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  • Wikipedia
    The best Wikipedia experience on your Mobile device.
  • Wikipedia Beta
    Wikipedia Beta
    Welcome to Wikipedia Beta for Android!
  • Kiwix offline
    Kiwix offline
    Imagine being able to store the entirety of Wikipedia on your phone, and browsing it anytime, anywhere, even when there is no connectivity.
  • Wikipedia MINI
    Wikipedia MINI
    The best Wikipedia experience on your Mobile device so Download Wikipedia MINI App. free of charge, forever. you can search and explore 40+ million articles in 300+ languages, no matter where you are.

    == Why you'll love the this app ==

    1. It's free and open
    Wikipedia MINI is the encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
  • EveryWiki: Wikipedia++
    EveryWiki: Wikipedia++
    EveryWiki gives you access to the usual wikis like Wikipedia, Wiktionary, but also to the likes of Uncyclopedia, Wikivoyage, and many, many more.

    ✔ Fast searching
    ✔ Loads articles quickly and shows them while still loading
    ✔ Articles and images are cached for even faster access
    ✔ Search widget (shortcut on older devices) for instant search on your home screen

    ✔ Transforms articles into a more readable and pleasant format
    ✔ shows all images in high resolution
    ✔ Material design
    ✔ white and dark themes

    ✔ Lots of Wikis about video games
    ✔ Funny wikis like the Uncyclopedia or the Zombiepedia
    ✔ Wikis about TV shows
    ✔ Scientific wikis like Rational Wiki
    ✔ and many, many more

    You can follow me on:

    EveryWiki needs a few permissions:
    - Internet: allows to load articles
    - Write to SD card: EveryWiki caches images and articles there
    - Network status: figure out if you are on WiFi, saves bandwidth when on mobile network
    - NFC: for Android Beam.
  • Wiki Reader: Listen & Speak to Wikipedia
    Wiki Reader: Listen & Speak to Wikipedia
    The idea of the app to find the appropriate Wikipedia article with a general query, like for example if you do not know, who invented the telephone and you want to know about that person.
  • Wikimedia Commons
    Wikimedia Commons
    Join one of the largest photo and multimedia communities in the world!
  • Randopedia - Random Wikipedia
    Randopedia - Random Wikipedia
    Randopedia lets you learn something new every day by giving you random Wikipedia articles at the click of a button.
  • Random Wikipedia  - Learn/Explore Wikipedia Topics
    Random Wikipedia - Learn/Explore Wikipedia Topics
    Love going down the Wikipedia rabbit hole?
  • WikiGame - A Wikipedia Game
    WikiGame - A Wikipedia Game
    Get from one wikipedia article to the other by clicking hyperlinks only.
    Compete with your friends, explore wikipedia, have fun and learn all at once!

    How Wikipedia Game works?

    WikiGame is a wikipedia race game.
  • wikiHow: how to do anything
    wikiHow: how to do anything
    Easily learn how to do anything from wikiHow, the world’s leading how-to guide.
  • The Wiki Game
    The Wiki Game
    The Wiki Game is a game in which you learn whilst having fun.

    How come?

    You get two Wikipedia articles.
  • WikiMed - Wikipédia médicale hors-ligne
    WikiMed - Wikipédia médicale hors-ligne
    L'encyclopédie médicale WikiMed propose 30.000 articles illustrés de médecine provenant de la célèbre encyclopédie Wikipédia.
  • Speakipedia— audio wikipedia
    Speakipedia— audio wikipedia
    Speakipedia is the easiest and quickest way to access Wikipedia™ contents.

    With a voice-enabled search you don't need to type to search articles, just ask Speakipedia, the app will read the article's content using text-to-speech capabilities of your android phone.

    No time to read long wikipedia pages?
  • WikiMed - Offline Medical Encyclopedia
    WikiMed - Offline Medical Encyclopedia
    With 75,000+ medical articles, WikiMed is the largest and most comprehensive collection of health-related articles available in English.
  • WikiMed mini - Offline Medical Wikipedia
    WikiMed mini - Offline Medical Wikipedia
    With 60,000+ medical definitions, Wikimed is the largest source of medical content available.
  • FANDOM – Videos, News, and Reviews
    FANDOM – Videos, News, and Reviews
    Whether you’re someone who’s into everything entertainment or someone who wants to keep up with the latest on just The Walking Dead, Destiny 2 or Star Wars, the FANDOM app makes it quick and easy to be in the know.
  • WikiMed - Wikipedia Médica Offline
    WikiMed - Wikipedia Médica Offline
    La Enciclopedia Médica Offline de Wikipedia es la mayor colección de artículos sobre salud en Android.