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  • Study from Facebook
    Study from Facebook
    Facebook Viewpoints participants invited to the Study program will need to download this app in order to participate.
    Registered participants in the Study program use this app to take part in market research. Participation is by invitation only. If you haven't been invited to join the program, this app won't work on your phone.

    About Study from Facebook:
    Insights from this program help us learn which apps people value and how they’re used. That way, we can build better products for Facebook and the community.

    What info does the Study app collect?
    Through the Study app, we collect and analyze participants' apps usage data. This includes info about:
    • The apps installed on participants' phones
    • Time participants spend using apps
    • Participants’ country, device, network type, carrier and language settings
    • Features participants use in certain apps, like home screen or support
    • Names of service providers displayed in participants’ apps, like advertising networks
    • The Paired Devices program collects and analyzes information from your phone about the Bluetooth devices paired and device identification codes

    How does Facebook use this info?
    We gain insights using data from groups of participants for business and product research
    • Info from participants helps us learn which apps people value and how they're used
    • We're able to better understand our community to improve Facebook Company Products
    • The Study app doesn’t collect user IDs, passwords or content people share, including messages or ad content
    • We don't sell data from this app to third parties

    To analyze data from the Study app, we may reference other info Facebook Viewpoints and Facebook have about you, such as your age, gender and how you use Facebook Company Products. This allows us to learn more about how you use different services.

    Connecting to Facebook Company Products
    We don’t add the apps usage data we collect through your participation in the Study program to accounts on other Facebook Company Products.

    Your apps usage data will not be used to personalize your experience, including to provide and improve ads for you and others, on Facebook Company Products.

    However, info you provided to Facebook Viewpoints or Facebook, such as your age, country and gender, may be used to personalize your experience, including to provide and improve ads for you and others, on Facebook Company Products.

    Read our Data Policy:
    Read our Terms:
  • - Online Courses - Online Courses
    The app will help you learn any academic subject on the go. Our short, fun video lessons, taught by expert teachers, provide homework help for difficult topics from your classes with easy-to-understand examples and animations. Become a member to ace your next test with’s online courses and test prep.

    Learn Anything:
    • Explore over 35,000 educational video lessons from
    • Build confidence for test day with SAT and ACT prep
    • Achieve any academic goal – from finding homework help to taking online courses for college credit

    Learn Anywhere:
    • Download video lessons to your phone to watch offline
    • Study 5-10 minute videos at home, at school, or on your commute
    • Track progress on all your devices – your scores and progress sync between the app and

    Learn at Your Pace:
    • Focus on the material you struggle with using self-paced online courses
    • Text transcripts help you review tough subjects like math and science
    • Retake quizzes as many times as you like and study answer explanations

    Browse thousands of courses in subjects like:
    • Math: Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, and Trigonometry
    • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Nursing
    • History: World History, US History, and Western Civ
    • English: Grammar, Reading, Writing, and Literature
    • FTCE General Knowledge Test Prep, CSET Test Prep
    • Math 101, Chemistry 101, Accounting 101, and Biology 101
    • Psychology, Business, Social Science, and more!

    Currently, you must join's paid membership to access all the benefits of the app. With a membership, you gain access to our entire library of resources for students of all levels: K-12, high school, college, and beyond. Whether you are looking for SAT or ACT prep, homework help, or teacher resources, has the tools to help you reach your educational goals.

    Visit Us:
  • Forest -Focus for Productivity
    Forest -Focus for Productivity
    Can't stop scrolling? Have trouble focusing? Forest is the cutest focus timer to help you stay focused and boost productivity!

    ★ 2018 Google Play Editors’ Choice Top Productivity App★
    ★ 2018 Google Play Best Self-improvement app in 9 countries, including, Canada, France, Japan, Korea and more!★
    ★ Google Play 2018 Best Social Impact App Nomination★
    ★ Google Play 2015-2016 Best App of the Year★

    Plant a seed in Forest when you need to put down your phone and stay focused to get things done.
    As you stay focused, this seed will gradually grow into a tree. However, if you cannot resist the temptation of using your phone and leave the app, your tree will wither.

    The sense of achievement while seeing a flourish forest with each tree representing your dedication motivates you to reduce procrastination, and helps you build a good habit of time management!

    Motivation and Gamification
    - Grow your very own forest with each tree representing your effort.
    - Earn rewards by staying focused and unlock adorable trees!

