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  • Bike Repair
    Bike Repair

    • 58 highly detailed photo repair guides, with over 300 studio quality photos (with parts highlighted).
    • 95 bicycle tips and tricks, including common aches and pains while on the bike (there are simple things to do to get rid of that knee pain).

    • From the main screen you have access to your current local weather and today's forecast. It also suggests you what to wear based on the temperature.

    • Gather all information about your bike's parts, keep a history of the maintenance tasks you have performed and even add reminder on tasks to be performed.
    • Connect your bike to Strava and get its odometer downloaded automatically to trigger reminders (eg.: Check the wear of your chain before it's too stretched)
    • The next time the bike shop asks you a question about your bike, or when you shop for parts online, you will have every detail about your bike in your pocket.

    • Keep the inventory of all your spare parts with photos in Bike Repair!
    • Do you remember if you have a spare derailleur hanger or brake pads in your garage? Where is it?
    • All that information can be added and searched as needed.

    • For things we do often but can’t remember. Like what's the side to turn the wrench to remove the pedals? Or should I tighten the H or the L screw?

    • You don't remember what you should wear when it's 8°C (46°F)? Don't worry, check our suggestions list.

    • Use our server to backup and synchronize your data with all your devices for FREE!
    • Save money the first time you use Bike Repair App by doing the repairs yourself.
    • Fixing your shifting problem, derailleur noises, brakes rubbing on the wheel, flat tire, broken chain, pedal removal, hydraulic brakes, etc has never been easier.
    • Bike Repair demystify every basic repairs and maintenance routines, plus some intermediate to advanced ones.
    • Written in plain English, the easy to understand instruction guides are perfect for casual and serious riders alike.
    • Most of the repairs don't require any special tools.
    • The full list of all guides and problems covered is available at
  • Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer
    Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer
    Feeling a bit experimental with your saddle but you are afraid to try something new so you won't mess up its current setting? Or you might have bought a new saddle for your bike, and don't know how to adjust it to your old favorite position?

    Saddle Adjust by is here to put all these problems in the past. It allows you to save all your favorite saddle positions and take pictures of them. Afterwards when you are feeling like reverting to some of these settings, you can just select one from the list and apply it, no need for any other equipment except your smart phone. Customizing your saddle has never been easier!

    We invite you to visit, ride with locals and meet cyclists all around the world!
  • Bike Repair
    Bike Repair
    Following our simple and illustrated instructions, you can easily understand the device of the bicycle, adjust and repair it.

    The application contains instructions for repairing the bike:
    Removing and installing wheels
    Camera replacement
    Tubeless tire installation
    Eight correction
    Bulkhead bushings on bulk bearings. Front
    Bulkhead bushings on bulk bearings. Back.
    Pedal replacement
    Rear derailleur setting
    Front derailleur setting
    Brake setting V-brake
    Adjust the height and angle of the saddle
    Elimination of "squeak" disk brakes, V-brake brakes
    Recommendations for the proper use of switches (shifters). (soon)
    Carriage change (soon)
    Chain installation (soon)
    Bike computer installation (soon)
    Mechanical disc brake setting (soon)

    In the following updates:
    Bulkhead bushings on industrial bearings; front, back.
    Gear shift repair
    Brake repair

    Also in the following updates will be added photos and video instructions.
  • BikeManager - Bicycle maintenance
    BikeManager - Bicycle maintenance
    Bike Manager allows you to keep track of the wear and tear of your bike components thanks to the activities automatically retrieved from your Strava account.
    An indicator (Percentage + color code) on each component allows to know its level of wear according to the type of service life of the component (By kilometers traveled, by time spent on the bike, or by period).

    BikeManager therefore facilitates your future maintenances, it's your bike repair guide.

    - No limit on the number of bikes or components
    - Available in French and English
    - Data synchronized in the Cloud so as not to lose your data and to use the application on several smartphones
  • MTB Gear Ratio
    MTB Gear Ratio
    Calculate gear ratios, gear inches, and gain ratios for mountain bikes.
  • Sprocket - Sell & Buy Bicycles
    Sprocket - Sell & Buy Bicycles
    Sprocket, the worlds first bicycle marketplace app. Find cycling deals,
    buy and sell bikes, parts and identify tech specs. The best cycling app for
    the bicycle community to find great deals!

