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11.8.0 for Android
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The explanation of Italian Dama - Online

Italian Dama (also known as Draughts or Checkers) is a variant of the Draughts game family played mainly in Italy and Northern Africa. The board game does not need special representation, as well as, for example, the backgammon, chess or cards game. Checkers is a challenging board game that can train your logic and strategic skills. Challenge your strategic skills with this relaxing game.

√ One or Two player mode
√ Super advanced 12 difficulty levels AI!
√ On-line multiplayer with chat, ELO, invitations
√ Undo move
√ Ability to compose own draughts position
√ Ability to save games and continue later
√ About 80 compositions/puzzles to solve
√ Parental control
√ Attractive classic wooden interface
√ Auto-save
√ Statistics
√ Sounds

The game rules:
√ White always moves first.
√ Men move one square diagonally forward. Should they reach the file farthest from the player to which they belong, they become kings.
√ Kings can move forward or back one square, again only diagonally.
√ Capturing is mandatory.
√ The huffing rule was removed from the official rules.
√ Men may only capture diagonally forward, and can capture a maximum of three pieces in a row.
√ Kings move, as well as capture, backwards; also, they are immune to men. They can only be captured by other kings.
√ A player wins when he has succeeded in capturing all of his opponent's pieces, or if his opponent resigns.
√ A draw occurs when neither player can theoretically take an opposing piece.

Italian Dama - Online App 11.8.0 Version Update

May 22, 2020
√ Online improvements
√ Saved games categories
√ Online improvements
√ Changeld marble boards
√ Saved game improvements
√ Ability to export game to PDN
√ New advanced AI with 9-10-11-12 levels!
√ Online stats display improvements
√ Other small improvements

Additional App Info

Operating System: Android
Category: Board
Publish Date: May 29, 2015
Latest Version: 11.8.0
Min Installs: 500000
Installs: 500,000+
Size: 6.2M
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Offers In-App Purchases: true
Contains Ads: true
Price: Free
Report: Flag as inappropriate
App uploaded by: Individual
Available on: Google Play Store

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Rating And Reviews

Thulani Milligan Majo 5
May 29, 2018 US

Work well l like it

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A Google user 5
Feb 04, 2019 US


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Daniela Ravasio 5
Apr 19, 2018 US

Works well I like it!

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Thanthan Lorenzana 5
Mar 28, 2020 US

Very good

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Chris Palmer 5
Sep 21, 2018 US

Nice clean app, refreshingly easy game play.

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A Google user 5
Mar 03, 2018 US

Full off fun

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