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Your personal smart home assistant. Remote voice control of lights and devices.

0.98.42 for Android
4.3 | 289 Reviews
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The explanation of Vision - Smart Voice Assistant

Simple Smart Home and Smart Life voice assistant.

Vision is a home assistant that will help you in many activities.
It supports Philips Hue Light and performs many voice commands.
It allows you to search for information on Google and teach him new things.
You can talk to him and ask for any information.
Every day assistant learns new things and develops to make your life better.

Vision app is the smart home manager app which allows you to create a home management center without destroying the walls in your home and will turn the traditional home into the house of the future. Vision allows you to maintain each of your individual needs in one place.

Enjoy over 8,900 kitchen recipes in one place. Easy cook and smart control kitchen recipes with your voice. Create your smart home kitchen in 5 minutes and enjoy.

Now you will have an impact on the full personalization of your smart home and the settings of the appearance of Vision - Your electronic friend.

Vision App has many useful features, including the following:
• Learning new voice commands
• Advanced light voice control for Philips Hue Light and easy connect with hue hub.
• Individual visual personalization
• Easy voice control of Wikipedia - just ask what you want to know
• Easy voice control of the kitchen recipes - select a recipe and follow it step by step by voice.
• Easy voice control of simple math calculator - just say what you want to count
• Comfortable voice control music playlist - your home will play your favorite music
• Clever voice setting of the alarm clock - set your wake up time easily
• Fast voice setting of alarm To-do List (tasks) - easy add and delete tasks
• Handy voice control and making your shopping list
• Simple Google search voice support (e.g. find in google [phrase for search])
• Simple Google Map voice support (e.g. show map [phrase for search])
• Rescue Options (life-saving mode)
• Voice calendar and time
and many other possibilities.

Configure your home to make it comfortable. When you enter a dark room say - the light and it will come on. Add your Philips Hue bulbs quickly and easily and connect them to your Hue hub.

Vision is your home friend for which you can choose name, color of face, eyes, voice type and face style. You can connect and remotely control many devices, creating your own Smart home - quickly, cheaply and impressively at the same time. Vision allows you to pair many devices in one big smart home system. You can use it in the kitchen to have access to thousands of cooking recipes. Cooking will become your pleasure now.

In this way Vision can play the role of a home entertainment center and paired with a Bluetooth speaker can as well work as a voice controlled music player (useful when bathing in a bathtub or in the shower).

Vision has also the ability to easily define your own set of commands and their meanings. You can add different types of own voice commands, for example, commands that work when Vision hears the name given to the device (we can give any name to the device) or commands that Vision will respond to when it hears them. It gives you unlimited possibilities to develop conversational and personalization skills for our needs. The possibility of adding and learning commands will give you a lot of joy.

Your personal assistant is waiting for your orders
and will be happy to talk to you.

Vision - Smart Voice Assistant App 0.98.42 Version Update

Jul 21, 2020
An update introducing regular bug fixes to the application, more fun and intelligent help.

Additional App Info

Operating System: Android
Category: Lifestyle
Publish Date: Aug 28, 2019
Latest Version: 0.98.42
Min Installs: 10000
Installs: 10,000+
Size: 5.2M
Requirements: Android 4.4 and up
Offers In-App Purchases: true
Contains Ads: false
Price: Free
Report: Flag as inappropriate
App uploaded by: Individual
Available on: Google Play Store

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    【Top18 features】
    1. Monitor status (cpu, memory, battery)
    2. Process Manager (Auto Boost and Quick Boost can distinguish different types of processes thus will not kill fatal system processes and apps in Ignore List.)
    3. Cache Cleaner
    4. System Clean(Browser History, Clipboard, Market History, Gmail History, Google Earth History, Google Map History)
    5. Save Battery Settings(bluetooth, wifi, gps, auto-sync, orientation, haptic feedback, screen brightness, timeout)
    6. File Manager
    7. Startup Manager
    8. Batch Uninstall
    9. Battery use
    10. Volume Control
    11. Ringer
    12. Startup Time
    13. Startup Silent(Menu->Settings->Startup Silent)
    14. System Info
    15. Widget(Quick Booster[1,4], Shortcuts[4])
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    Getting started:

    1. Visit

    2. Create a free account and log in

    3. From the Alexa app or dashboard, Install & Enable the "Sinric Pro" Smart Home Skill

    4. Create a new device eg: TV. Note the authorization token, signing key, and device-ID for your new device.

    5. Amazon Alexa app will show a push notification that it discovered your new device.

    6. Upload this example sketch or use our existing Python or C++ libraries to your project board:

    Replace the token, signing key and WiFI credentials with your own.

    7. That’s It!
  • hearWHO
    All people should check their hearing from time to time, especially those who are at a higher risk of hearing loss such as adults above 50 years, those working in noisy places, those listening to music at high volumes for long periods of time and those experiencing ear problems.

    Services for early identification and intervention should be made available through the health system.

    | Want to connect with hearWHO? |

    Check out our website:
    Like and Follow us on Facebook:
    Follow us on Twitter:

    | Limitations |

    The accuracy of your test results will depend on the type of headphones you use, as well as the ambient noise level. The results we provide are intended as a first step in testing your hearing. Please always seek advice from a medical professional.

    | Disclaimer |

    1. If your result from using hearWHO was not favourable, we strongly recommend you obtain a complete hearing evaluation by a certified service provider / medical professional to determine your exact hearing status.
    2. Even if your results are in the positive range but you have concerns about your hearing, we encourage you to seek a complete hearing evaluation performed by a certified service provider / medical professional.
    3. Whilst the test has a reasonable degree of accuracy, it is only intended as a screening test, with a small proportion of cases that may be incorrectly classified.
    4. The WHO and hearX Group will not be held responsible or liable for any results that are incorrect or for your use of the application.
    5. hearWHO is only intended for use by persons 16 years of age and above. The test is not intended to be used for children and will not provide reliable results in such cases.
    6. A visit to a certified service provider can assist in differentiating between different types of hearing problems.
    7. Hearing loss may be caused by obstruction of the outer ear canal from wax, fluid or changes in the structure or function of the middle ear system, and changes in function of the nervous system.
    8. Some of these hearing problems can be treated whilst others may be permanent and may need assistive devices.
    9. It is important to consult with a certified service provider early; all forms of hearing loss may become more serious is they are left unaddressed.
  • Amazon Alexa - Show Mode for Lenovo
    Amazon Alexa - Show Mode for Lenovo
    Amazon Alexa - Show Mode for Lenovo lets you access "Show Mode", a full screen experience where Alexa can show music, video, news, alarms, calendars, timers, reminders, weather, and much more. Whether you are holding your Smart Tab tablet or place it in the Bluetooth-enabled Smart Dock, you can use Alexa to control your tablet with just your voice.

    Amazon Alexa - Show Mode for Lenovo is designed for use with Lenovo's Smart Tab with Amazon Alexa. For the best experience, please update your Default Voice Assistant to "Amazon Alexa Show Mode for Lenovo" via the tablet's settings.
  • Nanoleaf Smarter Series
    Nanoleaf Smarter Series
    Design, set up, manage, and control your Nanoleaf lights all in one place. From the virtual Layout Assistant, to one-touch RGB presets, to full in-depth customization like you’ve never seen before, prepare for a lighting experience that is Smarter by Design.

    Simple Control
    Use the App to scan your lights’ pairing code and get set up in seconds, then enjoy your smart light-switch. Remotely turn your lights on and off, adjust brightness (trust us they go BRIGHT), and select your color Scenes from anywhere within your home. Group your lights together for joint control with Group Scenes (because we love a team player), or segment by room to keep your lights as organized as you wish your life could be.

