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  • BikeManager - Bicycle maintenance
    BikeManager - Bicycle maintenance
    Bike Manager allows you to keep track of the wear and tear of your bike components thanks to the activities automatically retrieved from your Strava account.
    An indicator (Percentage + color code) on each component allows to know its level of wear according to the type of service life of the component (By kilometers traveled, by time spent on the bike, or by period).

    BikeManager therefore facilitates your future maintenances, it's your bike repair guide.

    - No limit on the number of bikes or components
    - Available in French and English
    - Data synchronized in the Cloud so as not to lose your data and to use the application on several smartphones
  • Movatic
    The seamless, convenient, and fun app to bike, park, scoot, and ride.

    Movatic makes it easy for you to use mobility services that local companies in your community have launched to help you get around. Movatic is the #1 open platform that allows members of your community to launch tailored services for you.

    Download the app and get going today!

    How Movatic works:
    - Open the app to find nearby bikes, bike parking, scooters, bus stops, and more
    - Click on the map pin or scan the QR code and follow the instructions to get going

    Use Movatic for:

    - Fun!
    - Commuting
    - First Mile / Last Mile solution to make transit seamless
    - Exploring while on vacation
    - Park & Ride
    - Corporate incentive programs

    Want Movatic in your city?

    If you are interested in bring automated bike rental, bike share, scooters, bike parking, app-based transit, or any other mobility to your community, Movatic would love to be your software partner. We are an open software platform, which means anyone can launch their very own system on Movatic. Just send us a note at [email protected]
  • nextbike
    Start cycling! Find a nextbike, get on it and off you go – any time of the day, with your smartphone. All you need is the nextbike app, which will show you all available bikes and stations in real-time. 

    Everything at a glance: manage your account, redeem vouchers, get the latest nextbike news, give feedback or contact our customer service team directly. To rent a bike, enter the bike number or scan QR code. For return simply select a station or retrieve location via GPS. 

    nextbike has a different brand name in some cities. Once you register in your favorite city, you can ride a bike in all the other cities, too like e.g. Styr & Ställ in Gothenburg, City Bike Linz or arriva bike.
    The official app for BIKETOWN, Portland’s bike share system.

    BIKETOWN consists of a fleet of specially designed, sturdy and durable electric bikes that can be locked at any BIKETOWN station or bike rack throughout the city. Bike share is a greener, healthier way to get around — whether you’re commuting, running errands, meeting friends, or exploring in a new city.

    The BIKETOWN App gives you access to hundreds of bikes in your area — unlock and pay directly from the app and get going.

    The BIKETOWN App also shows upcoming public transit departures, including train lines, local buses, and streetcars.

    Within the app, you can either purchase an annual BIKETOWN membership or single rides.

    Happy riding!
  • BCycle
    The BCycle app lets you use bike share for transportation, play, fitness, and more by allowing you to explore your community or new city in a way that is fun and convenient with useful information right at your fingertips.

    Fav Features:
    - Checkout bikes
    - Locate bike & stations
    - Get directions
    - Purchase memberships
    - Track your trips
    - And more!

    To view all cities, visit
    Have a question about BCycle? Visit
  • Donkey Republic - city bike-share and bike rental
    Donkey Republic - city bike-share and bike rental
    Get access to shared Donkey Bikes, e-bikes and scooters in more than 50 cities across Europe. Whether you need a quick ride or you are looking for a regular city bike solution, you will find the most flexible and affordable solutions with our PAYG or monthly plans. No signup fee, no binding period, no traffic, no pollution and no waiting time for repairs.

    Better than owning a bike
    With bike-sharing, you decide when you need a bike and where. If your plans change you can drop-off your Donkey and walk with your friends or take the bus/metro. A flat tire or broken lights? Don’t wait for repairs, simply switch to a nearby bike in the app at no extra cost.

    Can I leave the bike anywhere?
    No. Please return your Donkeys to specific drop-off locations - there is one on almost every corner - so we can keep our lovely cities organised and a pleasure to look at. Park your Donkey Bike like other bikes, nicely lined up in a bike rack. This will make other cyclists and pedestrians, especially blind people and mommies with their prams very happy.