    If you are someone who is looking for best quality bicycles and parts in
    your area both new and second hand, then this platform can be a great
    place for you. You don't have to move and around town or visit different
    shops or spend hours reading reviews and different sales posts to find a
    good bike for yourself or someone close to you. No matter where you live,
    our app will scan your area and find the best deals for you in seconds!
    This will both save you time and effort. You can find all the cyclists from
    your local community and connect with them for the best cycles and

    Whether you are looking for bicycles and parts for your personal or
    business use, this bicycle finder app will help you to find the best
    products. Find who is selling at the best price and buy from them. Also, if
    you are a seller yourself either running a store or looking to sell your own
    used bicycle, you can find potential customers in your nearby area. This
    app is great on both business and personal level. You even don't need a
    physical store to run your business as you can promote your products in
    the app and get new customers online

    Get the best deals while buying or selling a bicycle or parts by comparing
    different offers. You can make a better buying or selling decision when
    you have more options, and Sprocket will allow you to have more
    options than ever! You can choose the best offer according to price,
    distance, product quality or brand, and other factors. With Sprocket, you
    will be able to negotiate better with your potential buyers or sellers, and
    make a better buying or selling decision

    The world's first bicycle marketplace app will connect you to the bicycle
    lovers from your nearby area, as well as the whole world! This is a place
    where bicyclists and enthusiasts come together and exchange their
    products, and ideas. Do business and get to know the fellow bicycle
    riders from your area and outside, and become a part of a new
    community that shares your views and interests

    You don't have to pay a dime to download this app, and we will charge
    only $1 to list your products here (1st sale FREE)! The interface is really user-friendly
    and you will have no trouble figuring out its ways. Also, you can contact
    us anytime and we will answer any of your question gladly


    • Buy your bikes & cycling parts for sale by cyclists from the local
    • Find great bargains on Sprocket and negotiate the best deals with
    nearby riders
    • Get help searching used bikes for your first ride to fight climate change
    • Filter sales nearby by phone proximity, price, production year
    • Road, XC, MTN, FIXED, BMX, etc. Find the riding style that fits you!

    • Sell bicycles and parts you don't need easily in under 30 seconds
    • A new way to earn cash by selling on the worlds largest bike finder app
    • Share our bike app or pay $1 to list your sale and keep 100% earnings!
    • Receive buyer emails, negotiate the best deal, safe meetup location
    • Track everything you're selling in your Sprocket profile
    • Earn community points with each sale to track your climate

    • Verify if sale is genuine with Bike Index & 529 Garage or 'if serial number has been provided' check it elsewhere
    • Complete the sale in crypto, avoiding many common scams!
    • See the avatar and location of the seller and tap through to learn more

    Please rate us so more riders see us!

    Follow/share us on:
    Instagram - @sprocketblog
    Tumblr - @sprocketblog

    video music by BartoRec
  • Cannondale
    Easily track every ride with the official (and free) Cannondale app. Use your phone GPS or integrated Wheel Sensor (included on most new Cannondale bikes). See the fitness and eco benefits of riding your bike, register for your warranty, and get detailed bike info and service reminders to help care for your Cannondale.


    A beautiful Ride Screen displays important metrics during your ride. Intuitive Start and End buttons give you full control. The app saves your rides so you can check your stats and route later, add photos, share with friends and keep track of your progress over time. (Works also without a Wheel Sensor.)

    When you ride with a Cannondale Wheel Sensor — included on many new bikes starting model year 2019 onward — your basic ride data is automatically stored on the sensor and can be synced to the app after your ride so you never need to worry about forgetting to press start.

    Get helpful service reminders based on distance and hours logged so you can connect with your favorite local dealer for needed services to keep your Cannondale running flawlessly.

    Get helpful information about your 2019 or newer Cannondale bike, such as manuals, geometry, bike fit, parts lists, suspension setup and more.

    With the eco-report feature, you can see the positive impact you and the Cannondale community are making through fuel saved and CO2 emissions reduced.