    Multiple Focus Modes
    - Timer mode: Set your focus session and dive into your workflow, or apply Pomodoro technique.
    - Stopwatch mode: Start and stop at any time. Give you a more flexible way to manage your time.

    Personalized Experience
    - Planting Reminder: Remind yourself to put your phone down!
    - Custom Phrases: Motivate yourself with your favorite quotes and inspiring words!

    Forest Premium
    - Statistics: More insightful statistics of your focused time to tailor your focus habits.
    - Plant Together: Stay focused with your friends and family anytime and anywhere.
    - Plant Real Trees: Plant real trees on Earth to make the world greener!
    Exclusive Events on Different Servers: Enjoy various special events customized for different servers/regions.

    Download Forest for FREE now to focus on what matters in life and be a better self!

    Follow us on Instagram: @forest_app
    Follow us on Twitter: @forestapp_cc

    We also have a chrome extension. Find out more at!

    - Forest can be accessed across all your Android devices with the Pro version. Downloading a non-Android version of Forest requires a separate purchase. By logging in with the same account, your data can be synchronized across all platforms.
    - Due to budget constraints, the number of real trees each user can plant is limited to five.

    Permissions Explained:

    Sound Design: Shi Kuang Lee
  • Study Bunny: Focus Timer
    Study Bunny: Focus Timer
    Study Bunny: Focus Timer

    1. Time your studying. Hit pause when you can't stay focused for motivational advice!
    2. Earn coins. Buy items or music in the store!
    3. Be productive. Use tools like the To Do list, flashcards, and the customizable Study Tracker.

    For a detailed tutorial of the app please visit This webpage can be translated into any language.

    PLEASE read the FAQ within the app settings or on our website if you have any questions
  • Quizlet: Languages & Vocab
    Quizlet: Languages & Vocab
    With new expert explanations, an AI Learning Assistant and our ever-effective flashcards, get a suite of science-backed study tools at your fingertips.

    Quizlet is the easiest way to practice and master what you’re learning. Create your own flashcards and study sets or choose from millions created by other students — it’s up to you. More than 60 million students study with Quizlet each month because it’s the leading education and flashcard app that makes studying languages, history, vocab and science simple and effective. And it's free!

    With the Quizlet app you can:
    - Learn with flashcards
    - Get expert-verified textbook solutions for your toughest problem sets
    - Share flashcards with friends, classmates or students
    - Get test-day ready with Learn mode
    - Put your memory to the test with Write mode
    - Race against the clock in a game of Match mode
    - Learn Spanish and other foreign languages
    - Listen to your material pronounced correctly in 18 languages
    - Learn about science, math, history, coding and more

    Whether you're doing standardized test prep for big exams like the SAT or ACT, studying for an upcoming midterm or test in school or learning new concepts, Quizlet’s learning app can help you learn with confidence. Use the Quizlet learning app for any subject, including vocabulary, biology, chemistry, social studies, AP, GRE and more. Learn foreign languages more effectively with study modes that allow you to memorize vocabulary, learn pronunciation and test yourself in more than 18 foreign languages, including Spanish, French, German and Chinese.

    Upgrade to Quizlet Plus to unlock ad-free studying, offline access, image uploading, an unlimited number of classes and even more premium features on the Quizlet website. Quizlet Plus is available free for 7 days, so it’s easy to try before you buy to make sure it helps you pass your test, finish your homework, speed through a problem set or learn new vocabulary.

    We love feedback! Please email us at [email protected] or find us on Twitter or Instagram @quizlet.

    If you enjoy the app, please leave a review. It means a lot!

    *The Fine Print:
    Quizlet Plus subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your Google account. Your subscription will renew automatically unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscription cancellations will take effect following the current active year. You can manage your subscription in the Google Play Store.
  • My Study Life - Digital School Planner You Need
    My Study Life - Digital School Planner You Need
    My Study Life is a well-loved cross-platform planner for students, teachers and lecturers designed to make your study life easier to manage. My Study Life allows you to store your classes, homework and exams in the cloud making it available on any device, wherever you are. MyStudyLife is perfect for parents having to cope with home schooling and home study. It's frequently recommended to students by teachers all around the world.