    Download this app, create an account and ride away:
    • Find a Donkey nearby and take it for a ride
    • When done, find a drop-off location on the map
    • Bring the Donkey there and end your ride in the app
    • Flat tire or broken lights? Don’t wait for repairs, switch to a nearby bike with the app

    ✓ For occasional trips:
    Just Ride (pay as you go) with no strings attached. Ideal for trips from 15mins to even 14 days and for group bookings with up to 5 vehicles with one rental. You can also top up your Donkey Wallet with money and we will give you bonus credit that you can use for Just Riding.

    ✓ Monthly local memberships:
    Get 1 hour or 12 hours free riding time every time you take a Donkey Bike, including repairs and support for a fix monthly fee. Ideal for the daily commute and for a busy city life with multiple errands throughout the day. No signup fee, no binding, valid in all cities.

    ✓ Donkey Lease Plan:
    Better than owning a bike. For a fixed monthly fee you get access to Donkey Bikes that you only need to check back into the sharing system every 7 days, should you need them that long. This gives you a reliable bike and also flexibility when your plans change and you want to take the metro or when all your friends arrive on bikes and you suddenly need one too. No signup fee, no binding and if you have a problem, simply switch to a working Donkey Bike nearby with the app.

    You can get on a Donkey Bike by using any major debit and credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express. You can also attach your PayPal or iDEAL account to your Donkey account.

    We are a team of 40(ish) firm believers in cycling as the most efficient mode of transportation and the only one our cities need. Most of us live in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, sustainability and cycling. We work by the rule that any decision we make, will have to bring us closer to being a sustainable, affordable and reliable mobility provider. We wish to show the world that cycling can make cities more liveable and bike-sharing will help in that transformation.

    Never be without a bike! Get on a Donkey Bike in a few clicks and enjoy the wind in your hair.

    Donkey Republic - Every ride counts!
  • HOPR Transit
    HOPR Transit
    HOPR Bike Share and Scooter Share systems power rides across North America, providing millions of people with smart transit options. Our rides come with electric assist, which makes hoppin’ around easy & fun.

    Use HOPR Transit to access bike share, scooter share, ride share, and public transit. Find a ride, plan your route, and keep track of your budget with one app.

    Sign up for a pass or top up your wallet to get started. You can unlock up to four bikes or scooters at once by scanning their QR codes, so feel free to bring your friends!

    To end your ride, park in a HOPR Pond and lock your bike. If you're in a rush or want to pause your ride, you can park anywhere in your system area as long as it's safe.

    For longer commutes, access ride share or hop on a bus. Compare all your options and get there fast with HOPR.
  • Capital Bikeshare
    Capital Bikeshare
    Capital Bikeshare is DC, Virginia, and Maryland’s bike share system, and the first large scale bikeshare in the nation. Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) has thousands of bikes at hundreds of stations across Washington DC, Arlington, Alexandria, Tysons, Reston, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Bethesda and Chevy Chase. Best of all, it’s available 24/7.

    CaBi consists of a fleet of specially designed, sturdy and durable bikes that are locked into a network of docking stations throughout the city. The bikes can be unlocked from one station and returned to any other station in the system, making them ideal for one-way trips. People use bike share to commute to work, meet friends for dinner, or simply cruise around and see new sights. After signing up, all trips under 30 minutes are free.
    The CaBi App lets you purchase rides, unlock a bike, and ride right away. You can also view all station locations, see available bikes and docks, and get walking directions to them to start your ride.

    The Capital Bikeshare app also shows upcoming public transit departures, including WMATA Metrorail, Metrobus, and shuttle lines, DC Circulator buses, Fairfax Connector buses, Montgomery RideOn buses, Alexandria DASH buses, Prince George’s County TheBus buses, Arlington Regional Transit buses, VRE trains, and the Silver Line Express.

    Within the app, you can purchase the following:
    Single Ride
    Access Pass

    Happy riding!
  • Bounce Electric Scooter Rental
    Bounce Electric Scooter Rental
    With Bounce, you can commute in your city in the most affordable and convenient way. For everyday rides to the office, park, mall, metro or bus stop, just pick up a Bounce! 🛵

    Bounce is a smart mobility service with an all-electric fleet of scooters that can be picked up anywhere & dropped off in any safe parking area. Our scooters are available for self drive all across the city. Check the app now and you will find a scooter within walking distance from you. Users just have to reserve a scooter on the app, walk up to the selected scooter, unlock the scooter via Bluetooth and boom! Your trip has started. No waiting, no cancellation!