    Complete Customization
    Create custom dynamic Scenes by selecting palettes and colors with the intuitive color wheel, adjusting ratios, and choosing animated motions. Try vibrant RGB hues to set a total vibe, or put the “fun” in functional lighting with the whole range of white color temperatures.

    Advanced Automations
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    Now You’re Talking
    Connect your lights with your smart home assistant (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsung SmartThings) and use voice commands to control them hands-free. Just say “Ok Google, turn on my “TGIF” Scene” and instantly enter full relaxation-mode at the end of a long week. The best part of all, you don’t even have to say “Please”... but it’d still be nice if you did though :)

    Join the Community
    Explore the App’s “Discover” tab for a huge collection of incredible Scenes created by users like you. Well, like you, just more creative. But if you too are the creative type, share your own Scenes and show the community what you’ve got! There are endless Scenes to discover for every mood and occasion, all the way from “Ho Ho Holidays” to “Netflix and Chill”.

    + More
    With a virtual AR Layout Assistant, curated Scenes and Playlists, and additional product information, the Nanoleaf App really is your smart lighting one-stop-shop.

    The Nanoleaf App supports Nanoleaf Light Panels, Canvas, Shapes, Essentials, Elements, and Lines.

    Enjoy it today on the ever superior Android operating system.
  • Blind Accessibility Keyboard
    Blind Accessibility Keyboard
    The "Blind Accesibility Keyboard" is an advanced keyboard developed for blind or visually impaired people.

    The app contains layouts for these countries/languages:
    - Arabic
    - Bulgaria
    - Cech
    - Croatia
    - Denmark
    - France
    - Germany
    - Greece
    - India
    - Israel
    - Italia
    - Korea
    - Norway (will be included in the next update)
    - Persic
    - Poland
    - Portugal
    - Romania
    - Russia
    - Spain
    - Sweden
    - Switzerland (deutsch, francais and italiano)
    - USA
    - UK
    - Turkey (f and querty)

    Layouts Types
    - Layout with all keys and number keys on the first screen without long press for numbers or special characters
    - Minimal layout with few large keys
    - Full PC layout
    - Full PC layout with num pad
    - Split keyboard mode for large tablets in landscape view so that each key can be reached easily

    Typing Modes
    The typing modes work in these Android accessiblity modes:
    - Talkback
    - Talkback and Explore
    - disabled
    Availabe keybard modes for those three accessibility modes:
    - Lift to type
    - Double click to type

    Special keys
    - Ctrl, Alt, F1-F12, Esc, Tab, Page up/down, Home/End, Print, Pause
    - cursor keys
    - backward and forward delete
    - cut, copy and paste

    - choose custom keyboard color (16 million different colors)
    - choose custom background: any image on your device
    - choose one of 13 prepared looks
    - hidden suggestion area for more keyboard space
    - split keyboard mode for large tables for realxed typing

    Typing support
    - add custom templates like “brjs” for “Best regards, John Smith”
    - buttons for user defined text to e.g. type your mail address with 1 button
    - auto-correction (comming soon)
    - option to auto-capitalize when a new sentance starts

    Clipboard history
    The Clipboard history contains the last clipboard entries.

    Keyboard Editor
    Create or adjust your own keyboard with a build-in editor (not accessible) or by editing XML files (advanced users).

    - Arabic
    - Bulgarian
    - Danish
    - English (US)
    - French
    - German
    - Italian
    - Polish
    - Portuguese (Brazil), comming soon
    - Portuguese (Portulal)
    - Russian
    - Spanish
    - Turkish

    For more information please visit:
  • Gosund - include NiteBird
    Gosund - include NiteBird
    Easily build smart life in the cloud(include Gosund and NiteBird devices)
    • Remote control of household appliances, peace of mind, power saving, open whenever you want
    • Can add multiple appliances at the same time, one APP controls all smart devices
    • Support for voice control smart devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home
    • Intelligent linkage, automatically run smart devices based on your location temperature, location, and time
    • One-click sharing device for family and friends, the whole family can easily enjoy smart life
    • Receive notifications to get real-time information on your home
    • Quickly connect to the network, no need to wait, enjoy the speed experienceT
  • Kibo: Accessibility for all (Blind & Low-vision)
    Kibo: Accessibility for all (Blind & Low-vision)
    Listen to any printed, handwritten or digital content with Kibo; Translate them to the language of your choice or download them in editable formats like TXT, DOCX.