    Unlike a paper planner or school diary, My Study Life integrates all areas of your academic life - see when assignments, projects and homework are due (and overdue!) for classes, easily tell which classes might conflict with your exams and even add revision tasks for a specific exam - all in a free, easy to use application. My Study Life is optimized to work for your school life right from the start with support for week and day rotation schedules. Add your classes and view them in a beautiful, instantly identifiable, familiar week view.

    My Study Life seamlessly syncs your data between devices, allowing you to use the app even when offline. You can add a task on the move from your phone or tablet and it will be instantly available on the web app.

    With My Study Life you can...
    Track your tasks - homework, assignments, reminders and revision. Store your tasks with ease in the cloud, accessible anywhere.
    Store exams - keep those all important exams alongside your classes and revision tasks.
    Manage your classes - your paper planner, turbocharged. Supporting day and week rotation timetables, advanced academic year/term support and integration into tasks you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
    Get notified - reminders for unfinished tasks, upcoming exams and classes before they even start.
    Also available on iPhone and the web at
  • StudySmarter - School & uni
    StudySmarter - School & uni
    The award-winning and free study app for school and uni! Create flashcards and study notes in record time, access shared study materials as well as textbooks from leading publishers, and get a personalized study plan. Everything in one app!



    ✔️ Flashcards
    ✔️ Quizzes
    ✔️ Lecture Notes
    ✔️ Study Notes
    ✔️ Study Guides
    ✔️ Study Planner
    ✔️ Study Reminders
    ✔️ Study Groups
    ✔️ Textbooks
    ✔️ Textbook Solutions

    • Study with shared flashcards or use our flashcard maker on Laptop or in the app

    • Use study groups to be informed at university & school or to share your homework

    • Study using spaced repetition for scientifically proven study success

    • Create your schedule with our study planner and keep track of your progress

    🏆 Award-winning App: Named Best Educational App Worldwide by Wharton-QS Reimagine Education Awards

    That's what our users say:

    „I’ve used StudySmarter in my first semester at uni to study with flashcards on my commute. It’s just like Quizlet but adds many more cool features“ - Oliver

    „My life got a lot less stressful ever since I found this app! Couldn't imagine my education without it anymore“ - Dylan



    » For studying in the bachelor or master degree
    » All tools for an optimized exam prep
    » Access millions of flashcards and notes shared by other students
    » Always on track thanks to comprehensive statistics and feedback
    » Efficient studying with intelligent query modes such as spaced repetition


    » For studying in school or college
    » As a study aid for better organization & revision help
    » The perfect addition to your homework


    » Save time by having access to shared revision cards on almost all topics
    » Convert your own study materials into flashcards and study notes in record time
    » Smart coach for improved discipline and learn motivation
    » Scanning feature to upload own physical study materials digitally
    » Sketch feature to annotate your flashcards with hand-drawn notes
    » Have your study materials always with you


    📅 Create your individual study plan with smart goals
    📱 Study your flashcards & notes via smartphone or PC
    🤝 Benefit from countless shared flashcards and notes
    🤓 Study with the intelligent StudySmarter algorithm
    📊 Track your study process with the help of artificial intelligence

    Detailed features:


    » All the functionalities of Quizlet, Chegg & co. and much more
    » Use our flashcard maker on your Laptop or mobile phone
    » Quickly create study notes and flashcards based on your lecture slides
    » Access millions of shared flashcards and notes
    » Make use of various quiz modes such as spaced repetition to study & memorize
    » Comprehensive design options through pictures/screenshots, multiple-choice, sketch painting, etc.
    » Sketch feature to create hand-drawn notes and flashcards
    » All your study materials in one app: online & offline


    » Set goals, create a study plan, and track your results
    » Check your study statistics and get reminded
    » Be that organized student at uni with weekly summary reports


    » Collaborate with your peers and work on shared flashcards
    » Share PDFs, lecture notes, homework…


  • Flipd: Focus & Study Timer
    Flipd: Focus & Study Timer
    Track all your productive activities with Flipd. Join millions of students and productivity enthusiasts to reach your daily goals! Log all of your studying, focus, reading, learning, work time and more, analyse your progress, and join communities for free!

    Whether you're studying for final exams or learning something new, turn your smartphone into a sophisticated productivity timer & tracker with Flipd.

    5 ways to track your productivity with Flipd:

    1. TIME & TRACK
    Track and tag every activity and keep them organized in your productivity stats. Measure your progress like average productive time, time on break, day streaks, milestones, and more.