    With a 6 million strong community in Bangalore and Vijayawada, Bounce’s scooter rental service is helping transform mobility for thousands of daily commuters by providing a more affordable alternative commute to autos and cabs. Bounce is also the most convenient ride in town - just grab your helmet and hop on a bounce to travel anywhere you need to.

    Why Bounce Scooter Rentals?

    Affordable: Bounce is one of the most economic scooter rentals in Bengaluru and Vijayawada.
    Convenient: Our scooters can be picked up and dropped in any safe parking area, giving you first and last-mile connectivity.
    Flexible: With Bounce, you won’t have to wait for your ride or fear cancellations. You can simply bounce anywhere, anytime – on your own terms.
    Safe & independent: Bounce scooters encourage social distancing in these distressing times, and also help you take control of your ride, without depending on others.
    Eco-friendly: Our fleet is fully electric, helping you save the world, while you save on commuting!

    Who is Bounce made for? / Who can Bounce?

    🛵 Anyone who wants to travel from one point to another, at any time and anywhere.
    ⏰ For those who hate to wait or fear cancelled rides – we hear you.
    💰 For super savers who can save on every ride with our daily offers and economic rides.
    🌳 For the eco-friendly heroes who can contribute towards saving the planet by simply bouncing and reducing CO2 emissions.
    😷 For those who put safety and health first – by ensuring social distancing and riding on your own terms.

    Get all the benefits of owning a scooter from a rental bike.

    One scooter – many ways to Bounce

    1) Daily commute - Your search for a "scooter rental near me" ends here. This option is perfect for an effortless commute where you can pick up and drop the scooter in any safe parking area. You can also avail your first ride for free.

    2) Short-term rentals - With this option, you can save extra by booking your scooter for the desired duration (anywhere between 2-6 hours). No security deposits and no extra costs for making multiple stops.

    3) Long-term rentals - Rent a scooter for a month with long-term scooter rentals. Commute daily to work or college, minus the hassle of maintenance costs.

    4) Bounce Club passes - Save extra on every ride with Bounce Club. You could even get up to 50% off on your rides with our monthly passes.

    Bounce in 3 Steps (and you won’t stop, we promise!)

    1. Upload your driver’s license for a quick KYC approval.
    2. Swipe to select your nearest ride, enter your destination and book the ride.
    3. Tap on the route map to walk to the scooter, swipe to unlock and start your ride.

    Bounce is easy, affordable and moves with a single mission of making commuting a fundamental right, one ride at a time.

    Connect with us!



  • Citi Bike
    Citi Bike
    The official app for Citi Bike, NYC’s bike share system.

    Citi Bike consists of a fleet of specially designed, sturdy and durable bikes that are locked into a network of docking stations throughout the city. Our bikes can be unlocked from one station and returned to any other station in the system, making them ideal for one-way trips. Bike share is a greener, healthier way to get around — whether you’re commuting, running errands, meeting friends, or exploring in a new city.
    The Citi Bike app gives you access to thousands of bikes in your area — unlock and pay directly from the app and get going.

    The Citi Bike app also shows upcoming public transit departures, including MTA subway trains, shuttles, local, limited, & express buses, LIRR commuter rail trains, Metro-North commuter rail trains, PATH rapid transit trains, Bee-Line local & express buses, NYC Ferries, the Staten Island Ferry, the AirTrain JFK, the AirTrain Newark, the Roosevelt Island Tramway, and NJT commuter rail trains, light rail trains, & buses.

    Within the app, you can purchase the following Citi Bike passes:
    Single ride
    Access pass

    Happy riding!
  • Social Bicycles
    Social Bicycles
    Social Bicycles (SoBi) provides innovative bike share technology to municipal, university and private programs around the world. Find, reserve, ride, and return bicycles with ease.

    Our bikes are GPS enabled and can be rented with your smartphone. You can return bicycles to hub locations or lock them to public bike racks for a small fee.