    Activate your generous warranty when you add your bike to the App.

    Download the free Cannondale App now and join the expanding movement of cyclists taking charge of their ride.

    See Cannondale’s privacy policy here:

    Having trouble with the App or your Wheel Sensor? Please see our FAQs here:

    Or, contact our support team for help: [email protected]
  • Velotooler
    Use the Velotooler app to hire the best local bike mechanics whenever you need affordable services.
    Need bike maintenance at your home? Velotooler offers convenient, affordable maintenance/repair service at a place of your choosing. No need to bring your bike to a bike shop, just request a service appointment with a few taps of a button, and a Velotooler certified mechanic comes to your location.  Enjoy convenience and affordable prices!

    For bike owners:

    - Fully verified professional mechanics on-demand
    - Bike passport that keeps your bike digitally secure
    - Full history of your bike service records
    - Insured repairs

    For bike mechanics:

    - Verified private repairs
    - Access to bike share work
    - Covered Group insurance
    - Stolen bikes database
  • Social Bicycles
    Social Bicycles
    Social Bicycles (SoBi) provides innovative bike share technology to municipal, university and private programs around the world. Find, reserve, ride, and return bicycles with ease.

    Our bikes are GPS enabled and can be rented with your smartphone. You can return bicycles to hub locations or lock them to public bike racks for a small fee.

    Use our mobile app to:
    - Find bicycles using map
    - Create an account and pay through the app
    - Reserve bicycles wirelessly
    - Manage your account
    - Contact customer support

    Public programs powered by Social Bicycles:
    - SoBi Hamilton, Hamilton, ON, CA
    - SoBi Long Beach, NY
    - Coast Bike Share, Tampa, FL
    - GRID Bike Share, Phoenix, AZ
    - Juice Bike Share, Orlando, FL
    - Topeka Metro Bikes, Topeka, KS
    - Boise GreenBike, Boise, ID
    - University of Virginia UBike, Charlottesville, VA
    - Mountain Rides Bike Share, Ketchum, ID
    - Reddy Bike Share, Buffalo, NY
    - Breeze Bike Share, Santa Monica, CA
    - VeloGo, Ottawa, ON, CA
    - Share-A-Bull Bikes, University of South Florida, FL
    - Monash University, VIC, AU
    - Curtin University, VIC, AU
    - Bay Bike, San Mateo, CA
    - Long Beach Bike Share, Long Beach CA
    - Beverly Hills Bike Share, Beverly Hills, CA
    - WeHo Pedals, West Hollywood
    - BIKETOWN, Portland, OR
    - UHBikes, Cleveland, OH
    - Relay Bike Share, Atlanta, GA
    - Velonet, Czech Republic
  • Trailhead Tuning App
    Trailhead Tuning App
    A starting point for your fork's setup and technical information. Tuning information is available for 2018 and newer RockShox front suspension.
  • Ride with GPS - Bike Route Planning and Navigation
    Ride with GPS - Bike Route Planning and Navigation
    Ride with GPS is the best bike route planner, turn-by-turn voice navigation, and tracking app for cyclists, runners, and hikers. Get the best bike computer and activity tracker available, to plan, navigate, track, record, and share your activities. With a world class library of routes in every area, support for bluetooth sensors, Ride with GPS is your bike ride companion. Come experience our passion to make riding easy, safe and fun for cyclists worldwide.


    • Plan a ride, then share or navigate it with our easy to use app
    • Elevation profile updates in real-time, showing elevation gain
    • Add custom cuesheet entries and Points of Interest
    • Search millions of community routes for one nearby. Editing tools let you customize from your own door
    • Different maps ensure you can find the track, path, trail, or road for your next tour


    • Reliably navigate and record your next ride using minimal battery
    • Love your Garmin or Wahoo ELEMNT? Use our route planner, then sync to your existing bike computer
    • Compatible with running watches.
    • Live logging provides real-time feedback from friends, family, and coaches
    • Route navigation. Turn by turn guidance with voice prompts and cue sheets. Never get lost
    • Reliable GPS logging. Recording accuracy and stability are important
    • Bluetooth sensor support. Capture power, cadence, heart rate
    • Download offline map regions, allowing you to confidently head into the unknown
    • Use as a mile counter and speedometer for walks, runs, and hikes to make your personal goals
    • Smart auto-pause ensures you have an accurate ride history
    • Companion website with powerful editing tools, in case you forgot to turn off your recording before heading home