    Prepare for each session with a motivating or inspiring quote. Take a few deep breaths before you get to work!

    Listen to curated lofi radio streams and relaxing background music while you focus. Find a track for any mood!

    Push yourself to reach your goals and compete with others with daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboard challenges.

    Join Live timed focus and study sessions with your friends, clubs, and popular studygram influencers!

    PERFORMANCE: Track, categorize, and compare your history of productive activities and performance over time, and see where you rank against other community members around the world. Track your progress & analyse your performance in your stats.

    FULL LOCK MODE: Stay motivated and focused toward your goals by locking away your most distracting apps and games. Create a whitelist of only the apps you really need!

    CONNECT & SHARE: Record all of your productive activities on Flipd so friends and followers can keep up with your progress. Join Groups created by your favorite studygram influencers, schools, clubs, and friends to find motivation and a strong sense of community. Show off your progress and achievements with them!

    SUBSCRIBE: Flipd is free to download, but get access to a fully customizable experience with a premium subscription. Enable unlimited session lengths, whitelist accessible apps, take multiple breaks, track your entire Flipd history, set daily goals and reminders, listen to curated music tracks, and much more. Dive deep into your productivity data with advanced statistics & extensive features!

    Need help? Contact the team directly at [email protected]
  • Easy Study - Your schedule, plan for school
    Easy Study - Your schedule, plan for school
    Organize your study routine with Easy Study!
    Download now the best app to create your study plan.

    With Easy Study you will create an incredible study plan in only 3 steps. Just enter the subjects that you will study, how many subjects you want to study each day of the week and confirm if the plan fits you. Our app will create a plan with the subject you should study each day, all to optimize your study time.

    Study routines will be organized in cycles, so you're always reviewing the subjects you need to study and will never leave accumulated content. It is perfect for those studying for a special exam, school, university etc.

    Easy Study has several features to help you study better, check out:
    - Plan which subjects you need to study every day;
    - Option to add the list of activities for each study session;
    - History with the amount of hours you studied each day, month, week and throughout the period;
    - Notifications about subjects that you have to study and summary of the study day;
    - Customize your subjects with colors, names, amount of time studying;
    - Define how many subjects you want to study each day this week.

    Download now Easy Study and organize your study life.

    Some features are only available for subscribers. Subscribe to the Easy Study Plus and get the most out of Easy Study.
  • IQVIA Study Hub
    IQVIA Study Hub
    The IQVIA Study Hub app supports your clinical trial journey by providing a platform to interact with study team members, view upcoming visits, complete eDiaries, track study progress, access study related documents and tap into 24/7 support.

    Contact your study assistant with questions or concerns related to your clinical trial participation.

    Like the app? Have challenges or concerns you’d like to raise? We always appreciate feedback. We actively monitor the app store reviews and continually work towards addressing your needs.
  • Chegg Study - Homework Help
    Chegg Study - Homework Help
    With the Chegg Study® app, get personalized support for each of your courses—from homework to exams.

    Used by millions of students, Chegg Study app helps you:

    Learn your courses inside-out

    Tap into our massive library of millions of fully explained, step-by-step Textbook Solutions for subjects including Math, Business, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, and more. Get homework help for 80 subjects and hundreds of courses. Chegg has you covered for your toughest classes and assignments.

    Get expert help, 24/7

    Snap a photo of any homework question and submit it to our Chegg experts. You’ll get a detailed answer in as little as 30 minutes.*

    Understand tough concepts with detailed explanations

    Search our library of over 60 million fully solved homework questions. See how to solve them, step-by-step.

    Learn with video

    New! Video walkthroughs for thousands of problems.**

    Prepare for exams

    Create and study your own decks or search over 500 million flashcards already in our library for Business, Accounting, Chemistry, and Calculus.

    The fine print:

    Your Chegg Study subscription will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for renewal within the 24 hours prior to the end of your current subscription period. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase.

    For bug reports and general feedback, email [email protected] or tweet @Chegg #iOSapp.

    Privacy Policy:

    Terms of use:

    *Experts’ response time varies by question and subject. Average response time is 46 minutes.

    **Available for select problems only.
  • FLIP - Focus Timer for Study
    FLIP - Focus Timer for Study
    ⭐⭐⭐Best study time management app recognized by 1 million users⭐⭐⭐
    ⭐⭐⭐FLIP can improve your study habits in a short period!⭐⭐⭐

    If you can't pay attention to your study, read, or work, use FLIP!
    Manage your daily repetitive work & study time and habits with FLIP!