    Use our mobile app to:
    - Find bicycles using map
    - Create an account and pay through the app
    - Reserve bicycles wirelessly
    - Manage your account
    - Contact customer support

    Public programs powered by Social Bicycles:
    - SoBi Hamilton, Hamilton, ON, CA
    - SoBi Long Beach, NY
    - Coast Bike Share, Tampa, FL
    - GRID Bike Share, Phoenix, AZ
    - Juice Bike Share, Orlando, FL
    - Topeka Metro Bikes, Topeka, KS
    - Boise GreenBike, Boise, ID
    - University of Virginia UBike, Charlottesville, VA
    - Mountain Rides Bike Share, Ketchum, ID
    - Reddy Bike Share, Buffalo, NY
    - Breeze Bike Share, Santa Monica, CA
    - VeloGo, Ottawa, ON, CA
    - Share-A-Bull Bikes, University of South Florida, FL
    - Monash University, VIC, AU
    - Curtin University, VIC, AU
    - Bay Bike, San Mateo, CA
    - Long Beach Bike Share, Long Beach CA
    - Beverly Hills Bike Share, Beverly Hills, CA
    - WeHo Pedals, West Hollywood
    - BIKETOWN, Portland, OR
    - UHBikes, Cleveland, OH
    - Relay Bike Share, Atlanta, GA
    - Velonet, Czech Republic
  • Bleeper Active
    Bleeper Active
    Bleeper is Ireland's next generation shared cycling initiative. With our GPS tracked bikes you can easily find the nearest bike wherever you are, you are in control of everything through the Bleeper app.
    Join the cycling revolution!
    Download Bleeper to find your closest bike now, or visit for more information.
  • Swapfiets
    Swapfiets is world’s first bicycle subscription. For a fixed monthly fee you get a Swapfiets bike and we make sure it always works! If something is wrong with your bike, plan your appointment with our app. You can visit our store or we will come to you within 24 hours, wherever you are in the city. We will fix or swap your bike for a working one.

    Our app is always ready to help you!
    - Not a Swapfiets user yet? Sign up in the app!
    - Flat tire or broken lights? With our app you can book a service in one of our stores or at a location of your choice. All in 20 seconds
    - Looking for our store? The app will show you the closest Swapfiets store and the opening hours.
  • Revel: All-electric rides
    Revel: All-electric rides
    Our electric mopeds, ebikes and all-Tesla rideshare make getting around easy and fun!

    Revel is electrifying cities through charging infrastructure and shared electric vehicle fleets. Through the Revel app, users can rent electric mopeds, sign up for monthly eBike subscriptions, hail an electric car ride or find fast-charging stations compatible with any brand of EV.
  • NOW dublinbikes
    NOW dublinbikes
    Download the official NOW dublinbikes App to access the city by bike.

    This user-friendly App allows subscribers to release a bike from their smart phone, as well as providing new and improved features such as end of trip notifications when bikes have been docked back at a station properly and a facility to rate each bike journey.

    The NOW dublinbikes App uses geolocation mapping to simplify access to the service, informing you in real-time about bike station availability and the ability to view your recent usage stats.

    The NOW dublinbikes App provides an immediate and effective response to the following questions:
    - How can I sign up?
    - How can I find a bike near me?
    - Where can I return my bike?
    - What is the status of my favourite stations?
    - What is the status of my account?
    - How much did my last journey cost me?
  • ProBikeGarage - Bicycle maintenance tracker
    ProBikeGarage - Bicycle maintenance tracker
    ProBikeGarage is a bicycle maintenance tracker that integrates with Strava and allows users to receive maintenance notifications at different intervals and analyze how long components last.

    ✔️ Don't worry about anything else than pedaling and we'll let you know when your components require some maintenance or replacement.
    ✔️ Log in using your existing Strava account to synchronize all your bikes and rides automatically.
    ✔️ Register your component, add it to one or more bikes and it will be associated with its actual rides: distance and moving time will be updated based on total rides.
    ✔️ Install components only for some kind of rides, as you do in real life: different rear tire and cassette for indoor/outdoor, lighter tires for a race and front light for a commute.
  • 529 Garage
    529 Garage
    529 Garage Bike Registration App (2021 version)

    Register. Report. Recover.

    Keep your bike safer with the 529 Garage.
    - Save important information about and photos of your bike
    - If your bike is stolen, quickly start a missing bike alert
    - Help get stolen bikes in your community back to their rightful owners
  • Getsafe
    Get the insurance coverage that sets you free. Tailor it to your needs, know that you’ve got it covered – go out and live. Life happens anyway.

    More than 150,000 customers already love us. They let us know through fantastic ratings for our app, our company, and our customer support. We love you back!

    Insurance needs to be flexible in order to keep up with your life. Make all necessary changes easily in our app.