    • Bicycle profiles for more accurate data. Keep your stats organized by equipment
    • Log miles on your gear, so you can use maintenance tracking on our website
    • We love all bikes! Whether you ride mountain, road ride, or adventure and gravel bike, our software is the perfect companion
    • Not just bikes, we love all outdoor activities. Running, hiking, backpacking, marathon training, and more


    • Take photos using your preferred camera app, and we’ll automatically associate them with your ride
    • Photos with location data are geotagged on your ride
    • Enhance your Garmin; even if you prefer your own bike GPS, Ride with GPS makes it easy to upload photos when you are done


    • Track your performance over time. Beat your own goals, challenge yourself. Elevation gain, heart rate zones, pace, average speed, cadence, average power, calories
    • Train for your next marathon, triathlon, bike race, or ultra. Perform better, motivate yourself
    • Publish your rides to social media or keep them within our community.
    • Love Strava? Setup Strava syncing to have your activities automatically post to their social network, so you can participate in segments and leaderboards
    • Are you a Relive user? Use our app, and have your rides sync to their platform, creating your 3d video story
    • Create stories using Ride Reports, a powerful bike blog, to share your adventures with friends and family
    • Export FIT, TCX, GPX, or KML files
    • Thousands of bike clubs and events use us to plan their rides
    • Improve your fun and safety with Live Logging, so your friends and family can track your progress and give live feedback


    Android Wear
    Apple Watch (for our iOS app)

    Ride With GPS supports all Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4/BTE/BTLE) sensors, including:

    Wahoo Fitness Blue HR Strap
    Wahoo Fitness Blue SC speed and cadence sensor
    Wahoo Fitness RPM cadence sensor
    Stages power meter
    Polar Wearlink+ BTLE heartrate strap
    Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart HR sensor
    Zephyr HxM Bluetooth heart rate sensor
    Topeak PanoBike Bluetooth Smart Cadence and Speed Sensor
    Runtastic Speed and Cadence Bike Sensor
    Powertap BTLE speed and cadence sensor

    Come visit us at for more ways to improve your ride.
  • Wiggle - Cycle, Run, Swim
    Wiggle - Cycle, Run, Swim
    Shop quality cycle, run, swim, outdoor and fitness products effortlessly and securely with the Wiggle app.

    The Wiggle app is the World’s online fitness store in the palm of your hand.


    Explore an expertly curated range of the latest cycle, run, triathlon, fitness, and outdoor products from leading brands like dhb, Garmin, Castelli, Vitus, and Apple - all while enjoying excellent* customer service and technical support.


    Get information about exclusive events, promotions, and offers. Explore useful links to other Wiggle services like My Run Shoe Finder as well as performance and nutrition advice. Chat seamlessly with our experts, on hand to provide you with the information you need.


    Connect with a unique community of experienced cyclists, runners, swimmers, triathletes, hikers, gym-goers, and a multitude of other active people. Check their reviews of thousands of products and benefit from their experience before you buy.


    Manage your wishlist to keep track of your favourite products. Track your orders on mobile and use our fast and secure checkout.

    • In-app shopping – manage your account and create a profile to save your preferences.
    • Hassle-free delivery – track your order in real time to see when it will arrive at your door.
    • Wishlists – Manage your wishlist to save your favourite items and frequent purchases.
    • Community – Get information about exclusive events, promotions and offers.
    • Advice and guidance – Access informative guides to find the right products for you. Enter competitions and keep track of the latest innovations and advice with our blogs and use specially curated tools such as My Run Shoe Finder.
    • Daily recommendations – Discover new collections, innovations, and product launches.
    • Exclusive products – Wiggle is the home of exclusive brands only available here.
    • Inclusive – Explore our leading range of the best men’s and women’s fitness equipment and accessories. You’ll also find options for kids - and even pets.
    • Notifications – Be the first to discover new blogs, product releases, competitions, or events with our notifications service.


