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  • Voice Audiobook Player
    Voice Audiobook Player
    Annoyed by all the ugly players packed with endless menus and features who distract you from what you want to do: listen to audiobooks?
    You just add your main audiobook folder and every folder in there will be recognised as a single book. That keeps your library simple and tidy. Here we go.

    What it can:
    • Remembers last position
    • Adjust playback speed
    • Beautiful Material Design
    • Day & Night Theme. Don't hurt your eyes!
    • Bookmarks
    • Android Auto
    • Sleep-timer. You don't have to stop the player in the middle of the night.

    Voice is free and Open Source. That means, everyone can see what it does. It uses minimal permissions.

    If you have any suggestions or find bugs, report them here:
    Open Source license is Gnu GPLv3

    Suggestions always welcome!
  • Chronicle Audiobook Player for Plex
    Chronicle Audiobook Player for Plex

    The best (and only) Android audiobook player for Plex


    ★ Sync audiobook progress on device
    ★ Sync progress across devices via your Plex server
    ★ Compatible with all common audiobook file formats (mp3, m4b, FLAC, and more)
    ★ Sleep timer
    ★ m4b chapter support
    ★ Skip silent audio

    Premium Version Features:

    ★ Offline support
    ★ Variable playback speed (0.5x to 3x)
  • mAbook Audiobook Player
    mAbook Audiobook Player
    This is a player only, you must provide your own audiobooks to play
    First 30 days Full version. Later - Basic version.

    • Folder based audiobook library
    • Playback speed control
    • Sleep timer
    • Bookmarks
    • Equalizer
    • Widgets
    • Dark, light and black themes (several colors each)
    • Auto rewind depending on paused time (customizable)
    • Download cover from the Internet
    • Short and long skip/rewind (customizable)
    • Playback history
    • Chapter select
    • Characters list
    • Control playback by phone rotation
    • Reading time statistics
    • No advertisements

    Supported formats: mp3, ogg, m4a, m4b, mp4, 3gp, 3ga, aac, awb, amr, flac, opus
  • Audible: audiobooks & podcasts
    Audible: audiobooks & podcasts
    Your shelf might have run out of space for your books, but an Audible library is endless. Find a listen for every moment. Stories for every day. Audio entertainment is here. Indulge in a library full of binge-worthy audiobooks, exclusive podcasts, bite-sized audio storytelling, and genre-bending Audible Originals. Listen to an extensive range of content and series and enjoy Audible as part of your daily listening routine.

    Start listening now - no membership required! Download and listen to apocalyptic thriller Impact Winter. Also check out The Book of Baraka, an innovative and deeply personal account of the Mayor of Newark, Ras Baraka.

    Listen all you want to thousands of select originals, audiobooks, and podcasts including exclusive shows and series. All Audible plans include unlimited access to streaming or downloading anything in the Plus Catalog. With new titles added every week, there’s always something new to listen to for every mood and moment.

    Listen to storytelling that enriches you. Check out the latest sci-fi fantasy books , unwind with meditation titles or tap into your detective skills with a new mystery series or true crime podcast. You can download, stream and listen to audio books offline too.

    Hear captivating audio books, listen to podcasts and relax with mindful meditation. Make your Audible Library the listening routine you can’t live without.

    Our Library of audio entertainment is always open. Listen to bite-sized audio content like the latest fantasy series, true crime podcasts, romance books and sci-fi audiobooks. Whatever your mood - your listening routine starts here.

    Download and listen to books, series, and podcasts offline. Dive into engrossing true crime thrillers, mysteries, sci-fi series & fantasy, kids stories, meditation titles, memoirs, documentaries, and genre-bending Audible Originals.

    With monthly credits, you can find the audio content you want, including bestsellers and new releases. Discover a variety of books and audio entertainment with Audible.

    - Build your own library and listen to the largest selection of audio titles from the entire Premium selection - titles purchased with credits are yours to keep, even if you cancel.
    - Sci-fi fantasy books, mystery & thrillers, true crime stories, comedy podcasts, romance novels, meditation and more - you get 1 monthly credit to pick any title that you want to keep.
    - And, access the entire Audible Plus catalog - thousands of binge-worthy audiobooks, exclusive podcasts and audio entertainment, with fresh audio content added every single week.
    - Plus, you can listen offline to any title. You can download, stream or listen to books and other audio entertainment titles from the Audible Plus Catalog.