    Focus level measure timer, FLIP!

    🌸 Global Study Group 🌸
    You can meet study mates from all over the world!
    Make friends and achieve your dream goal together!

    🍀 Global board; The FLIP TALK! 🍀
    Talk with friends around the word;
    You can share your stories, encourage each other, and study together!

    - Accurate Time Measurement
    You can measure your study time accurately by flipping your phone over.

    - Focus Level Measurement
    Check your focus level!
    FLIP helps you increase your concentration by measuring your focus level.

    - Mini-window Feature
    Measure your study time with mini-window feature while using dictionary or watching video lecture.

    - Statistics
    Check your weekly and monthly study time as well as today's.

    - Timeline
    The timeline shows you the goals you've measured today in chronological order.

    - Timetable
    Use the Timetable to automatically summarize today's measured goals!
    You can see all of today's measured goals at a glance.

    - Daily Report
    FLIP shows you the details of your daily study.

    - D-day (New feature)
    Set your D-Day!
    You can see easily how many days are left before your due date.

    - Easy sharing of SNS
    Organize your study time in dail, weekly, or monthly, and share on Facebook, Instagram and others with just one button!

    - Real-time study : LIVE!
    How many people are studying now? Check out Live from measuring screen!
    You can see who's studying in real time!

    - School Ranking
    Register school in your profile, and check out the ranking of your school!

    - Study Schedule
    Register your school timetable or your own study routine!

    - To-do List
    What do I need to do today? Ultimate task management to make it easy to manage your daily study, work, or homework!

    FLIP uses pomodoro techniques, and determine the focus level according to the number of breaks compared to the focus duration.

    Use FLIP to make smart phone even more useful.
    FLIP is more effective when used in conjunction with UBhind.
  • Todait - Smart study planner
    Todait - Smart study planner
    Todait is an authentic study planner to help you utilize 100% of your time and ace your exams. Todait is especially useful for students who need help with productivity and effective time management. Use it to prepare for the ACTs, AP Exams, ASVAB, PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, SHSAT, GED, DAT, LSAT, MCAT, PCAT, Bar exam, COMLEX-USA, NAPLEX, NBDE, PANCE/PANRE, NCLEX, BMAT, UKCAT, and A levels.

    We strongly recommend this app for anyone who:
    - has a massive amount of material to cover and has no idea where to start studying
    - is preparing for a big exam, such as the LSATs, APs, etc.
    - wants to make a habit of routine studying
    - wants to be productive and efficiently manage their time

    Todait automatically plans and divides your study materials over a specific period of time while providing detailed feedback. All you have to do is enter how much you’d like to study for each subject as well how many hours you’d like to spend per week.

    Todait’s Unique Functions:

    - Emphasizes studying rather than planning
    - Automatic Distribution tells you how much you should study each day to achieve your goals within a chosen period of time
    - Automatic Plan Adjustment redistributes your study material based on whether you’re ahead of or behind schedule
    - The stopwatch allows you to measure and manage how long you study for each subject
    - The widget allows you to start studying right from your home-screen without running the app itself

    - Gives feedback on your study habits that you can’t get on your own
    - The Study Trend Graph shows your weekly progress and average study times
    - The time-table shows your study times for each day
    - The calendar keeps track of your monthly performance
    - An alarm reminds you to start studying at whatever time you set

    - The Study Diary allows you to reflect upon your daily performance for each task
    - Lock-out Mode prevents you from getting distracting notifications or using other apps while the stopwatch is running
    - Can view all your tasks in a simple check-list layout
    - Allows you to check and manage your study times on other devices
    - Gives more feedback from Todait based on your progress and data
    - The timeline motivates you to study by comparing your study times with your friends’ (not updated yet)

    Todait Inc.
    🐝Preparing tutorials! :
    💊Please direct your questions and feedback to [email protected] !
  • Chegg Prep - Study flashcards
    Chegg Prep - Study flashcards
    Crush your quiz with quick help from Chegg Prep, a free library of over 500 million high-quality flashcards. Chegg Prep is the easiest way to study and conquer your quiz no matter what you’re learning!

