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  • WikiGame - A Wikipedia Game
    WikiGame - A Wikipedia Game
    Get from one wikipedia article to the other by clicking hyperlinks only.
    Compete with your friends, explore wikipedia, have fun and learn all at once!

    How Wikipedia Game works?

    WikiGame is a wikipedia race game. You are given two wikipedia articles, and your aim is to reach from one wikipedia article to the other only by clicking the blue hyperlinks in the article. Try to do it in minimum time & number of clicks!

    Find, discover, and explore knowledge on Wikipedia Game. With more than 50 challenging levels, you will discover encyclopedia articles and links you never heard of with Wikipedia Game.

    In WikiGame you can show your friends how good you are by sending them challenges.
    You can also play levels, some are easy, and some are very hard with WikiGame articles you never heard of!

    Features in Wikipedia Game:
    - 50 challenging levels, and more in Wiki Game soon!
    - Add your friends in wiki game.
    - Send & receive challenges from friends that are in WikiGame.
    - Simple user interface.
    - Practice mode with wiki game articles.
    - Choose your own topics & articles in Wiki Game.

    In wikipedia the game try to find the shortest path between two articles. Reach & discover new articles.

    Wikipedia is awesome, but it is even better with WikiGame - a wiki race game!

    Play in your free time with WikiGame, wikirace with your friends.
    You can share your username for WikiGame via Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat & more.It's

    For every question or suggestion you have about WikiGame feel free to email us.

    Enjoy playing Wiki Game!

    With Wikipedia Game, a Wikipedia race game, you can spend your free time and expand your knowledge!

    WikiGame is a game for Wikipedia, a Wikipedia Game, The Wiki Game for android. Race with your friends with Wiki Race education game.

    NOTE: Wikipedia Game does not relate to or represent the Wikimedia foundation in any way‏‎.
  • FANDOM – Videos, News, and Reviews
    FANDOM – Videos, News, and Reviews
    Whether you’re someone who’s into everything entertainment or someone who wants to keep up with the latest on just The Walking Dead, Destiny 2 or Star Wars, the FANDOM app makes it quick and easy to be in the know. Get all the info you care about in one place with customized fan feeds; news, stories, videos and social conversations, all selected by FANDOM, the fan-powered pop culture source.


    - Customize your feed by choosing entertainment topics you care about, from the next Netflix sleeper hit to the upcoming Marvel movie to a hot new Xbox game and everything in between

    - Never miss a beat with videos, news, reviews, feature stories, social conversations and exclusives

    - Get notified when “OMG! moments” happen within your favorite fandoms

    - Easily share articles with friends through email, Messages, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more

    - The first comprehensive entertainment news app of its kind
  • Wiki Game
    Wiki Game
    🔥 The Wiki Game 🔥
    Get to the goal through the wikipedia links.

    Different game modes:
    -🥇 Individual.
    -⚡ Play with friends: to show who is faster.
    -🚀 Online: Compete with other players to be the fastest.
    -⭐ World Game: 10 Levels every week, only the best will appear in the World ranking.
  • Wiki Race - Wikipedia Game
    Wiki Race - Wikipedia Game
    The Wiki Race is all about learning and fun.

    How do you play?

    At the beginning of each game, you will get a pair of random articles from Wikipedia,
    where the first is the starting point and the second is the endpoint.

    Your goal is to navigate from the start to the endpoint using the links within each article, at the lowest amount of time and steps.

    While navigating through the Wikipedia articles, you'll learn about things you've never heard of!


    The Wiki Race includes some awesome features:

    *Single Player:
    -Earn experience and level up!

    -Send and receive challenges from your friends
    -Race against your friends in a real-time 1 vs 1 match
    -Gather a group of friends and play against each other in a group game


    ****The Wiki Race is an independent project and it has no official relation to Wikipedia or to the Wikimedia Foundation ***
  • Wikipedia
    The best Wikipedia experience on your Mobile device. Ad-free and free of charge, forever. With the official Wikipedia app, you can search and explore 40+ million articles in 300+ languages, no matter where you are.

    == Why you'll love the this app ==

    1. It's free and open
    Wikipedia is the encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Articles on Wikipedia are freely licensed and the app code is 100% open source. The heart and soul of Wikipedia is a community of people working to bring you unlimited access to free, reliable and neutral information.