    Listen how you want. And never lose your place with seamless cross-device listening with Whispersync, available with all audio book titles, podcasts, series and selections across your library.


    - Explore the Audible Plus Catalog anytime you want, no credits necessary.
    - Thousands of binge-worthy audio books, podcasts and Audible Originals.
    - Fantasy series, mysteries, sci-fi audiobooks, kids books and thrillers. Listen to books and podcasts from thousands of titles.
    - Fresh audio content and new listens added to the Catalog every single week.
    - Listen offline. You can stream and download all you want.

    The most compelling stories & podcasts. Told by inspiring voices. Listen to storytelling that speaks to you, anytime, anywhere. Fall in love with books all over again with Audible, an Amazon company.
  • Google Play Books & Audiobooks
    Google Play Books & Audiobooks
    Google Play Books is the one app you need to buy and enjoy ebooks, audiobooks, comics, and manga.

    Choose from millions of best selling ebooks, comics, manga, textbooks, and audiobooks. Download your book to read or listen on the go. When you’re finished, find your next favorite from recommendations personalized just for you. Buy audiobooks and ebooks as you go - with no subscription required.

    Choose from millions of popular ebooks, audiobooks, and comics
    * Buy ebooks and audiobooks as you go - no subscription required.
    * Preview samples before you buy.
    * Get extra discounts on select bundles.
    * Receive emails or notifications about new releases from your favorite authors and when your wishlisted books go on sale.
    * Earn Google Play Points with every purchase, then exchange them for Google Play credit.
    * Receive notifications or emails for price drops in your samples and new releases from your favorite authors and series.
    * Discover new releases, best sellers, and personalized recommendations across genres like romance, science fiction, mystery & thrillers, self-help, religion, nonfiction, and more.

    Best in class reading and listening experience.
    * Read or listen on Android, iOS, or your web browser, even when you’re offline.
    * Pick up where you left off on any device.
    * Customize your reading experience. Adjust the text size, font type, margins, text alignment, brightness, and background colors.
    * Track your reading progress. See what percent you’ve read and how many pages you have left.
    * Organize your library into shelves. Use the new shelves tab to curate your library by theme or genre. View your shelves across Android, iOS, and the web.
    * Save to SD card. Choose to save your books to the device or an SD card, so you never run out of space.
    * Use reading tools in children's books to get kid-friendly word definitions, listen to specific words, or hear the book read aloud.
    * Use Bubble Zoom for easier comic reading on a mobile device. Tap the page and watch your favorite comic or manga come to life.
    * Take notes that sync with your Google Drive and share them with a group for easy collaboration.
    * Look up definitions, get translations, save highlights, and bookmark your favorite pages while you read.
    * Turn on Night Light to automatically adjust the background color and brightness or set the app to use the OS brightness.
  • PlayBooks Lite - book player
    PlayBooks Lite - book player
    PlayBooks Lite - open source audiobook player. Easy to operate.

    - no ads
    - color customization
    - simple and modern design
    - support for Android Auto
    - bookmarks
    - sleep timer
    - adjust playback speed
    Open Source license is Gnu GPLv3
  • Books & More Books & More

    Sign Up FREE and get your first 3 audiobooks FREE, plus free access to all you can listen Sleep & Meditation Audio, Audio News and Audio Magazines, Book Summaries, binge listening Book Clubs, and much more. Enjoy access to 300,000+ audiobooks and 100+ million podcast episodes in your Free Trial. Download our free app and sign up for a free trial to start listening FREE!

    4 Ways to Enjoy All You Can Listen Audio Entertainment

    1. Daily Audio News Updates – Enjoy daily news updates from popular news sources like The New York Times, The New Yorker, NPR, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, ABC, CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, The Economist, Bloomberg, and many others.
    2. Audio Magazines – Listen to popular magazines and articles in audio from The Economist, Wired, Time, US Weekly, Rolling Stone, National Geographic, and many others.
    3. Sleep, Relaxation, and Meditation Audio - Listen to curated audio content to help you sleep with bedtime stories, relax with our soothing sounds audio, and meditate with our meditation and visualization audio content.
    4. Audio Summaries – Enjoy access to audio summaries for books, audio literary criticism, audio book clubs and discussions, audio conversations and interviews, and other audio summaries.

    Binge listen to all this content free.

    Listen to Over 100+ million Podcast Episodes
    To further enhance your listening experience, we offer a free podcast feature through our app for both Apple and Android. Listen to your favorite podcasts or choose a new favorite from our rich content library offering over 100+ million podcast episodes.