    Get instant access to your account profile to help qualify for a range of exciting loyalty benefits.


    Use the chat for one-to-one conversations with an expert for product advice, and information.

    *as rated by over 75,000 reviews on Trust Pilot
  • Bike 3D Configurator
    Bike 3D Configurator
    Project Bike 3d Configurator is created so that you can build your existing or future bike with modern technology and 3D graphics. Bike customization has never been so quick and easy - change components, experiment with colors, see how suspension works, show your friends, create the bike of your dream! In the future, we see the project as an online shop or service with which you can easily build and then purchase your bike. We also have plans to add other types of bikes, more hardtail, dirt, dh, cross country bikes, road and city bikes.

    You can now view your dream bike in gorgeous augmented reality. If your device is compatible with AR, you can switch between 3D mode and Augmented Reality mode on the fly. Walk around your bike, view it from all angles and in real-life like size! This is the true future of shopping.

    We make option to paint the components that might be painted by custom colors: bike frames, wheel hubs, spokes, hydrolines, rims, grips, pedals, stems, handlebars. For such components as: bike forks, tyres, headsets, brakes, saddles, chain guides, brake rotors, shocks, derailleurs, cassettes, we leave only those colors that provided by the manufacturer. If you want to see your bike in our configurator, please vote on the project page for a new frame or fork you’d like to see in the future updates.

    The project is free for everyone, however it’s future depends directly on your help. So please share an app and your own design with your friends, this is the best contribution you can make for this project. Another way to help us is to leave your feedback on Google Play.

    - 3D mode and Augmented Reality mode
    - Change components
    - Change colors, frame size, fork travel, wheel size
    - Demonstration of fork and frame suspension travel, with actual dimensions
    - Save your designs and share them with your friends in social networks

    AR Mode Supported only on this devices:

    Asus Zenfone AR
    LG V30
    LG V30+
    Google Pixel 2
    Google Pixel 2 XL
    Google Pixel
    Google Pixel XL
    OnePlus 5
    Samsung Galaxy Note8
    Samsung Galaxy S8+
    Samsung Galaxy S8
    Samsung Galaxy S7
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
    Samsung Galaxy S9
    Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • Bike Wallpapers 4K
    Bike Wallpapers 4K
    Wallpapers with bikes - an application with free wallpapers.

    Want to get an amazing view of bicycle wallpapers on your smartphone screen or screen lock? Or maybe you are looking for beautiful, realistic photos with intense colors, bicycle photos for use on Facebook or sharing them with others? We've created our app especially for people like you. You will find here a great database of Backgrounds with bikes that stand out with the highest image quality and automatically adapt to screens in various resolutions - including the amazing Quad HD (2960 x 1440) resolution, which has, among others, Samsung S9 or Huawei X.

    What will you find in the application?

    Bicycle Wallpapers application In the application you will find photos that are distinguished by the highest quality: the intense colors of the images delight the recipient, excellent detail reproduction and natural look. All bicycle photos look great on any smartphone or tablet.

    Frequent updates of the bike wallpaper database.

    The bike photo database is constantly updated (with multi-level moderation including manual moderation). Frequent addition of new products guarantees the application user access to the latest and various photos that will become a real ornament of his phone. All new products can be found in the tab "New bicycle wallpapers".
    Notifications are also a guarantee that nobody will miss the database update and available messages.

    What devices can I use bicycle wallpapers for?

    The application containing a database of bicycle wallpapers for the phone and screen locks was created for Android smartphones. Bicycle backgrounds are compatible with the most popular phone brands - LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Xperia, Xiaomi. They can also be used as wallpapers and lock screens on Alcatel, HTC, Lenovo, Motorola and many other devices.
    Bicycle backgrounds are compatible with 16: 9, 18.5: 9 screens are suitable for AMOLED displays (used, among others, in Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy Note S9, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 or Lenovo P2).

    How does the application work?