    Chegg Prep for students
    • Create and study your own digital flashcards for free
    • Customize your study materials with images and rich text
    • Search over 500 million study materials and flashcards seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices
    • Find the most relevant flashcards that matter to you
    • Learn Spanish and other foreign languages, science, math, history, coding and more
    • Conquer your quiz!

    Chegg Prep for teachers
    • Help your students to learn and study
    • Make flashcards for your course and share with your students
    • Spanish, foreign languages, science, engineering, math, coding, history, chemistry, no matter what you teach, Chegg Prep is your online library to store and share course material
    • Stay connected with other teachers and see what flashcards are available for your course

    Whether you need fast answers or want to eke out all that untapped EXTRA STUDY time (a.k.a., bus-stop waits, a boring NCAA game, or the five minutes before class really starts). We judge not where you find extra time, but we are (slightly) judgy in how you use it. So go on, organize your flashcards and ace next quiz. With your classmates at Chegg Prep, you are all set to get connected, learn, and conquer your studies!

    For more information, see our
    • Terms of Use Agreement at
    • Customer Service & Help Center at

    Follow us on
    • Facebook:
    • Twitter:
    • Instagram:
    • Chegg Play:
  • Focus Dog: Study timer
    Focus Dog: Study timer
    1) Start the machine / start a challenge: earn donuts, gems and coins
    2) Feed your Dog "Focus" with donuts and earn coins and XP
    3) Track your time with beautiful statistics
    4) Unlock new donut recipes, donut machines, app backgrounds
    5) Level up and compete with the world or your friends
    6) Gift your gems as a donation: Feed real dogs from dog shelters

    Do you want to be focused? You do not need to delete social networking, news, or chat apps!

    If you want to put away your phone and focus on what’s important in real life, you can turn on the donut machine and make donuts for your virtual dog Focus. Every donut needs a specific time to be produced and as time goes by, you will bake donuts. However, if you cannot resist the temptation of using your phone and leave the app, your donut baking machine will stop. Keep in mind that Focus needs to be fed!

    The sense of achievement of running your own little donut shop and the responsibility for the virtual dog named Focus will encourage you to stay away from your phone. Focus will help you make better use of your time. Stop getting distracted by your phone, make you self-motivated, and get more things done.

    This is a special productive study and work timer app. Donut Dog is heavily gamified, motivating, and competitive. You can call it a life hack because it helps you to develop healthy habits. Donut Dog is a great tool to fight your phone addiction and to improve your attention span so you can become more productive. Throw away traditional time tracking and stopwatch apps.

    • Donut Dog is a productivity tool that feels like a game! There are plenty of achievements like quests and special donuts you can earn. You can customize the app, unlock new donuts, or upgrade the donut machine. Level up and compete with friends!
    • The design is super cute and packed with a ton of details so you won't get bored!
    • Donut Dog motivates you to focus again the day after you were productive so you can develop a regular work schedule.
    • Detailed statistics keep you informed on how you performed the last week and months.
    • Tag your sessions to track your time and see what you did!

    • working in your office and you need to focus
    • studying for school / university at home or in your library / dorm room
    • meditating to give your head some space
    • paying attention to a class or meeting
    • going to bed to develop healthy habits of sleep

    Install Donut Dog for free and use its basic functionalities as long as you want. Subscribe at any time to Donut Dog Pro using the in-app purchase. Donut Dog Pro is available as a monthly subscription or as a one-time purchase. Payment will be charged at confirmation of purchase. Donut Dog will automatically charge your Account at the end of your subscription unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current period.

    You can turn off auto-renew at any time in your Google Account Settings after purchase and still receive full functionality until the end of your current period, but we can’t refund unused portions of the subscription.

    Terms of use:
    Privacy policy:

    Questions or feedback? Or do you just want to talk?
    • Twitter:
    • Support:
    • E-Mail: [email protected]
  • StuDocu | Study material | Student Community
    StuDocu | Study material | Student Community
    Our app offers study material created by 6 million students from all around the world. Organise your saved documents into your personal Studylist. Need help or have a study question? Ask fellow students and course experts for help in Course Groups.

    Course Help
    -Miss a document? Have a question about an exam? Find answers from your fellow students and from expert tutors in our Groups *new*

    Grow your Community
    -Pay it forward and support your study community with your knowledge by offering answers on posted questions from your fellow students in our Groups! *new*

    Your Studylist
    -Search and view millions of study materials & save them to your Studylist to stay organised or share with your friends
    -Your Studylist library is accessible via the app and via our website so you can always find what you're looking for
    -Never lose your study materials again

    -All documents are accessible for free in app only
    -All users can search and view all of our documents for free and interact with our community via Course Groups.