    You'll be a VIP members (including customers in their free trial!) enjoy the exclusive benefits of our VIP Rewards program, choosing from a specially curated selection of books to download for FREE, every month. It’s our way of saying thanks for being a member!

    Discover the titles that you had on your Kindle or Kobo that you couldn’t get around to reading! With whether you’re going on holiday, commuting to work or you just want to kick back in your lunch hour with a good audiobook, you can catch up on your reading whenever and wherever you want.

    Browse books or download your favorite novels at home or on the go. Choose from our library of fiction books, crime, mystery, thrillers, politics, non-fiction, health & wellness - and everything in-between.

    Find books and best sellers you love today – lets you:
    1. Browse books instantly - we’ve got thousands of bestselling audiobooks to choose from
    2. Download audiobooks for offline listening - perfect for a long drive, flight or if you forget your Kindle or Kobo
    3. Use the customizable sleep timer for a bedtime audiobook – ideal for unwinding after a long day

    • With over 300,000 titles for you to choose from, you're guaranteed to find books you’ve always wanted to read
    • Find books easily, with over 10,000 free audiobook titles
    • Browse books by genre and discover what others are listening to
    • Access the latest fiction books, bible readings, and tons of non-fiction titles and listen to them on your phone rather than reading them on your Kobo or Kindle
    • Select from premium listens – beautifully narrated, clearly audible and hand-picked by us

    Get 3 audiobooks FREE when you sign up with today! When you’re too busy to read, choose a high quality, audible audiobook and listen your way. Whether you want to dive into a gripping non-fiction title or get lost in a fantasy world with a fiction book, download to listen.
  • Simple Audiobook Player
    Simple Audiobook Player
    • Variable playback speed (from 0.5x to 3.5x)
    • Support for chapters in m4b and mp3 files
    • Dual pane landscape mode
    • Light theme, automatic theme switch based on time of day
    • Bookmarks
    • Customizable seek buttons, both in app and in notification
    • Equalizer
    • Delayed pause, useful for listening before sleep
    • Playback control via remote buttons

    This software uses libraries from the FFmpeg project under the LGPLv2.1.
    Source code for the native component is available at
    The free app gives your Android device access to all your downloadable audiobooks from the e-commerce website, complete with “single-touch” full library and audiobook list views.

    No Wi-Fi connection is needed to download your audiobooks. As long as you have a cell connection you can begin your download—but data rates may apply. Once downloaded, you can take your audiobooks with you on the go.

    Quick listening — You can start listening to your audiobook as soon as the first track is downloaded to your device. All additional tracks will continue to download in the background.

    The app contains well designed playback functionality and controls, including track advance and previous track selection and bookmarking—the app saves your place automatically so you can pick up right where you left off without having to remember where you were. Other key features include track-list view and time elapsed by track/chapter, with on-screen track scrub bar functionality.

    Easy Syncing — There is no need for difficult and time consuming transfers/syncing of files between your computer and your Android device. The app will handle all of the technical aspects for you—no more worrying about which file type is the most appropriate for your device.


    ◥ AUDIOBOOK RENTALS - First car rentals, then movie rentals, now save a boatload of money with audiobook rentals!

    • Get 30-60 days to complete an audiobook.
    • Free up space on your device.
    • Save up to 70% off retail pricing.

    CROSS-DEVICE SYNCING - Now you can listen to your favorite books on all your devices and never lose your place.

    ▰ Improved downloads on slow networks.
    ▰ Added variable playback speed.
    ▰ Added variable scrub speed.
    ▰ Individual track downloads.
    ▰ Individual track deletion.
    ▰ Save non-rental books to SD storage.
  • LibriVox Audio Books
    LibriVox Audio Books
    LibriVox Audio Books offers unlimited access to over 45,000 free audio books. Each LibriVox audio book can be streamed over the internet or downloaded for later use without any charge. The LibriVox Audio Books app includes listings for new recordings, featuring classic best sellers and out of print treasures.

    The LibriVox audio book app makes it easy to find the book you want. You can see the most popular books, browse by title, author or genre, look at new recordings, or search by keyword. You can even find books read by a favorite narrator. This app allows you to stop playback with a sleep timer, and unlimited bookmarks are available for each book. You can save and listen to as many books as you like. Access to the LibriVox collection, thousands of old time radio dramas, and many other collections is entirely free.