    One step will allow you to create a stylish image with a bike on the screen of a smartphone, tablet or set a screen lock with a bike on the same devices. Find your favorite wallpaper, click "Set on screen" and the application will do everything for you! Our system of automatic matching wallpaper to the phone. The application will recognize and automatically adjust the wallpaper image to the screen resolution.
  • Bike Fit calculator: size my bike
    Bike Fit calculator: size my bike
    🚴📏We've created this application for bicycle lovers, whether road or mountain, no matter. With Bike Fit Calculator: size my bike, you can get the right measures for your bike's frame.

    Defining the correct measures for the frame and adjustments of our bicycle is essential when preparing our travel companion.

    By having the correct size of our bike frame, we will avoid many injuries caused by incorrect measurements, which cause bad posture, bad gestures and overexertion on the bicycle.

    Entering the measures of your body, you will obtain in an easy and simple way the size that the frame of the bicycle should have.

    Previously the frames of the bike were geometrically square or the average horizontal tube the same as the vertical. Luckily, this is no longer the case, biomechanical studies allow us to calculate the appropriate bicycle size for each cyclist. This determines that horizontal and vertical tubes will no longer always be the same, and the angles of the frame will also be modified. The arrival of sloping has also influenced the length and angles of the horizontal tube.

    People of the same height can have different measures in parts of their body so you should not use frames with the same geometry and dimensions.

    To know the ideal measurements that your bicycle frame should have, you must know your anthropometric measurements and introducing these into the application, you will immediately get all the sizes you need.

    Our application provides some approximate measures but that does not mean that you should follow the letter to the letter, it is always better to perform a biomechanical study.

    To be able to use the Bike Fit Calculator: size my bike, you must obtain the measurements of your body, your height, the length of your leg, the length of your arm, shoulders, trunk, ...

    Main characteristics:
    Bike Fit calculator: size my bike

    ▶️ Intuitive interface.
    ▶️ Measures for men and women.
    ▶️ Measures for road or mountain bikes
    ▶️ Detailed image of each of the measures.
    ▶️ You can save as many measurements as you want.
    ▶️ You can share the results.
    ▶️ You can change between centimeters and inches.
  • Map My Ride GPS Cycling Riding
    Map My Ride GPS Cycling Riding
    Whether you're just starting your fitness journey or are a seasoned runner, this app has what you need to stay on track and motivated to hit your goals. Get customizable Training Plans, personalized coaching tips to make running feel easier, and an inspiring community of over 60 million athletes all supporting your shared commitment to health and fitness.

    Stay active, no matter where you are, with these free Healthy at Home resources designed for at-home fitness:

    - Workout Routine – Mix it up with a collection of workouts designed by UA Performance Specialists that require minimal equipment.
    - Training Plan – Train smarter with a custom running plan fit for your exact running level and goals.
    - Healthy At Home Challenge – Even though we may not be physically together, we all have the same goal: to stay healthy and to keep others healthy, too. Join the Healthy at Home challenge and log 12 workouts in 30 days! Under Armour will donate up to $1 million to support Good Sports' efforts in ensuring youth sports leagues have necessary equipment.


    - HOVR™ Infinite named one of the Best Wearable Tech of 2019 by Outside Magazine
    - Get Under Armour connected shoes and get more
    - advanced running metrics like stride length, foot strike angle, and ground contact time,
    - running form coaching to improve your run
    - 1-year of free premium
    - Sync with the latest apps and most wearables: Google Fit, Android Wear, Garmin, Fitbit, Suunto, etc.
    - Get visual, haptic, and audio progress updates in real-time
    - import data to further analyze your workouts
    - Take control of nutrition by connecting with MyFitnessPal for a comprehensive look at your calorie intake and burn.


    - Largest selection of activities (over 600!): running, cycling, walking, gym workouts, cross training, yoga, etc.
    - Real-time audio coaching for common stats like pace, distance, and duration on your runs.
    - Routes - find nearby places to run, save your favorite paths, add new ones, and share with others.


    - Activity Feed - find friends and other athletes to motivate you.
    - Share workouts on your favorite social networks.
    - Join Challenges - compete with others, climb the leaderboard, and win awesome prizes.


