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Melobytes is a music generation AI program developed by OpenAI

9.8 for Android
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The explanation of Melobytes-AI in Art

Melobytes is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to generate original music in a variety of styles. It can be used by artists as a tool to help them create new music or as a source of inspiration for their own compositions. Some artists may also use Melobytes to generate music for specific projects or events, such as film scores or soundtracks for video games. It is an exciting new development in the field of music technology and has the potential to revolutionize the way that music is created and shared.
Melobytes uses machine learning algorithms to analyze patterns in existing music and generate original compositions based on those patterns.

It can generate music in a variety of styles, including pop, rock, jazz, and classical, and can also create music that is influenced by specific artists or genres.

Melobytes can be used by musicians and producers to quickly generate ideas for new songs or to add musical elements to their compositions. It can also be used by music educators to help students learn about different musical styles and techniques.

Some artists and music industry professionals have expressed concern about the potential impact of AI-generated music on the industry, including the possibility that it could replace human musicians or lead to the creation of music that is less emotionally resonant. However, many people believe that AI-generated music can be a valuable addition to the music world and can help to inspire new creative ideas and approaches to music making.

Melobytes-AI in Art available features-
Artificial Intelligence

AI Become a singer
AI Celebrities recognition
AI Image generator from text New
AI Image recognition
AI Image to song
AI Image to sound
AI Text detection in image
Melobytes AI music
Melobytes AI song

Music composition

Audio DJ
Become a rapper
Convert date to music
Convert images to video with music New
Create a melobytes story New
Create animated 3D logo with music New
Drawing to music
Image / Video to Music
Melobytes (text to song) (procedurally generated music)
Melobytes DIY (text to song) New
Melobytes Pro (text to song)
Melobytes surprise New
Motion to music New
Movie music maker New
Subtitles to Movie
Text to rap song
Voice Recording to Song

Voice Composition

Become a speaker
SSML text to sing
Text to phonetics
Text to Speech
Text to Speech Pro


Audio matching memory game
Hangman - Letter guessing game
Image matching memory game

Algorithmic music

Chord Progression Generator
Chord Progression Generator (pro)
Happy birthday song
Sequences of riffs
Wind chimes


Lyrics Analysis
Random lyrics
Random Word


Convert Text Case
Number in words

Image - Video

Convert image into painting New
Convert RGB color to image
Convert text to image
Detect movie scenes New
Glitcher New
Hide eyes - Anonymize face
Hide text from image
Image to ASCII Art
Random video files mix
Red eyes fix
Video to ASCII Art
Video to cartoon


Alphabetical Sorting
Crossword Solver
Online Spell Checker
Random pick
Text Analysis
Text Compare

File conversions

Audio files converter
Audio or image spectrogram
Audio to video clip
Audio tracks mix
Convert any file to music
Image files converter
Raster to vector
Video files converter
Vocoder effect New
Zip files


Become a midi singer
Convert Audio / Video to MIDI New
Convert MIDI to MP3 / MP4 New
Create midi part
MIDI arrangement New
MIDI file info
MIDI Singer
MIDI to Karaoke
MIDI to sheet music
MIDI visualizer New
Talking musical instruments New
Virtual piano from midi

Melobytes-AI in Art App 9.8 Version Update

Jan 24, 2023

Additional App Info

Operating System: Android
Category: Tools
Publish Date: Jan 6, 2023
Latest Version: 9.8
Min Installs: 100
Installs: 100+
Requirements: Android 4.4
Offers In-App Purchases: false
Contains Ads: true
Price: Free
Report: Flag as inappropriate
App uploaded by: Individual
Available on: Google Play Store

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