    With full support for bluetooth controls as well as Android Auto and Google Cast, LibriVox Audio Books makes it easy to take your books with you wherever you go. Lists of favorites, recent books, and downloaded books make it easy to pick back up just where you left off.

    Audio books from LibriVox are free thanks to the dedicated work of hundreds of volunteers who record, edit and distribute the books. New releases are prepared daily, and the entire catalog spans the breadth of world literature, including novels, history, biography, short stories, poetry and more in both fiction and non-fiction. US users can purchase an additional 75,000 professional audiobooks, including new releases and best sellers.
  • Storytel: Audiobooks & Ebooks
    Storytel: Audiobooks & Ebooks
    Welcome to a wide world of wonderful audiobooks, ebooks, and things that aren’t books but are still pretty great.

    Storytel is home to beloved stories, in-depth podcasts, and exclusive Storytel Originals.

    Whether you listen or read, you’ll find the right story for any moment.

    • Explore a massive library of stories in English and other languages
    • Jump freely from story to story until you find one you love
    • Build your bookshelf and get personalized recommendations
    • Find what fits your mood, like crime, feel-good, or self-development
    • Follow your favorite authors and series
    • Browse and share reviews and reactions
    • Try out that book your friend keeps talking about
    • Discover what’s trending in the culture


    • Listen to audio stories on your mobile, tablet, Chromecast, and WearOS watch, as well as in your car (Android Auto, Android Automotive)
    • Stream stories or download them for later
    • Switch between listening and reading anywhere in a book
    • Listen at your own pace: regular, sped up, or slowed down
    • Set bookmarks and attach your thoughts as notes
    • Drift off to dreamland with the sleep timer
    • Spare those pretty eyes with Dark Mode
    • See your stats and set a Listening Goal


    • Let your kid find adventure in a space with just children’s stories
    • Show or hide children’s books in your bookshelf
    • Set your own pin code for parental control


    Storytel is available in 25+ countries, including both local and international story treasures in different languages. A subscription gives you access to our ever-growing library of audiobooks, ebooks, and other stories.

    When a free trial is offered, we will ask you to add a payment method when starting the trial. But don't worry – if you cancel before the last day of the trial you won't be charged.

    The content, languages and subscriptions available may vary by region. Some titles and offers shown above may not be available in your country or selected subscription plan.

    Terms and conditions:

    Privacy policy:

    Questions? Feedback? Speak to a real person! Reach us at [email protected]
  • Chirp Audiobooks
    Chirp Audiobooks
    Chirp brings you amazing limited-time deals on popular audiobooks, including New York Times Bestsellers. You can save up to 95% on audiobooks every day, with no subscription fee! Our team of book lovers works with publishers and authors to curate new must-listen audiobook deals every day for our listeners.

    With this app you can listen to audiobooks purchased from the Chirp Books website.


    1. Join for free. No monthly subscription fee. Ever!
    2. Get audiobooks for up to 95% off. New deals are released daily.
    3. Stream or download your audiobooks for easy listening. Your audiobooks are yours to keep.


    • Stream or download audiobooks and listen offline in the app
    • Easy to use sleep timer
    • Quick navigation by chapter
    • Listen on smart speakers or in the car via Bluetooth or Google Cast
    • Adjustable listening speeds

    With Chirp, you can listen to popular audiobooks for less every day, without a subscription. Download the app and sign up today!
  • Kobo Books - eBooks & Audiobooks
    Kobo Books - eBooks & Audiobooks
    Join millions of booklovers across the globe and access your very own portable reading world. Go shelf-less and take your reading adventures on the go. With over 5 million titles to choose from, there’s something for every type of reader and listener.

    Introducing audiobooks from Kobo—our brand new expertly curated collection. Discover the best deal on audiobooks when you subscribe. You earn Kobo Super Points every purchase. With all your eBooks and audiobooks together, the Kobo App is all you need.**

    The Kobo App allows you to browse our growing collection of the world's best eBooks, audiobooks, graphic novels, and children's books, to enjoy instantly on your smartphone or tablet. Search by author, title, topic or genre to discover your next great read.

    Check out Kobo’s free eBook selection to discover a new favourite.

    Take a look at our most popular and trending eBooks, updated hourly!

    Browse now on the Kobo website.

    The Kobo App makes reading even more comfortable and convenient:

    • Customize the way you read. Enjoy crisp, clear text in the size and style you prefer. Try Night Mode to make reading easier on your eyes before bedtime, and lock the screen in portrait or landscape mode.