    2. No ads
    Wikipedia is a place to learn, not a place for advertising. This app is made by the Wikimedia Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports and operates Wikipedia. We provide this service in the pursuit of open knowledge that’s always ad-free and never tracks your data.

    3. Read in your language
    Search 40 million articles in over 300 languages in the world’s largest source of information. Set your preferred languages in the app and easily switch between them when browsing or reading.

    4. Use it offline
    Save your favorite articles and read Wikipedia offline with “My lists“. Name lists as you like and collect articles across different languages. Saved articles and reading lists are synced across all your devices and are available even when you do not have internet connectivity.

    5. Attention to detail and night mode
    The app embraces Wikipedia’s simplicity and adds delight to it. A beautiful and distraction-free interface lets you focus on the essential: reading articles. With text size adjustment and themes in pure black, dark, sepia or light, you can choose the most pleasant reading experience for you.

    == Broaden your horizon with these features ==

    1. Customize your Explore feed
    "Explore" lets you see recommended Wikipedia content including current events, popular articles, captivating freely-licensed photos, events on this day in history, suggested articles based on your reading history, and more.

    2. Find and search
    Quickly find what you're looking for by searching within articles or with the search bar at the top of the app. You can even search using your favorite emojis or voice-enabled search.

    == We'd love your feedback ==

    1. To send feedback from the app:
    In the menu, press "Settings", then "About the Wikipedia app", then "Send app feedback".

    2. If you have experience with Java and the Android SDK, then we look forward to your contributions! More info:

    3. By using this app, you agree to the automatic transmission of crash reports to a third-party service provider. If you would like to disable this feature, press "Settings," then turn off "Send crash reports" under the Privacy section.

    4. Explanation of permissions needed by the app:

    5. Privacy policy:

    6. Crash report third-party service provider’s privacy policy:

    7. Terms of Use:

    8. About the Wikimedia Foundation:
    The Wikimedia Foundation is a charitable nonprofit organization that supports and operates Wikipedia and the other Wiki projects. It is funded mainly through donations. For more information, please visit our website:
  • Wiki Game Reloaded (Wiki Wars)
    Wiki Game Reloaded (Wiki Wars)
    You always wanted to know who is the fastest?
    Now you can measure it. Fight against the computer or against one or more opponents in search of the target item.


    How the game works!
    We start with a random article and navigate through the official Wikipedia page to our destination.
    First one there wins. The clicks are counted. Be the fastest. Be a ninja.


    The winner!?
    Winner is who was first at the finish line - means at the target article.
    You can also see which player had less clicks. Both game modes are possible.


    Game modes!
    - Singleplyer: You can have fast single player game
    - Multiplayer: Play against friends while shareing a game code


    - See your games in a history tab
    - Compete with friends and enemies online
    - See the click path through wikipedia
    - There is a leaderboard of all games
    - You are able to join every single game ever played



    Rules of the game!
    1. Do not cheat
    2. Only use the links in the article
    3. No second device

    This is the Wiki run or Wiki race or rading or name it what ever you like!
    A wiki war wiki ninjas - this is your challenge. Have fun and try out!


    Support me


    This is not an official APP of
    We are not affiliated with wikipedia, except that our APP accesses the web pages, which are freely accessible on the internet, and uses them for the purpose of this game.


    Do you have more ideas? Contact us.
    More about the game at:
  • Vlad and Niki - Smart Games
    Vlad and Niki - Smart Games
    Have fun with Vlad and Niki while stimulating your intelligence! More than 20 educational games to help the cognitive development of the little ones. Get ready to have fun with the most popular brothers!

    With this app you can have fun while stimulating cognitive skills such as memory, attention or logical reasoning. Your favorite characters are waiting for you to join the adventure of learning! Will you be able to solve all the game levels?


    - Memorize sequences and elements
    - Classify objects by shape and color
    - Visual acuity games
    - Practice eye-hand coordination
    - Associate words and colors
    - Classic games like maze or dominoes
    - Logical reasoning puzzles
    - Add numbers


    - Vlad & Niki official app
    - Classic and fun games to stimulate the brain
    - Different difficulty levels
    - Simple and intuitive interface
    - Fun designs and animations
    - Original sounds and voices of Vlad and Nikita
    - Stimulates creativity and flexible thinking
    - Completely free game


    Vlad and Niki are two brothers known for their videos about toys and stories from daily life. They have become one of the most important influencers among children, with millions of subscribers around the world.

