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  • LibriVox Audio Books Supporter
    LibriVox Audio Books Supporter
    LibriVox Audio Books Supporter offers unlimited access to over 24,000 free audio books - with no ads. Each LibriVox audio book can be streamed over the internet or downloaded for later use without any charge. The LibriVox Audio Books app includes listings for new recordings, featuring classic best sellers and out of print treasures.

    The LibriVox audio book app makes it easy to find the book you want. You can see the most popular books, browse by title, author or genre, look at new recordings, or search by keyword. You can even find books read by a favorite narrator. This app allows you to stop playback with a sleep timer, and unlimited bookmarks are available for each book. You can save and listen to as many books as you like. Access to the LibriVox collection, thousands of old time radio dramas, and many other collections is entirely free.

    With full support for bluetooth controls as well as Android Auto and Google Cast, LibriVox Audio Books makes it easy to take your books with you wherever you go. Lists of favorites, recent books, and downloaded books make it easy to pick back up just where you left off.

    Audio books from LibriVox are free thanks to the dedicated work of hundreds of volunteers who record, edit and distribute the books. New releases are prepared daily, and the entire catalog spans the breadth of world literature, including novels, history, biography, short stories, poetry and more in both fiction and non-fiction. US users can purchase an additional 75,000 professional audiobooks, including new releases and best sellers.
  • LibriVox AudioBooks : Listen free audio books
    LibriVox AudioBooks : Listen free audio books
    Thousands of people reveal that the invention of audio books has been a beautiful thing in their life.

    ★ If you have ever tried audiobooks and realized they are your thing, you must download and try Free Librivox Audible books

    ★ Free Librivox Audio books provides incredible audible books, audio versions of classic books and fairy tales such as Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Grimm’s Fairy Tale, English Fairy Tales, New Arabian Nights, Book of a Thousand Nights and a Night, Frog Prince, ect

    ★ Listening to great audiobooks and you can immerse yourself in literature everywhere, every time.

    ★ Free Librivox Audible books App allows you to multitask and consume a lot of information when you wouldn't be able to read. You can listen to audiobooks when you are driving, doing chores or working out.

    ★Trust me my friends, scrolling Facebook will never help you fall asleep but our App can help you. You can listen to your audiobook and set your sleep timer. Listening to classic books and fairy tales will help you increase imagination, fall asleep fast, have a peaceful night and sweet dreams. If you sleep better, you will be more energetic and productive during the day.

    More than 3000 free audio books including text books from Gutenberg.
    Free download to listening/reading offline.
    Pick up right where you left off.
    Chapter navigation, bookmarking.
    Browse by genre or search for specific keywords.
    Set sleep timer

    Top month free audible books

    Pride and Prejudice, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, Tale of Two Cities, Picture of Dorian Gray, The Iliad, Emma and so on

    Top categories

    Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Adventure, Science fiction, Christmas, Short stories, Love stories, History, Poems, Poetry, Travel, Detective, and many more!

    ★ Get started listening and reading English audiobooks today!

    ★ We would like to thank all volunteers on the Project free Audio Books LibriVox and Project Gutenberg for their amazing work.
  • English Audio Books - Librivox
    English Audio Books - Librivox
    + English Audio Books - Librivox +
    Learn English listening and reading Audio books, or if you know the language, just enjoy our catalog.
    - More than 3000 Audio Books.
    - The books can be downloaded and read without Internet connection.
    - Includes the text of books.

    If you want to learn English you can download the application "". The application includes all audio books, an English dictionary and grammar lessons.

    "English AudioBooks - Libribox" offers free access to over 3,000 audiobooks. The application includes lists of books sorted by genre and popularity.
    Audio books are free thanks to the dedication of hundreds of volunteers who recorded, edited and distributed. The catalog includes novels, history books, biographies, short stories, poetry and more.
    The application facilitates searching the LibriVox catalog. You can see the most popular books, browse by title, author or genre, or search by keywords.