    AVAILABLE 24/7
    Our chatbot Carla is there for you around the clock. It helps you to file claims quickly and easily in the app.

    Share your coverage with your loved ones. Give them access to the Getsafe app. (Germany only)

    By operating without insurance brokers, we offer our products at fair prices.

    You can find your policies and certificates easily in your app.

    If you invite your friends and they buy insurance, you will both receive €15 credit (Germany) or £15 (UK).

    Which insurance products are available?


    Liability insurance:
    Mishaps can happen at any time. Why don't you let us worry about that? With the Getsafe Liability insurance, you can just go out and live.

    Contents insurance:
    Sometimes, stuff happens to your belongings. We'll deal with it so you can move on, no tears needed. Add an extra level of protection to your home with the Getsafe extensions for Contents. You can cover bikes and glass items in your home.

    Bike insurance:
    Because life is too beautiful to be passed by. If someone steals your bike, we'll get you up on a new bike in no time. The Comprehensive Cover extension offers you an extra level of protection.

    Dog Liability insurance:
    If you own a dog, you already know the kind of mischief your pet can cause. Let us take care of the consequences. With Getsafe Dog Liability insurance, you and your furry friend can go out and enjoy life. With the Premium extension you can be sure to get even better conditions.

    Drone Liability insurance:
    Your insurance for the oops-moment on your drone adventure. If only everything in life were that easy!

    Legal insurance:
    Don't let disputes bring you down. With the Getsafe Legal insurance, you'll stay on the bright side of life. You can also add our Home and Criminal Protection extensions.

    Car insurance:
    Getsafe offers you comprehensive car insurance that you can customise at any time via the app. Save up to 40% compared with your current insurer!

    United Kingdom:

    Contents insurance:
    Sometimes, stuff happens to your stuff. We'll deal with it so you can move on, no tears needed. With our extensions you benefit from even better protection. You can add the Accidental Damage, Personal Possessions and the Tenant’s Liability extension to your coverage.

    Who is Getsafe?
    Getsafe is a fully digital insurance company that allows you to cover yourself and your universe simply from your smartphone. Opt in, opt out, switch it, change it, make it yours. We make sure that you know exactly what is covered and what is not, so that when things go wrong we’re here to support you.

    The security of your data is our top priority. Data is therefore always processed in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation.

    Ideas & Feedback:
    We can only build a great product when you give us constructive ideas and feedback. We appreciate your comments and will implement them, so send us an email at [email protected]
  • Bikeep
    Bikeep is the easiest way to organize secure bike parking.
    Bikeep is the leading smart commercial bike parking provider in the world. We simplify bike parking by providing full service for municipalities, transit companies, business owners and properties.
  • Aventon
    The Aventon app allows ebike riders to record and track their bike rides, receive milestone medals, connect with other Aventon ebike riders and more!

    The Aventon app easily connects with your Aventon ebike color display by using your mobile device camera to scan a unique QR code on the display. Pairing with the Aventon app with the Aventon visual display enables tracking capabilities, awards, metrics and more.

    Keep a detailed record of all your ebike rides with data such as calorie burn, cycling time, distance traveled and more. View how you’ve progressed over time by viewing ride data by day, month and year. Understand the environmental impact you’ve had by riding your ebike instead of a gas powered vehicle.

    View how you rank with other riders and start a little friendly competition amongst other Aventon riders on who has cycled the furthest. Watch yourself rise through the ranks by day, week, month or total ride distance and share your progress.

    Start tracking and mapping your rides in real time while receiving valuable insights such as:
    • Max Speed
    • Average Speed
    • Trip
    • CO2 Reduced
    • Time
    • Calories burned
    • Elevation
    • And more

    With the discover feature, you can be a part of the broader Aventon community by updating your profile and sharing updates along with images of you on your rides. Browse through other Aventon riders’ posts as they share their travels and connect by liking and commenting.

    Get notified when you have reached major milestones in your riding. Receive medals for anything from riding your first 10 miles to when you’ve reached your 10,000th mile and many more. Challenge yourself to collect as many medals as possible!

    • Get various services with the Aventon app.
    • Get the help you need by reaching out to customer service
    • Learn more about your Aventon ebike by accessing our FAQs
    • Want to check out an Aventon ebike? Look for bike shops near you that carry Aventon Ebikes.