    - Live Tracking - share your real-time running location, give loved ones peace of mind.
    - Personalized Training Plans - adapt dynamically to your fitness level, reach weight loss or running goals safely and effectively
    - Audio Coaching - Set your run goal for pace, cadence, distance, duration, calories, and more.

    If you upgrade to a Premium MVP subscription, payment will be charged to your Google Play account at confirmation of purchase. The monthly subscription costs USD 5.99 per month, while the yearly subscription costs USD 29.99 per year, or USD 2.50 per month. Your subscription renews automatically unless canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. There is no increase in cost when renewing.

    Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal turned off in Account Settings under 'Subscriptions' in the Google Play Store after purchase. Once purchased, the current period cannot be canceled. Any unused portion of a free trial period is forfeited if you choose to purchase a premium subscription to MVP.

    Find full terms, conditions, and our privacy policy at

    Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
  • Hubtiger: Bike Management
    Hubtiger: Bike Management
    From tracking component usage and service history to joining group rides, Hubtiger is the ultimate bike management tool for cyclists. Powered by Strava, Hubtiger app is here to make riding and managing your bike simple and stress-free.

    - Keep track of wear-and-tear on individual bike components.
    - Supports component tracking for multiple bikes.
    - Log service & maintenance history of your bike.
    - Easily book a service or bike fitting at your local bike shop.
    - Meet other cycling enthusiasts and discover new routes.

    USAGE & MAINTENANCE TRACKING - Keep track of wear-and-tear down to component level.
    Track the mileage of every component on your bike so you know exactly when it needs to be serviced or replaced.

    SERVICE & FITTING BOOKINGS - Your direct connection to local bike shops.
    Conveniently book a service or a bike fitting at a local bike shop within the app and easily send and receive messages to stay in the loop on your bike's progress during repairs.
    If you do your own services, you can also record services with notes and attachments of your self-service.

    GROUP RIDES - Expand your riding circle & pick up a few pointers
    Take your cycling to the next level while making new friends with group rides. Easily find and join upcoming group rides near you.

  • Bike Citizens Cycling App GPS
    Bike Citizens Cycling App GPS
    Your cycling app with route planner, navigation, tracking and more for cycling in and around the city.

    Download and start right away: Multi-stop route planning, navigation and many more features can be used for free in your self-selected Premium Area (7km diameter)!

    • Worldwide availability
    • Bicycle-optimised display of maps with highlighting of cycle routes
    • Tracking of rides and visualisation in the overview and the personal heatmap in the profile
    • Smart Tracking feature to automatically track your rides while you leave your phone in your pocket
    • Bicycle route planner with as many stopovers as needed and display of high metres;
    • Routing gives preference to cycle paths and cycle-friendly routes
    • Various routing options adapted to your bike type (city bike, mountain bike, road bike, e-bike)
    • Find countless places (Points of Interest - POI) with the online search function
    • Online route planning and navigation, as well as offline map download (Premium membership)
    • The bike navigator gives precise voice prompts while cycling
    • Recommended cycling routes in many cities and regions
    • Local and international cycling campaigns, challenges and games such as Bike to Work, Bike Benefit, PINGifyoucare

    The app is available worldwide. So you can start cycling right away, whether you live in Vienna, Berlin, Paris, London or outside from the big cities.

    Use multi-stop route planning, navigation with precise voice prompts and offline maps in a diameter of 7 km for free! You can also use many of the app's features outside your defined area.

    If you want more of it, worldwide, get the Premium membership! You can use everything that is included in your free premium area worldwide. Plus you get: Map download for offline navigation, many options to personalise your routing settings and your personal profile and much more!

    • Get a Premium membership in the app: 3,09 GBP / 3,49 USD per month or 24,49 GBP / 27,99 USD per year; can be cancelled at any time).
    • Redeem a voucher code
    • If you live in a sponsored city or region, many premium features are available to you for free.