    -For Customer Support, please visit: We're happy to help
    -Privacy Policy:
    -Terms of Use:
  • Study Music - Memory Booster
    Study Music - Memory Booster
    Ultimate brain booster app with over 8 million downloads.

    Can't focus on your work? Study Music 🎧 Memory Booster combines high quality songs with binaural beats and nature sounds, it is a science-based app that will motivate you to stay focused and get things done.

    Avoid procrastination with Study Music and achieve your goals!

    Staying focused for long periods of time is hard. Your attention is constantly being diverted in this world of distractions. Select a category that fits best to your task or your music taste. To solve problems, select Solve; to memorize new information, just select Memorize and so on. Customize your music by adding nature sounds and alpha waves. Finally add timer to start your studying session.

    Calm your mind and get things done!

    • Change your unproductive study sessions to efficient ones with calming music.
    • Add realistic nature sounds to transform your room into a forest or a beach.
    • Listen offline or stream online.
    • Read interesting science facts while studying to maximize your productivity.
    • Concentrate on a daily routine and manage ADHD.
    • Add binaural beats to boost your brain.
    • Use timer functionality to work efficiently. Combine pomodoro with music!

    Study Music is the study app you've been dreaming about!

    • 🎧 Different songs for different tasks such as Focus, Study and Memorize and much more.
    • 🎵 Alpha waves, rain sounds, and nature sounds can be added to your music.
    • 🎓 Background playback. You can use other apps or turn off your screen while playing music.
    • ⏯️ Notification controls for your music.
    • 📚 Simple interface and gorgeous design with high-quality graphics.
    • 💡 Every song has an interesting fact to read to keep you on track.
    • ⏱️ Add timer to your music to work efficiently.

    1-Ultimate Brain Booster
    2-Study with music for free
    3-Offline listening or streaming
    4-Nature sounds and binaural beats
    5-Pomodoro timer helps you focus
    6-Learn quick science facts


    What are these songs for?
    Focus is for helping you to focus,Study is for assisting you when you are studying, Read is there for your reading time, Memorize is for helping you to memorize information, Solve is for problem-solving and Meditate is for peaceful thinking and meditating time.

    How to use it?
    It's simple. Just select the music for your task and add nature sounds or beta waves. For example, if you can't focus on your work properly you can select the Focus music and simply do your work. We recommend using the app while you are studying, reading, creating etc. Or you can use it while you are sleeping or meditating too if you want.

    Do I need an internet connection?
    No. You can use Study Music without an internet connection. But some of the songs need an internet connection in order for you to listen.

    How is Study Music - Memory Booster different from other music apps?
    Study Music is the first music app focused on cognitive tasks such as memorization and problem-solving. We are constantly updating it with your suggestions for a better experience.

    What are binaural beats? How does this affect me?
    Binaural beats are auditory processing artifacts caused by specific physical stimuli. This effect was discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove and earned greater public awareness in the late 20th century based on claims coming from the alternative medicine community that binaural beats could help induce relaxation, meditation, creativity, focus and other desirable mental states. The effect on the brainwaves depends on the difference in frequencies of each note.

    📫You can send your suggestions to [email protected] or simply leave a review. We read all of them; feel free to tell us your ideas.

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    Klik Klak - Utku Gogen
  • Focus To-Do: Pomodoro & Tasks
    Focus To-Do: Pomodoro & Tasks
    Focus To-Do combines Pomodoro Timer with Task Management, it is a science-based app that will motivate you to stay focused and get things done.

    It brings Pomodoro Technique and To Do List into one place, you can capture and organize tasks into your todo lists, start focus timer and focus on work & study, set reminders for important tasks and errands, check the time spent at work.

    It's the ultimate app for managing Tasks, Reminders, Lists, Calendar events, Grocery lists, checklist, helping you focus on work & study and tracking your working hours.

    Focus To-Do syncs between your phone and computer, so you can access your lists from anywhere.

    How it works:
    1. Pick a task you need to accomplish.
    2. Set a timer for 25 minutes, keep focused and start working.
    3. When the pomodoro timer rings, take a 5 minute break.