    • Our beautifully designed, easy-to-use player makes it simple for you to move through your audiobook with a single touch. Never worry about losing your spot, and see how much time is left at a glance. Schedule it to turn off after a set amount of time—perfect for listening before going to sleep.

    • Discover recommendations just for you for eBooks and audiobooks we think you’ll love. Read thousands of free eBook previews or listen to audiobook samples to help you find your next favourite.

    • Start reading on one device and pick up on another. The Kobo App always remembers where you left off, so you can keep reading across all your devices.

    • Rate and review the books you’ve read or read reviews from booklovers like you!

    • Read in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, or Japanese.

    **Audiobooks available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. You can listen to audiobooks on smartphones and tablets running Android version 4.4 or higher.
  • Ramsey Audiobooks
    Ramsey Audiobooks
    Welcome to the Ramsey Solutions audiobook player! In this free app, you’ll have a top-notch experience as you listen to your favorite Ramsey audiobooks.

    How it works:
    Simply download the free app and begin redeeming and listening to your recent audiobook purchases from the Ramsey store. All your books will be kept while the app remains on your phone.

    What you’ll get:
    • The ability to take Ramsey audiobooks with you wherever you go
    • Continuous playback whether you’re scrolling or locking your screen
    • Download your book for offline listening during your commute or stream to save space
    • A progress tracker that allows you to pick up right where you left off
    • The option to speed up or slow down your playing speed
  • Pocket FM: Audiobook & Podcast
    Pocket FM: Audiobook & Podcast
    Pocket FM is a leading Audiobook App, enriching the lives of millions of audiobook lovers every day. It brings you the world’s best audiobooks, stories, and podcasts from the best authors, podcasters, and voice-over artists.

    And it also gives you the ease to listen to your favorite audiobooks while commuting, driving, working out at the gym, cooking, about to go to bed, or just about anywhere else based on your comfort. It has all the best sellers of various categories like:
    Suspense and Thriller
    Classic and more.

    What you’ll love about Pocket FM:
    1. We keep on adding new audiobooks, stories, and podcasts all the time. You can browse or search your favorites and listen to them anytime and anywhere you want.
    2. Experience listening to your favorite audiobooks with a fun-loving and active community of audiobook lovers.
    3. Smooth navigation between chapters and easily going back and forth by ten seconds in our player which is specially designed for audio content.
    4. The delight of having a great sleep while listening to your favorite audiobook with our in-built sleep timer.
    5. The choice to download and listen offline.
  • Amazon Kindle
    Amazon Kindle
    On the bus, on your break, in your bed—never be without something to read. The Kindle app puts millions of books, magazines, newspapers, comics, and manga at your fingertips.

    - Find your next great read with Kindle. Choose from millions of Kindle books (including books with Audible narration), magazines, audiobooks, and comics. Explore new releases, Amazon Charts best sellers, and titles across genres like romance, science fiction, children’s books, self-help, religion, nonfiction, and more—and try any book with a sample in the app before you buy on

    - Kindle Unlimited members can enjoy unlimited reading and listening, with the freedom to explore over 1 million titles, thousands of audiobooks, and current magazines.

    - Thousands of books, magazines, comics, and more included with Amazon Prime.

    Turn your phone or tablet into a book with the Kindle app—so you can read anytime, anywhere. Explore these reading features in the Kindle app:

    - Read your way. Customize your text size, font type, margins, text alignment, and orientation (portrait or landscape)—and choose whether to turn pages from left to right or continuously scroll. Read comfortably day and night with adjustable brightness and background colors. Go to the Aa menu in your book to get started.

    - Look up words, people, and places while you read. Breeze through words you don’t know and characters you can’t remember with the built-in dictionary, X-Ray, Wikipedia lookup, instant translations, and search within your book. Simply tap and hold a word to view its definition, or follow links to Google and Wikipedia to get more information.

    - Track your reading progress. See what percent of the book you’ve read, real page numbers (for most top titles), and how much time you have left in the chapter or book based on your actual reading speed.

    - Bookmark places you want to revisit, and make highlights and take notes throughout your book. Open My Notebook to see all your notes in the same place.

    - Hop, skim, and jump with Page Flip. Flip between pages or get a bird’s-eye view of your book with Page Flip—don’t worry, we’ll save your place.

    - Zoom in on high-definition color images in Kindle books, magazines, comics, and manga.