    Top books:
    - Misérables, Les (By Hugo, Victor)
    - Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The (By Twain, Mark)
    - Pride and Prejudice (By Austen, Jane)
    - How to Analyze People on Sight Through the Science of Human Analysis: The Five Human Types (By Benedict, Elsie Lincoln)
    - KamaSutra, The (By Vatsyayana, Mallanaga)
    - Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The (By Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir)
    - Grimm's Fairy Tales (By Grimm, Jacob & Wilhelm)
    - Noiseless Patient Spider, A (By Whitman, Walt)
    - Leaves of Grass (By Whitman, Walt)
    - Old Ireland (By Whitman, Walt)
    - Old Chants (By Whitman, Walt)
    - Prince, The (By Machiavelli, Niccolo)
    - Ulysses (By Joyce, James)
    - Republic, The (By Plato)
    - Frankenstein, or Modern Prometheus (By Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft)
    - Tale of Two Cities, A (By Dickens, Charles)
    - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (By Carroll, Lewis)
    - Importance of Being Earnest, The (By Wilde, Oscar)
    - Siddhartha (By Hesse, Hermann)
    - Gulliver's Travels (By Swift, Jonathan)
    - Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The (By Twain, Mark)
    - MobyDick, or the Whale (By Melville, Herman)
    - Christmas Carol, A (By Dickens, Charles)
    - Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (By Douglass, Frederick)
    - Great Expectations (By Dickens, Charles)
    - Dracula (By Stoker, Bram)
    - Doll's House, A (By Ibsen, Henrik)
    - Jane Eyre (By Brontë, Charlotte)
    - Count of Monte Cristo, The (By Dumas, Alexandre)
    - War and Peace (By Tolstoy, Leo)
    - Beyond Good and Evil (By Nietzsche, Friedrich)
    - Modest Proposal, A (By Swift, Jonathan)
    - Picture of Dorian Gray, The (By Wilde, Oscar)
    - Peter Pan (By Barrie, J. M.)
    - Princess of Mars, A (By Burroughs, Edgar Rice)
    - Study in Scarlet, A (By Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir)
    - Treasure Island (By Stevenson, Robert Louis)
    - Walden (By Thoreau, Henry David)
    - Essays book 1 (By Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de)
    - War of the Worlds, The (By Wells, H. G.)
    - Robinson Crusoe (By Defoe, Daniel)
    - Emma (By Austen, Jane)
    - Dubliners (By Joyce, James)
    - Dead, The (By Joyce, James)
    - Murders in the Rue Morgue, The (By Poe, Edgar Allan)
    - Works of Edgar Allan Poe, The, Raven Edition, Volume 1 (By Poe, Edgar Allan)
    - Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) (By Jerome, Jerome K.)
    - Wuthering Heights (By Brontë, Emily)
    - Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The (By Baum, L. Frank)
    - Jungle Book, The (By Kipling, Rudyard)
    - Works of Edgar Allan Poe, The, Raven Edition, Volume 2 (By Poe, Edgar Allan)
    - 12 Creepy Tales (By Poe, Edgar Allan)
    - Jungle Book, The (Version 2) (By Kipling, Rudyard)
    - Return of Sherlock Holmes, The (By Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir)
  • Audible: audiobooks & podcasts
    Audible: audiobooks & podcasts
    Your shelf might have run out of space for your books, but an Audible library is endless. Find a listen for every moment. Stories for every day. Audio entertainment is here. Indulge in a library full of binge-worthy audiobooks, exclusive podcasts, bite-sized audio storytelling, and genre-bending Audible Originals. Listen to an extensive range of content and series and enjoy Audible as part of your daily listening routine.

    Start listening now - no membership required! Download and listen to apocalyptic thriller Impact Winter. Also check out The Book of Baraka, an innovative and deeply personal account of the Mayor of Newark, Ras Baraka.

    Listen all you want to thousands of select originals, audiobooks, and podcasts including exclusive shows and series. All Audible plans include unlimited access to streaming or downloading anything in the Plus Catalog. With new titles added every week, there’s always something new to listen to for every mood and moment.

    Listen to storytelling that enriches you. Check out the latest sci-fi fantasy books , unwind with meditation titles or tap into your detective skills with a new mystery series or true crime podcast. You can download, stream and listen to audio books offline too.

    Hear captivating audio books, listen to podcasts and relax with mindful meditation. Make your Audible Library the listening routine you can’t live without.

    Our Library of audio entertainment is always open. Listen to bite-sized audio content like the latest fantasy series, true crime podcasts, romance books and sci-fi audiobooks. Whatever your mood - your listening routine starts here.