    Key Features:

    - ⏱ Pomodoro Timer:Stay focused and get more things done.
    Pause and resume Pomodoro
    Customizable pomodoro/breaks lengths
    Notification before the end of a Pomodoro
    Support for short and long breaks
    Skip a break after the end of a Pomodoro
    Continuous Mode

    - ✅ Tasks Management: Task Organizer, Schedule Planner, Reminder, Habit Tracker, Time Tracker
    Tasks and projects: Organise your day with Focus To-Do and complete your to do, study, work, homework or housework you need to get done.
    Recurring tasks: Build lasting habits with powerful recurring due dates like "Every Monday".
    Reminders: Setting a Reminder ensures you never forget important things ever again, you can set up recurring due dates to remind you each and every time.
    Sub-tasks: Break down your task into smaller, actionable items or add a checklist .
    Task Priority: Highlight your day’s most important To-Do with color-coded priority levels.
    Estimated Pomodoro Number: Estimate the workload or set a goal.
    Note: Record more detailed about the task.

    - 📊 Report: Detailed statistics of your time distribution, tasks completed.
    Support the calculation of the total time of Focus Time.
    Gantt Chart of the Focus Time.
    Statistics on completed To Do.
    Statistics on time distribution of project.
    Trend chart of the completed To Do and the focus time.

    - 🖥📲 All-Platform synchronization: View and manage your goals wherever you are for better goal achieving.
    Support seamless synchronization within iPhone、Mac、Android、Windows、iPad、Apple Watch.

    - 🌲 Forest: Turn your focused moments into a lovely plant, a interesting way to build motivation and makes you productive
    Focus on work and study, generate sunlight for the plant, and grow with the plant.

    - 🚫 App Whitelist:
    Stop getting distracted by apps when focusing and get more things done.

    - 🎵 Various Reminding:
    Focus Timer finished alarm, vibration reminding.
    Various white noise to help you focus on work & study.

    - Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report
    View all of your tracked time in a calendar view.

    - Support prevention of screen lock:
    Check the pomodoro time left by keeping the screen on.

    - Handy Widget:
    Get easy access to your to do by adding a checklist widget to your home screen

    Contact Us: [email protected], reply within 24 hours.
    Pomodoro ™ and Pomodoro Technique ® are registered trademarks of Francesco Cirillo. This app is not affiliated with Francesco Cirillo.

    Users have been focused on our app for 200 million hours, join us and we help you to be focused and increase your productivity, reduce procrastination and anxiety.
  • Study Tips
    Study Tips
    For many of us, the summer represents the perfect opportunity to reflect on where we are, think about where we’d like to go, and make a plan for how we can get there.
    This is particularly true of students that are looking to make the most of their study time and get better grades at school. That’s why we’ve put together a list of study tips and tricks to help you develop a learning strategy that will allow you to achieve your study goals in 2020.

    Study isn't just for the night before an assignment's due or the night before an exam.
    It's never too early – or too late – to develop good study habits. The sooner you get into a good study groove, the easier everything will be and the more your chances of getting good marks will improve.
    Here are our top tips for getting the most out of study.

    ♥ Steps to Effective Study
    ♥ Study Setting
    ♥ Fast and Effective Study Tips
    ♥ Remember Fast and More Tips
    ♥ Exam Preparation Tips
    ♥ Success on the Exam Day Tips
    ♥ Lecture Tips
    ♥ Reading Tips
    ♥ Writing Tips
    ♥ Test Taking Tips
    ♥ Learn any Languages Tips
    ♥ Focus Skill Tips
    ♥ Stress Management Tips
    ♥ Time Management Tips
    ♥ Organization Skill Tips
    ♥ Wellness Tips
    ♥ Reaching Out Tips
    ♥ Life Skills Tips
    ♥ Sat Tips and Tricks
    ♥ Tips To Ace The GRE
    ♥ Math Study Tips
    ♥ Study for Biology
    ♥ Tips for the Lazy Student
    ♥ Study Quotes

    Thank for choosing Study Tips app!
    STUDY UP is an online platform for managing data associated with its tutoring classes in the most efficient and transparent manner. It is a user-friendly app with amazing features like online attendance, fees management, homework submission, detailed performance reports and much more- a perfect on- the- go solution for parents to know about their wards’ class details. It’s a great amalgamation of simple user interface design and exciting features; greatly loved by students, parents, and tutors.