    - Sync your books across devices. When you’re reading a book, the Kindle app will automatically sync where you left off—along with any bookmarks, highlights, or notes—so you can start reading on one device and pick up where you left off on another.

    - When you can’t read, listen. Switch seamlessly from reading your Kindle book to listening to the Audible book, all within the Kindle app.

    - Get notified when authors you love have new releases.
  • Wehear - Audiobooks & Fiction
    Wehear - Audiobooks & Fiction
    Welcome to Wehear, we present you with a wealth of audio novels anytime and anywhere. Start your listening journey and we will be there as your companion.

    【About Wehear】
    -Various of popular audiobook genres including Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Classics, etc.
    -A large amount of exclusive books presented only by Wehear.

    【The Human in the Wolf Pack】
    This story isn't about the werewolf who found his mate, but a human. Vera White was raised by werewolves, and grew up hated by their kind. She despised the existence of mates. Little did she know, she would have one of her own.

    Rider Blakely was the one werewolf who hated humans the most. Discovering that Vera was his mate was his worst nightmare. What neither of them know is that Vera is no regular human. Listen on Wehear to find out how Vera is going to change the world.

    【Upgrading listening experience】
    -Professional narrators, High-quality recording, creating an immersive experience for you.
    -Multiple samples, all starts at a simple choice.
    -Playback speed control.
    -Available for offline download, listen whenever and wherever you want.
    -Smooth experience of high-quality and ad-free audiobooks.
    -Jump forward/back or playback/rewind.
    -Automatic sync data between devices. Fluency of playing.
    -Sleep timer up to 2 hours or after a selected amount of chapters.

    【Narrator Application】
    Let’s build a fantastic audible world with your good voice!
    What to expect as a Wehear narrator:
    Generous financial incentives
    Personal channel on Wehear
    Supported by millions of worldwide users
    Flexible working hours
    Please summit your demo&resume to [email protected]

    【Share your book thoughts & Get latest updates】
    Facebook group:
  • Plaidy — handy audiobook player
    Plaidy — handy audiobook player
    Plaidy — brand new player for audiobooks. It’s easy to use with very simple interface. Just select audiobook on your device and start listening!

    Plaidy is totally free, without any ads. You can listen audio-books, lectures or podcasts, records and other audio-files.

    — Auto-search of an audio-books on your device
    — Add bookmarks in any place of a book
    — Start listening a book from the last stop
    — Easy access to the recent audiobooks
    — Control playback from the lockscreen

    Plaidy is in active development and now we’ve released the most basic features. We don’t support wma and m4b currently.

    Please forward information regarding any bugs to this email: [email protected]
    Stay tuned, more is coming!
  • Big Finish Audiobook Player
    Big Finish Audiobook Player
    Official Big Finish - Audiobook and Audio Drama Player

    The best way to listen to your Big Finish audio books on your Android device.

    Download and store your library of Big Finish audio files on your Android device. Listen to great stories from the following ranges wherever you are: Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Blake's 7, Dark Shadows, 2000 AD (Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog), Terrahawks, The Avengers, The Prisoner, Torchwood, Survivors, The Omega Factor and more.


    Download audio files direct to your Android device.
    View a list of all your available audiobooks.
    Play each chapter in an audiobook in sequence or choose your starting chapter.
    Skip and scrub between chapters.
    Listen to your audiobooks while using other apps.
    Remembers playback position.
    Set a sleep timer
    Filter your purchases by title, release date and purchase date.

    WiFi is recommended when downloading large audio files. Downloading files over data connection may incur a cost from your telecommunications provider.

    Let us help you at or get in touch on Twitter @bigfinish

    Big Finish: We Love Stories.
  • Timmy - Audiobook Player
    Timmy - Audiobook Player
    Timmy is a beautifully designed free audio book player that combines functionality and design.
    Use easy swipes to get into the library or into the settings menu.
    Use an intuitively designed swipe activated program to access the books in your library or our settings menu.

    Main features:
    - Saves the last position on all audio books you’re currently listening to.
    - Sleep mode: gradually reduces the volume over a set period of time
    - Directory for audio books adjustable
    - Saves the volume settings for each audio book
    - easily changeable album art
    - Adjustable ‘jump back’ after a manual pause
    - Individual and adjustableplayback speeds for each audio book
    - Timmy is available in a day and night design

    Comments and requests about improvements or extensions are welcome.

    Let us know if you have any comments or requests! We are working hard to bring you the best product and we’d love to hear your thoughts.