    Download and listen to books, series, and podcasts offline. Dive into engrossing true crime thrillers, mysteries, sci-fi series & fantasy, kids stories, meditation titles, memoirs, documentaries, and genre-bending Audible Originals.

    With monthly credits, you can find the audio content you want, including bestsellers and new releases. Discover a variety of books and audio entertainment with Audible.

    - Build your own library and listen to the largest selection of audio titles from the entire Premium selection - titles purchased with credits are yours to keep, even if you cancel.
    - Sci-fi fantasy books, mystery & thrillers, true crime stories, comedy podcasts, romance novels, meditation and more - you get 1 monthly credit to pick any title that you want to keep.
    - And, access the entire Audible Plus catalog - thousands of binge-worthy audiobooks, exclusive podcasts and audio entertainment, with fresh audio content added every single week.
    - Plus, you can listen offline to any title. You can download, stream or listen to books and other audio entertainment titles from the Audible Plus Catalog.

    Listen how you want. And never lose your place with seamless cross-device listening with Whispersync, available with all audio book titles, podcasts, series and selections across your library.


    - Explore the Audible Plus Catalog anytime you want, no credits necessary.
    - Thousands of binge-worthy audio books, podcasts and Audible Originals.
    - Fantasy series, mysteries, sci-fi audiobooks, kids books and thrillers. Listen to books and podcasts from thousands of titles.
    - Fresh audio content and new listens added to the Catalog every single week.
    - Listen offline. You can stream and download all you want.

    The most compelling stories & podcasts. Told by inspiring voices. Listen to storytelling that speaks to you, anytime, anywhere. Fall in love with books all over again with Audible, an Amazon company.
  • LibriVox Audio Books
    LibriVox Audio Books
    Listen to thousands of LibriVox audiobooks online! Go to "Search" and begin to search audiobooks by Title, Author, Genre. Every book that you begin to listen to will appear in "My Books".

    About LibriVox project:

    LibriVox audiobooks are free for anyone to listen to, on their computers, mobile devices, or to burn onto a CD. LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain. All audio is in the public domain, so you may use it for whatever purpose you wish
  • Books and Audiobooks
    Books and Audiobooks
    English e-books and audiobooks: app contains over 12000 audiobooks and books for free. Listen and read books at the same time which help you with learning English!
    Thousands of audio books including text book from Librivox and Gutenberg.
    You can find your favourite classics books here. You can find the most popular books and the new.

    Top features:

    1. Listen to audible book and read ebook at the same time.

    2. Discover classic and popular audiobooks ebooks.

    3. Continue reading at any moment.

    4. Super simple interface.

    Audiobook can be streamed over the internet any time anywhere.
    Every audiobook is on public domain witch means that you can listen to it without spending any money.
    Discover new and the best books of all the time such as Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, Dracula, War of Worlds, Romeo and Juliet etc. You can find books and audio books by categories such as romance, sc-fi, poem and more.
  • Books & More Books & More

    Sign Up FREE and get your first 3 audiobooks FREE, plus free access to all you can listen Sleep & Meditation Audio, Audio News and Audio Magazines, Book Summaries, binge listening Book Clubs, and much more. Enjoy access to 300,000+ audiobooks and 100+ million podcast episodes in your Free Trial. Download our free app and sign up for a free trial to start listening FREE!

    4 Ways to Enjoy All You Can Listen Audio Entertainment

    1. Daily Audio News Updates – Enjoy daily news updates from popular news sources like The New York Times, The New Yorker, NPR, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, ABC, CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, The Economist, Bloomberg, and many others.
    2. Audio Magazines – Listen to popular magazines and articles in audio from The Economist, Wired, Time, US Weekly, Rolling Stone, National Geographic, and many others.
    3. Sleep, Relaxation, and Meditation Audio - Listen to curated audio content to help you sleep with bedtime stories, relax with our soothing sounds audio, and meditate with our meditation and visualization audio content.
    4. Audio Summaries – Enjoy access to audio summaries for books, audio literary criticism, audio book clubs and discussions, audio conversations and interviews, and other audio summaries.

    Binge listen to all this content free.

    Listen to Over 100+ million Podcast Episodes
    To further enhance your listening experience, we offer a free podcast feature through our app for both Apple and Android. Listen to your favorite podcasts or choose a new favorite from our rich content library offering over 100+ million podcast episodes.

