature, time and date from current location to decorate your home screen, simple weather information, daily and hourly forecast. Update the weather condition. Much more widget formats & scale, you can choose it according to your preference.

    ☀️ 2-hour MinuteCast
    Precise 2 hours MinuteCast gives you minute-level forecasts for rainfall, snow, and ice conditions. Minute-by-minute forecasts provide you with more detailed weather information to meet your more precise needs.

    ☀️ Severe weather alert
    In these times of drastic changes in the climate, a notification that notifies you of severe weather as quickly as possible is essential.Track storm weather to keep you and your family safe.

    ☀️ Daily and hourly forecast
    Track the weather forecast for the next 72 hours and 15 days for free, hourly forecast and daily forecast can help you learn about the weather in advance, and plan future food, clothing and transportation.

    ☀️ Select multiple locations to check the weather
    You can set and check the weather for multiple locations at the same time. If GPS positioning is enabled, the Weather app will automatically locate your current location. Alternatively, you can select your desired location by entering an address or local zip code. It is also feasible to select positioning directly on the radar map.

    ☀️ Optional unit settings
    A variety of unit formats are available to choose from for almost all information.

    The weather data also includes:
    · Daily weather reminder
    · 120 minute detailed forecast
    · Feels like
    · UV index
    · Humidity
    · Dew point
    · Cloud cover
    · Air quality
    · Rain & Snow & Storm radar
    · Sunrise and sunset time
    · Indices like sports, flights, travel, fishing, clothing.
    There's no 100% accurate prediction, but we're trying to get close.
    Get Premium!
    · No ads
    · 120-hour Forecast
    · 30-day Forecast
    · Premium dynamic radar

    --- How To Use? ---
    Weather Forecast is very easy to use. Please detecting your location by network or GPS. Then you can receive the weather report. Add weather widgets to your screen.

    --- Multiple Language Support ---

    What’s the weather? Using this weather app, it will tell you! Download weather forecast for free and experience.

    E-mail: [email protected]
  • Famio: Connect With Family
    Famio: Connect With Family
    Put your family’s safety in first place with Famio.

    Designed for peace of mind, Famio helps you stay digitally connected with your loved ones, no matter where they are.

    Keep your family close and secure, even when they’re far away. Famio helps you and your nearest and dearest stay in touch and, more importantly, safe.

    Get the power of Famio features at your fingertips:
    - Quickly connect loved ones and family.
    - Assign groups and stay close to your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, etc.
    - Be notified if their phone battery is low so you know why they’re not answering their phone.
    - Find phones if they are lost or stolen.

    Do you know where your family is right now? No? It’s time to level up your family’s security with Famio.
    Download Famio now and be in-the-know 24/7!
    Note. This app is not intended to be installed secretly; please acquire consent before using the application.

    Want to make Famio even better?
    Get in touch with us at [email protected] to share your suggestions.
  • AppLocker: App Lock, PIN
    AppLocker: App Lock, PIN
    ★★★ Protect your Privacy. The App Lock with Fingerprint support★★★

    AppLocker is an App Lock (App Protector) that will lock and protect apps using a password or pattern and fingerprint.

    AppLocker can lock, Social Media apps, Messaging apps, Gallery, Contacts, Settings, and any app you want. Prevent unauthorized access and protect your privacy.

    ★ With AppLocker:
    Never worry about friends borrow your phone to use mobile data again!
    Never worry about a friend gets your phone to look at the gallery again!
    Never worry about a friend who reads private messages on your phone!
    Never worry about parents check your social media apps!
    Never worry about your kids change Settings, send random messages, paying with credit cards again!

    • Lock apps with password, pattern, or fingerprint lock.
    • Themes with many color options.
    • Lock system settings to prevent an unwanted change by kids.
    • Prevent uninstalling apps.

    A must-have personal security app to secure your privacy.

    Lock your apps with a "secure" but "easy to unlock" pattern.

    Now with fingerprint support!

    AppLocker does not consume RAM, battery, and other system resources!

    ★ Secure your messaging and social apps and make your social life yours.

    ★ Hide your pictures by locking gallery and photo apps.

    ★ Keep your data secure from prying eyes.

    ★ Awesome Themes and Colors!

    ★ Material designed.

    ★ Works flawlessly even with the latest versions of Android!

    Required Permissions And Privacy Notes

    Usage Stats Permission: To lock apps, we need to be able to see the last running app. For this, we ask for your "Usage Stats" permission.

    Overlay Permission: We ask for "Display Over Other Apps" permission so that we can show the lock screen over the locked app.

    Camera Permission: We ask for your camera permission so that we can take photos with the front camera of intruders who try to open your locked apps without your permission.

    App List: We need to list your apps to choose which apps to lock. We ask for your permission for this.

Rating And Reviews

Emmanuel Eze 5
Jul 02, 2020 US


Helpful Report
Sunil Kumar 5
Jul 02, 2020 US

Very nice app

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Nitesh Shahi 5
Jul 02, 2020 US


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Pritesh J 5
Jul 02, 2020 US


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Felix Hape 5
Jul 01, 2020 US

Like it as it alerts possible theft.

Helpful Report
Alviero Derrick 5
Jul 02, 2020 US

It is good

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