    In the following sponsored cities and regions the premium area is valid up to the city or region borders, that means all premium features + map download for offline use are available there:
    • Bremen / Bremerhaven
    • Hannover Region (incl. Bike Benefit campaign)
    • Dortmund (incl. Bike Benefit campaign)
    • Schleswig-Holstein
    • Stuttgart
    • City of Osnabrück

    • Hannover Region "Bike Benefit"
    • LKH Graz "Bike to Work"
    • Dortmund "Bike Benefit"
    • Melbourne "Bicycle Network Commuter Challenge"

    The cycling app Bike Citizens is based on data from OpenStreetMap (OSM), the "Wikipedia of maps". We invite you to learn more about OSM at and to contribute to the accurate mapping of the cycling infrastructure in your area.

    As a perfect complement to the cycling app we have developed a smartphone mount for cycling with Bike Citizens. FINN fixes any smartphone to any handlebar, whether city bike, mountain bike or road bike:

    • VCÖ Mobility Award 2015
    • Eurobike Award 2015
    • Apps for Europe Award 2014

    We welcome feedback - it helps us to improve the bike app even further: [email protected]

    Cycling is fun and keeps you healthy - see for yourself!
    Your Bike Citizens
  • Bikemap: Cycling Tracker & Map
    Bikemap: Cycling Tracker & Map
    Do you love to discover, navigate, and track new cycling routes? Then you'll love Bikemap. It doesn't matter if bicycling for you means a leisurely ride with your city bike or e-bike, climbing MTB trails with your mountain bike, or preparing for your next cycling marathon. With more than 9 million bicycle routes and trails worldwide, Bikemap has something for every cyclist.

    Turn your phone into a bike computer, cycle route planner, and bicycle ride tracker! Use core features for free or upgrade to get even more.

    Your Ride Tracker & Bike Computer
    • The ultimate activity tracker for cyclists. Use as a bicycle speedometer and odometer.
    • Turn your phone or tablet into a bike computer, GPS tracker, and cycling distance tracker.
    • Get real-time biking stats alongside your navigation—current speed, biking distance, duration, elevation, and the ETA.
    • Track your bicycling activity and progress over time.

    Your Cycle Route Planner
    • Plan the perfect route for you and your bicycle of choice, no matter if you ride an e-bike, mountain bike, road bike, or city bike.
    • Search for your destination and filter by route length, ascent, bicycle type, and surface.
    • You can also use the website cycle route planner, effortlessly sync with the app, and then use your phone for tracking and navigation.

    Your Cycle Route Collection
    • Browse through millions of cycle paths and mountain biking trails worldwide.
    • Discover routes and trails in countries like the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, France, and many more.
    • Access official routes and trails like the Pacific Coast Route, TransAmerica Trail, Mississippi River Trail, and many more.
    • Share your favorite routes and trails with our community of cyclists and mountain bikers to make our route library even greater.

    Your Cycling Map
    • Find essential points of interest (POIs) on your ride, including public restrooms, bicycle parking, water stops, repair shops, bicycle rentals, and e-bike charging stations.
    • Avoid unpleasant surprises like construction, potholes, and slippery roads by checking out our community reports.
    • Help out fellow cyclists by reporting obstacles, hazards, and amenities on your route.

    Level Up
    • Collect points by planning, tracking and navigating routes with Bikemap.
    • Cycle more to level up and keep your ride streak. Challenge yourself to ride daily.

    Get the whole cycling experience with Bikemap Premium
    • Turn-by-turn Navigation: Get turn-by-turn navigation instructions, including voice navigation.
    • Offline Maps & Routes: Download maps and routes and ride offline worldwide.
    • Bike-Type Optimized Routing: Optimize the routing for road or mountain bikes.
    • Custom Bike Computer: Choose from a range of stats for a personalized overview of your bicycling data.
    • Advanced Cycling Maps: Access additional map layers developed for cyclists (3D, Night, OpenCycleMap, OpenStreetMap, Atlas, Outdoors, Landscape).
    • Export routes: Download routes as GPX or KML files.
    • Detailed Route Previews: Preview your route with colored elevation gradients or in 3D mode.
    • Premium Support.

    Try out all of our exclusive Premium features now! You can cancel the trial anytime during the trial period in the Play Store settings.

    Got any questions? Let us know via [email protected] anytime and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Bike Shop
    Bike Shop
    bicycle shop:

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