    You'll be a VIP members (including customers in their free trial!) enjoy the exclusive benefits of our VIP Rewards program, choosing from a specially curated selection of books to download for FREE, every month. It’s our way of saying thanks for being a member!

    Discover the titles that you had on your Kindle or Kobo that you couldn’t get around to reading! With whether you’re going on holiday, commuting to work or you just want to kick back in your lunch hour with a good audiobook, you can catch up on your reading whenever and wherever you want.

    Browse books or download your favorite novels at home or on the go. Choose from our library of fiction books, crime, mystery, thrillers, politics, non-fiction, health & wellness - and everything in-between.

    Find books and best sellers you love today – lets you:
    1. Browse books instantly - we’ve got thousands of bestselling audiobooks to choose from
    2. Download audiobooks for offline listening - perfect for a long drive, flight or if you forget your Kindle or Kobo
    3. Use the customizable sleep timer for a bedtime audiobook – ideal for unwinding after a long day

    • With over 300,000 titles for you to choose from, you're guaranteed to find books you’ve always wanted to read
    • Find books easily, with over 10,000 free audiobook titles
    • Browse books by genre and discover what others are listening to
    • Access the latest fiction books, bible readings, and tons of non-fiction titles and listen to them on your phone rather than reading them on your Kobo or Kindle
    • Select from premium listens – beautifully narrated, clearly audible and hand-picked by us

    Get 3 audiobooks FREE when you sign up with today! When you’re too busy to read, choose a high quality, audible audiobook and listen your way. Whether you want to dive into a gripping non-fiction title or get lost in a fantasy world with a fiction book, download to listen.
  • Audio Books Free  Play Offline
    Audio Books Free Play Offline
    Thank you for your support. We're still counting our copyright free audiobooks.

    We're thankful to people who left comments and suggestions. Send us an email, if something doesn't work.

    Librivox audio books is a free android application for audio books. A very simple to use app where you can download any of the book from our large database and listen offline at your ease. We have 1000+ books loaded in our database.

    • Download single chapter or a book.
    • Access application Offline.
    • Play Books Offline.
    • Set your favorite books.
    • Multitasking for background downloading and listening.

    Audio books from LibriVox are free and distribute public domain books. Lists of favorites, recent books, and downloaded books make it easy to play when you're offline.

    Most popular authors -
    Dostoevsky, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Oscar Wilde, Wodehouse, Aesop, Victor Hugo, Mark Twain, HG Wells, Jane Austen, James Joyce, Plato, Jack London, Sigmund Freud, Thomas Hardy, Premchand, and others

    Top categories -
    Romance books, Religious books, Fantasy books, Adventure books, History books, Science fiction, Horror books, Short stories, Fiction books, Love stories, Humor books, Poems, Poetry, Travel books, Christmas books, Detective Books, and lot more !!!

    Most popular books -
    Alice in wonderland, Peter pan, Moby dick, Pinocchio, Pride and Prejudice, Kama sutra, Dorian gray, Beowulf, Grimm’s fairy tales, Aesop’s fables, Anna karenina, Don quixote, Hamlet, Macbeth, Sherlock holmes, Chanakya Neeti and many more
  • LibriVox
    We provide over 14,0000 classic Audio-books as Sherlock Holmes,Pride and Prejudice,Dracula,The Time Machine in English and other variety of main spoken languages.

    We believe that reading boundless books makes a soul happier, benefits them to learn and reach their growth. That's why we've formed an audio book provision that lets us, and all of the other audio- book fans out there, take our beloved books wherever. We listen at the gym, at our work and on holiday road expeditions, which makes finding the time to be inspired, refined and entertained by books really easily.

    We're all about merging our dearest of books with our desire for technology and modernisation to fashion a service different from any other.

    • Free Audiobooks
    • Classic Audiobooks from Jane Austen,Benjamin Franklin,Leo Tolstoy And Much More
    • Over 14,000 Free Audio-books Available
    • Download or read them online
    • You will find the world's great literature here in spoken words format
    • Digitize and Archive cultural works in Audio Formats
    • Books from writers as Charles Dickens,Mary Shelley,Nathaniel Hawthorne,Jonathan Swift,Oscar Wilde
    • Learn For Free without reading