    Kibo provides an end-to-end content accessibility platform and makes reading-learning inclusive for all (including the blind, low-vision and visually-impaired people) while supporting 60+ international languages and 11 file-formats including PDF, TXT, EPUB, Daisy, DOCX, JPG, JPEG, PNG, MP3, OPUS, OGG. Not just that, you can use it as an audio player and even access over 1 Million+ books from our digital library partners.


    Kibo offers something for everyone:

    If you have to process hard-copy documents, then you can definitely try:
    1. Capture to Read - works like a document scanner to convert printed or handwritten text to audio. You get additional options to Translate, Save, Share or Download texts.

    If you are in a hurry and want to quickly know what's around you, then you should use:
    2. Instant Access - switch between 'Text' or 'Object' mode to instantly know the text or objects around you.

    If your friends keep sharing images and you wish to know what's in there then try:
    3. Get Image Details: share images to Kibo and it will not only describe the objects in the images but also read out the text in them with options to save, copy or share it with others; enabling content accessibility for your friends too.

    Digital documents are a part of our life, and that's why we have built:
    4. Read your documents: includes a PDF reader, an EPUB reader along with support to listen TXT, Daisy, DOCX files in audio. For documents scanned as image PDFs, use the OCR option to perform high accuracy text recognition and audio read-out. You can even share or download the processed document in editable formats.

    Audio books, Audio players and Music are a part of our life and we have made sure you are able to maximize the learning experience even with audio files. Try out:
    5. Read your audio-books: open any MP3, OGG, OPUS files and while listening to them you can now - add Bookmarks, Highlight audio-snippets as audio-notes, increase/decrease the playback speed, navigate the file based on seconds or minutes or between previous and next files.

    If you like to read, our E-book library collection should definitely interest you:
    6. Open E-book library: offers access to 1 Million+ books in collaboration with Sugamya Pustakalaya and Bookshare libraries. You can download and listen to your favorite books from the list.

    By now, you must have realized how meticulously we have taken care of every reading-learning need. And reading is incomplete without the ability to put our thoughts together and take notes:
    7. Note-taker: offers you the ability to type or voice-type your notes and organize them in different folders.

    Not only text notes, you can also create audio-notes using:
    8. Audio Note-taker: to record important notes during lectures, webinars or meetings and save them in separate folders.

    We have more for you!

    Kibo's reading experience is totally customizable with our:
    9. Settings: Change font size, reading speed, Enable Talkback reading, invert colors, directly process documents online, turn processing sound on/off, change Text-to-speech preferences as well as Translation settings.

    Any experience with digital products is incomplete without a strong customer support, so:
    10. Help: allows you to receive support across our Email, WhatsApp and Direct call channels; so you can always reach out to us, if you are facing any challenges.

    We continue to add more features to ensure content accessibility and improve your Kibo experience. You can always stay connected with us and know more about us via:
    11. More info: to know Kibo app version, terms, privacy policy as well option to refer Kibo to your friends. You can also stay connected with us on our social media platforms through the Follow us option.

    We hope you love the Kibo experience!

Rating And Reviews

Ismaeel Duarte 5
Jul 24, 2020 US

I love it

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fire flash ash 5
Jul 24, 2020 US

Nice it's like Siri 2.0

Helpful Report
Tylor Hammond 5
Jul 24, 2020 US

Nice app

Helpful Report
Malwanda mafuleka 5
Jul 25, 2020 US

Its very good

Helpful Report
Max Rubenis 5
Jul 24, 2020 US

Grate app

Helpful Report
Fernandes Pierson 5
Jul 24, 2020 US


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