    In these games you will find your favorite characters to encourage you to solve the puzzles and smart challenges they propose. Have fun with them while stimulating your brain!
  • Wikipedia Beta
    Wikipedia Beta
    Welcome to Wikipedia Beta for Android! You can install Wikipedia Beta alongside your current version of Wikipedia for Android, so you can test our new features before they go live for all Wikipedia for Android users. Your feedback will help us fix bugs and decide what features to focus on next.

    Please help us improve this app by leaving feedback here or sending a note to our mailing list, [email protected]


    Explore feed: Recommended and constantly-updating Wikipedia content right on the home screen, including current events, trending articles, events on this day in history, suggested reading, and more. The feed is fully customizable — you can select the types of content you want to see, or rearrange the order in which different types of content appear.

    Color themes: With a choice of Light, Dark, and Black themes, as well as text size adjustment, you can customize the app for the most comfortable reading experience.

    Voice-integrated search: Easily find what you’re looking for with a prominent search bar at the top of the app, including voice-enabled search on your device.

    Language support: Seamlessly switch to reading any language-supported Wikipedia, either by changing the language of the current article, or changing your preferred search language while searching.

    Link previews: Tap on an article to preview it, without losing your place in what you’re currently reading. Press and hold a link to open it in a new tab, allowing you to keep reading the current article without losing your place, and switch to the new tab when you're ready.

    Table of contents: swipe left on any article to bring up the table of contents, which lets you jump to article sections easily.

    Reading lists: Organize the articles you browse into reading lists, which you can access even when you're offline. Create as many lists as you like, give them custom names and descriptions, and populate them with articles from any language wiki.

    Syncing: Enable synchronizing reading lists to your Wikipedia account.

    Image gallery: Tap on an image to view the image full-screen in high resolution, with options to swipe for browsing additional images.

    Definitions from Wiktionary: Tap-and-hold to highlight a word, then tap the "Define" button to see a definition of the word from Wiktionary.

    Send us your feedback about the app! In the menu, press "Settings", then "About the Wikipedia app", then "Send app feedback".

    The code is 100% open source. If you have experience with Java and the Android SDK, then we look forward to your contributions!

    By using this app, you agree to the automatic transmission of crash reports to a third-party service provider. If you would like to disable this feature, please press "Settings," then toggle off "Send crash reports" under the General section.
    Explanation of permissions needed by the app:

    Privacy policy:

    Crash report third-party service provider privacy policy:

    Terms of Use:

    About the Wikimedia Foundation

    The Wikimedia Foundation is the nonprofit organization that supports Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects. The Wikimedia Foundation is a charitable organization funded mainly through donations. For more information, please visit our website:
  • wikiHow: how to do anything
    wikiHow: how to do anything
    Easily learn how to do anything from wikiHow, the world’s leading how-to guide. Step-by-step instructions on every imaginable topic. Become the DIY master of anything, instantly.

    With the wikiHow Android app you can:
    • Search over 180,000 wikiHow articles
    • Bookmark articles to read and use later, even while offline
    • View step-by-step photos, illustrations, and videos to help you learn
    • Read wikiHow’s featured articles of the day
    • Browse random articles for your entertainment

    Learn how to do anything. Yes anything:
    First aid: Learn how to do CPR, help a choking baby, or recognize a heart attack. Or hundreds of other topics that could save a life.
    Cooking: Learn how to poach an egg, fry a turkey, season a steak and thousands of other recipes.
    Tech: Learn how to use your android phone, tablet, facebook app and thousands of tech topics.
    Fitness, relationships and life: Learn how to get six pack abs, know if a guy likes you, or just live in the moment.
    Knots and ties: Learn how to tie a tie. Or how to tie a bow tie. Or a bowline knot, or hundreds of other ties and knots.
    Just in case: Learn how to fly an airplane in an emergency, how to escape from a bear, how to walk through a minefield. And thousands of other things you will probably never need, but will have immediate access to just in case.